10 Free Typing Games for Kids: Typing Practice & Lessons Made Easy!

Do your children need a little typing practice to get their keyboard speed up to par? Do they love iPads and television? Why not combine the two? There are many free typing games available for teachers and homeschooling parents today. Here we discuss 10 websites that offer free typing games for kids, as well as typing tests, lessons, and practice exercises. Get your students onto the right path by encouraging them to play a few of these fun typing games below. 

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Best Free Typing Games to Make Typing Practice Easy

There are many websites that offer parents and teachers great access to free typing lessons for students who need to learn how to type proficiently. These are 10 websites that will teach children how to type using fun games.

  1. TypeDojo
  2. TypeKidz
  3. Typing.com (Typing Ninja or Keyboard Ninja)
  4. Rapid typing
  5. Keyblaze (App with Free Typing Games for Windows)\
  6. KeyBr
  7. Typing Fingers (App with Free Typing Games for Mac)
  8. Typing Club (Spanish, French & German)
  9. Typing Academy
  10. Typing Games

If you want to play the free typing games on many of these forums, you can do so without logging in or signing up. However, if you want to save your high scores, you need to sign up using some method – usually Google, Classlink, or Clever.


Type Dojo

By using Type Dojo students can learn touch typing for free using typing games. They can save their progress by signing up which will help keep track of your progress and the areas you need to work on.

If you want to do something in particular, you can choose between typing lessons, a typing test, a WPM test, or some fun typing games which are all available on the homepage tabs up the top.

By clicking on the typing lessons, you are led to a page that lets you choose between basic, beginner, intermediate, or advanced typing practice lessons. When I chose the advanced typing game called a Letter to Santa, I got the following results which shows my speed in wpm, accuracy using a percentage and the time taken in minutes. Type Dojo also gives you a ‘heart-rating’ which shows you where you sit.  A screenshot from TypeDojo showing my score score. Great to see the speed in words per minute, accuracy in percentage and time taken in minutes.

As you can see, you can easily save your progress by signing in.

One thing I noted about Type Dojo is the audible feedback it gives you. As you type, the computer makes typing noises which reassure you that you’re progressing.


Type Kidz

While Type Dojo offers typing practice for adults and children, Type Kidz caters more for children. It offers free typing games for kids which improve their speed and accuracy as children have fun on the gaming platform.

Type Kids is a sister-site to Type Dojo and so it is similar in some ways. It offers fun free typing games, lessons, typing practice, and exercises. You can see a screenshot of it below.

Get some great typing practice in with these free typing games at Type Kidz. This website, which is set up like a gaming website, teaches children how to type as well as giving them a great time on these fun typing games! #typingpractice #freetypinggames #funtypinggames

You can choose what level you’d like to start on from the homepage. Similar to Type Dojo, Type Kids gives you statistics about how well you performed after you finish the typing game.

I got the following results which show my speed in wpm, accuracy using a percentage and the time taken in minutes. Type Kidz also gives me a rating but it was in astronaut’s heads instead of hearts this time.  Also, if you scroll down you can see the letters and keys you just practiced and a little more information about the typing lesson you’ve just done.

The bright colors in this game help children feel a sense of satisfaction at the things they’re achieving. Unlike other games, these fun typing games offer children real skills they can use for the rest of their life!


Typing.com (Typing Ninja or Keyboard Ninja)

Typing.com is another website children can learn to type on. Like Type Kidz, it has some free typing games which are popular, especially its Typing Ninja game (or Keyboard Ninja game).

If you’re a teacher or homeschool parent, this is a great platform to get onto as there are separate logins for the educator and student.

While accomodating everyone, the program also claims to get children tech-ready, career-prepped, and teach children the basics of coding, a subject that’s becoming increasingly popular these days.


Rapid Typing (Typing Tutor)

Rapid typing is another website that gives children solid typing practice by teaching them through free typing games. The website also offers users the option to download software onto your computer which makes it a little different from some other typing practice websites above.

Unlike the other options above, Rapid Typing doesn’t offer as large a range of typing games like other websites. However, it will definitely do the trick and help students learn through various typing games.

10 Free Typing Games for Kids_ Typing Practice & Lessons Made Easy! #typingpractice #freetypinggames #freetypinglessonsforkids #typinglessons #typinggames


Keyblaze (App with Free Typing Games for Kids – Windows)

Keyblaze is a typing practice app for Windows devices. This means you can download it onto your Windows device easily. It suits both children and parents, giving them plenty of instruction on how to place their fingers and learn typing properly.

