13 Mom-Invented Food Products We Love

13 Mom-Invented Food Products We Love

Moms know how to get things done, and that’s especially true for getting their kiddos to eat. When we can’t get our own picky eaters to finish their plate, we can rely on fab mom inventors who have crafted sneaky smoothie blends, gourmet baby food and plant-based kid-friendly foods. Keep scrolling to see some of our fave mom inventors who are ruling the kitchen.

photo: Somebody's Mother

Gourmet Dessert Sauces: Somebody's Mother

Lynn Lasher grew up in a home of entrepreneurs so when she lost her job one year, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Founded on the premise that when something is "homemade," it tastes better, Lasher started Somebody's Mother, with her first product inspired by her mom's own chocolate sauce. Now, almost 15 years later, Somebody's Mother sells a variety of dessert sauces, with every lid sharing a quote about mothering or parenting. Lasher says of her business, "I started Somebody’s Mother’s in April 2005 to teach my 3 children how to start a business and, more importantly, how to take matters into their own hands and to assume responsibility for their own financial well being."

Online: somebodysmother.com


Simple Smoothies: Bumpin Blends

As a registered dietitian, Lisa Mastela was overwhelmed by amount of nutritional needs that need to be met while pregnant and how on earth she was going to fit them all in. While a smoothie lover, she found it even more challenging to get all the ingredients she needed safely into the blender (an ER-worthy carrot situation really set things back) while navigating the kitchen with a belly. She set out to "help other soon-to-be mamas meet their baby’s nutritional needs and nurture their pregnancy symptoms in an easy, fast, and delicious way.” Bumpin Blends offers total customization based on your taste preference, dietary restriction and food aversions. In addition, customers have access to a Nutritionist around the clock via text message! Smoothie cubes come in 22 blends that support 22 symptoms, including morning sickness, heartburn and fatigue. 

Online: bumpinblends.com

photo: Haven's Kitchen

Cooking School, Cafe & Event Space: Haven's Kitchen

In 2012, Alison Cayne founded Haven's Kitchen, a cooking school, cafe and event space all in one. Mom to five kids, Cayne set out to make cooking at home more fun––and delicious. In 2018, she launched Haven's Kitchen Sauces, globally-inspired sauces with all natural ingredients inspired by recipes from her student's favorite classes. Now the mompreneur's products are available at over 300 locations, including Whole Foods Market.

Online: havenskitchen.com

photo: Splendid Spoon

Plant-Based Meals That Actually Taste Great: Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon was founded by Nicole Centeno, a mom who realized how difficult it was to attain a healthy-minded lifestyle with a 9-5 job and demands of family life. With Splendid Spoon, she’s made it her mission to make vegan plant-based meals accessible, nutritious and a daily habit that’ll power your day (no need to reach for that protein bar to get you through the mid-morning hangries) through a food subscription box. All meals come ready-to-eat, which is ideal for families on-the-go or new moms who may not have the energy to even boil water for pasta. Bonus: as of Jan. 2020 all of Splendid Spoon’s packaging is 100% recyclable.

Online: splendidspoon.com

photo: Bon Petit

Gourmet Baby Food in an Instant: Bon Petit

Chef Kathy Fang, new mom and two-time CHOPPED champion, just launched Bon Petit, an innovative, freeze-dried, gourmet baby food line designed to provide busy parents a solution to feeding their children healthful, nutritionally rich, balanced meals. If you have ever traveled with a baby, you know what it's like to have to lug around tons of tiny jars of baby food. Bon Petit solves this problem as the baby food comes in freeze-dried packs that are liquid free, shelf stable and TSA compliant. They include whole food-based ingredients with protein, complex carbs, fiber and more. With options like Under the Sardinian Sea which contains Wild Dover Sole, Italian butter bean, oregano, tomato, olive oil and basil, tiny palates will be awakened.

Online: bonpetitbaby.com

photo: Peekaboo Organic Ice Cream

Eat Your Veggies for Dessert: Peekaboo Organic Ice Cream

With flavors like mint chocolate chunk, cotton candy and strawberry, you may think that a scoop of Peekaboo Organic Ice Cream is just another sweet treat. But like most moms, founder Jessica Levison had a few tricks up her sleeve when she developed this line of ice cream that features secret spinach, cauliflower, beets and carrots in every bite. As a mom of picky eaters, Jessica knew first-hand what a struggle it was to get kids to eat enough vegetables. She put her ice cream skills to good use as the owner of Miami's Serendipity Creamery and developed this line of ice cream with hidden veggies. Look for it at a grocery store near you!

