1234 Basic

Vendor: Djeco
Type: Game
Price: 16.50

Inspired by Montessori teachings, the 1,2,3,4 puzzle is designed to develop observation and fine motor skills in toddlers approx. 18 months and up. This wooden puzzle consists of 4 shapes, each decorated with brightly coloured, friendly animal designs. Each shape has a peg, or pegs to fit on. This is a lovely toy for little hands just beginning to explore puzzles and games.

Djeco, a French based toy company, have been designing educational toys since 1954 and are committed to creating high quality toys and games that encourage children of all ages to play and learn.

We have a range of toys and puzzles for babies and toddlers.

How does it come?

In a cardboard box. measures approx. 23x10x2cm