Keyblaze also has a couple of free typing lessons for kids (Key Blizzard and Typing Hero) to make lessons a little more enjoyable.

The video below is from Keyblaze. It teaches you the proper way to place your fingers when you’re doing typing practice.



Keybr.com is a typing tutor that teaches you how to touch-type – that is, type without looking at the keyboard.

You begin with a short tutorial that shows you what to do.

As you type, you have an error counter and a counter that shows you what speed you’re typing. You get an abstract score based on your typing speed and errors. You can also see what keys are included in the typing practice game you’re currently doing and your proficiency at certain keys.

This means you can identify the keys where you’re most likely to make an error and do more practice on that key by including it in future typing games.

Do some touch typing practice and you can vastly improve your typing speed. One user went from 30 to 70 words per minute with just over 4 hours of practice! #typingpractice #funtypinggames

Typing Fingers (App with Free Typing Games for Kids – Mac)

Typing Fingers is a fun typing practice app for Mac devices. This means it is similar to Keyblaze, only for Mac users. It has incredibly clear graphics and a fun setup, making it one of the best free typing practice platforms out there.

The app offers a lite (free) version and a paid version. You can check it out here.


Typing Club (Typing Practice in Spanish, French & German)

While the Typing Club is similar to many of the programs on this page, it is unique in that it offers free typing games for kids in different languages, such as Spanish, French and German. This means students can do typing practice while simultaneously learning another language!

In my opinion, this makes it a bit of a winner!


Typing Academy

The typing games from the Academy are probably a little more boring than most of the ones above such as Typing Ninja and Type Dojo, however, they have a neat and clean interface that I particularly liked. Adults might like this more as their eyes won’t be assaulted by constant bright colors of programs designed to specialize in free typing lessons for kids.

When you first start this program, you have to choose what type of keyboard you want to use. For most people, this will be the qwerty keyboard. Then you can do a speed test to see what level you’re up to (so you don’t have to do practice typing on with games you’re too advanced for). Your typing test shows you the time you took to complete the test, your mistake percentage and how many words a minute you can type.

If you get an account and login, you can do a typing practice test and compare yourself with others. They’ll also save your data if you are logged in while completing your typing games.

After you’ve done your test, you can go to typing practice exercises suitable to your level.

Below are my results. As you can see, I have a way to go!

You can get free typing games and tests from Typing Academy. Here are my test scores!

You can get free typing games and tests from Typing Academy. Here are my test scores!

Typing Games Zone

Setup like an online gaming platform, TypingGames.Zone is an exciting website that offers many free typing games for kids and adults.

I like this website as you have the option of ‘multi-player‘ so children can get competitive while doing educational typing lessons to boot!

Featuring racing and memory games, this option is a fun idea and makes one reminisce of old gaming arcades.


Why Typing Practice is So Important for Kids

Although it is wise to be aware of the negative effects of too much technology, it is imperative every child who wishes to interact in the world today learns to type. This is because everything is increasingly being done online. We all need to fill out online forms, write essays, emails, letters and so on in the online sphere.

Fast typing speeds and good accuracy is also a desirable feature in an employee these days. This is because most jobs require employees to work on computers or other technical gadgets. As a student exits high school, a fast typing speed can distinguish them from the rest of the school-leavers.

While having a slow typing will hamstring users, taking valuable time away from them, a fast typing speed will give them more time to pursue other things that are important to them. Learn more about the best techniques to boost your child’s typing speed here


Why Are These Free Typing Games Available for Nothing?

These days it’s hard to get a free meal. Free typing games and practice lessons are available as they, like this website, make money off advertising income. That means you get typing lessons in exchange for passive ad viewing, something that’s very common for free online tools these days.

10 Free Typing Games for Kids_ Typing Practice & Lessons Made Easy! #typingpractice #freetypinggames #freetypinglessonsforkids #typinglessons #typinggames



With many lessons boring the socks off students today, typing practice lessons can be made so fun that children don’t even realize they’re learning. These free typing games for kids teach children how to gain a vital skill they’ll need to survive in an online world today. These typing games also give kids more time to spend on the things they love as they’re not wasting time slowly pecking things out on a keyboard. As such, getting your kids into these lessons could be very worthwhile.

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