Online: peekabooicecream.com

photo: Julie Bombacino

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention: Real Food Blends

When Julie Bombacino, an Indiana mom of two, found out that her six-month-old baby boy would need a feeding tube, she didn’t just sit idle. She began researching and discovered quickly that nearly half a million people in the U.S. alone rely on feeding tubes. The tube formulas made her son very sick, and Bombacino knew there had to be a better way. She began to experiment with real foods, pureeing things like carrots, chicken and sweet potatoes, to put in his tube. It wasn’t long before AJ stopped vomiting and began to improve. That’s when Bombacino knew she could not only help her son, but thousands of people like him, and Real Food Blends was born. Designed for people with a feeding tube, Real Food Blends comes in six flavors and each one has just five to eight ingredients. There are no preservatives, corn syrup, dairy, soy or nuts. Not only is it made and manufactured in the U.S., but it is also covered by home health companies and insurance companies.

Online: realfoodblends.com

photo: Andrew Werner

Eating the Best at Any Age: Harlow's Harvest and FarmBox Direct

Ashley Tyrner, founder of Farmbox Direct, and her 8-year old daughter Harlow, CEO of Harlow’s Harvest, are bringing families together through food. Farmbox Direct is a door-to-door service that brings the freshest vegetables and fruits directly from organic farms. Harlow, a self-proclaimed vegan since she was two years old, wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pass on what she has learned to bring the same quality product as FarmBox Direct to other kids in the hopes of them taking better control of their nutrition. She founded Harlow’s Harvest with Ashley so that parents and kids can make cooking together fun, interactive and educational. Harlow’s Harvest is a monthly subscription box that comes with recipe cards, a science project, background on the dish your child would be making and an online game they can play that is connected to that month’s theme.

Online: harlowsharvest.com and farmboxdirect.com

Healing from Within: Bonafide Provisions

Bonafide Provisions was founded in 2011 by Sharon Brown, mom and clinical nutritionist who used bone broth to heal her son’s chronic illness. After her son suffered through years of sinus infections, ear infections and respiratory infections that resulted in numerous rounds of antibiotics, Sharon knew there had to be another way to heal him. That's where Bonafide Provisions was born. Sharon started making bone broth in her home and it is now available to purchase online. Bone broth is rich in minerals, collagen, gelatin, amino acids and other nutrients which detoxifies the body and heals the gut and joints. 

Online: bonafideprovisions.com

Farm Fresh Baby Food: Once Upon a Farm

If you want to feed your baby the best, but time isn't on your side (we hear ya, Mom!), turn to Once Upon a Farm. Their organic, cold-pressed blends are designed to enhance kiddo's nutrition and expand her palate without YOU having to shop, chop, blend and puree. The ingredient list is simple (never anything artificial or processed). In fact, many of the ingredients are sourced from farms the company knows and trusts. If Once Upon a Farm's mission sounds familiar, you might have heard of this beloved brand from Co-Founder and Chief Brand Office, Jennifer Garner. Garner, along with mom Cassandra Curtis, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, are bringing farm fresh baby and kid food to high chairs everywhere. These two moms are making it their mission to become a leader in the organic family food space, fighting for and supporting efforts to drive positive social change and food justice for families. 


The Future of Healthy Food: AccelFoods

Lauren Jupiter and Jordan Gaspar started AccelFoods to help smaller innovative food startups make it to mainstream, with a specific mission—insure a healthier future of food. They raised the $40M venture fund in just four years and have helped over 30 brands like Kidfresh (all-natural kids meals with hidden veggies), Rethink Water (kid-friendly flavored boxed water), and Brami (plant-based protein snacks) grow their businesses. Not only are these moms inventors and entrepreneurs, but they’re also helping other moms find success as well.

Check it out at accelfoods.com

photo: Gail Eldvidge

Sweet Success: Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

In 1998, Gail Elvidge co-founded Vermont Nut Free Chocolates after her son was diagnosed with a life-threatening nut allergy. It was difficult for her to find nut-free baking products, chocolates, sweets, and products, so she and her husband Mark started the company to help families like theirs! What started as a small chocolate company in Vermont, has grown to nearly 40 employees, offering products like trail mix, gift baskets, fudge, truffles, baking essentials, hot cocoa, and much more.  The company is proud to offer 100% peanut and tree nut free gourmet chocolates and products for those with or without allergies to enjoy.

Check out their yummy selection at vermontnutfree.com

photo: courtesy Raised Real

Superfoods for Everyday Babes: Raised Real

When Dietician Dr. Michelle Davenport became a first-time mom she wanted to find (and make) easy, simple meals for her new eater that were big on nutrition and hadn’t sat on a shelf for months (or years). So, she co-founded Raised Real, a subscription-based meal service designed specifically for growing babes featuring organic baby food. The company uses superfoods and nutritional expertise to create each recipe—each one integrates fruits, veggies and micronutrients that are crucial for a child’s early development. They are delivered in pre-portioned, ready-to-steam packages that cost less than $5 per meal. You can opt to have meals delivered every two or four weeks, and you can skip or cancel at anytime. 

Online: raisedreal.com

—Kate Loweth, Amber Guetebier, Erin Lem and Karly Wood

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