14 Best Whiteboard Animation Software in 2022 [Essential Guide]

Whiteboard animation software is a great way to add some visual pizzazz to your content. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

Visuals are also responsible for increasing comprehension by up to 400%. In fact, visual content is so powerful that a single video can be the difference between an effective marketing campaign and failure.

But how do you get started creating whiteboard animations? The good news is, you don’t have to spend millions of dollars on an Oscar-winning director and Hollywood actors to create amazing whiteboard animation videos.

We’ve found 13 of the best whiteboard animation software programs that’ll help you create awesome video content for your ecommerce business. Each program has its own strengths and weaknesses, which we’ll explore in this article.

Stick with us to the end, and we’ll help you find the perfect whiteboard animation software solution for your company. Whiteboard animation is one of the best ways to explain a business idea and capture your audience’s attention.

In this article, we’ve ranked the best whiteboard animation software on the market, including some free and open source options. We’ve also included pricing and a brief overview of each tool to help you get started.

Best Whiteboard Animation Software – Introduction

Whiteboard animation is a form of video storytelling that is particularly suitable for explainer videos or any other type of marketing video. The typical process involves an artist drawing characters and illustrations on a whiteboard, while the camera records the process frame by frame.

The only problem is that this style of animation requires a good deal of artistic skill. And if you want to create a short whiteboard animation video, you are going to need to spend a lot of time on it.

Fortunately, there are whiteboard animation tools available to help you create your own whiteboard animations without needing to learn how to draw. In this article we will look at the best whiteboard animation software options available to help you pick the one that is best for you.

Whiteboard animation software is a great, cost-effective way to create marketing content that can boost sales and increase traffic. If you are reading this article, you probably already know what whiteboard animation is.

You’ve seen it on websites, tv commercials and in presentations – where drawings on a white background tell the story. And even if you have no idea what it is – don’t worry, we’ll explain everything you need to know below.

What is the Best Whiteboard Animation Software?

The Best Whiteboard Animation Software for Businesses As a business owner, you might find yourself in need of a whiteboard animation video. Whether it’s for a product launch, explainer video with a script, or even a marketing campaign, whiteboard style videos are great for grabbing attention and getting the point across.

The problem is, you’re not an animator. You don’t have the time to learn a new skill and you certainly don’t have enough money to pay someone to make these videos for you! But fear not! Here’s a list of whiteboard animation tools that can help you produce animated videos in no time at all!

Doodly Doodly is by far one of the best whiteboard animation software tools available right now. It’s user-friendly interface will allow anyone to create professional looking animations in minutes.

After creating your doodle, simply choose from dozens of different styles such as chalk outlines on a blackboard or colored markers on white paper to get the exact look you want.

Animaker Animaker is another great tool for creating whiteboard animations without having any experience in animation. The site offers tutorials on how to use their software so that even beginners can get started right away; the program itself has over 100

1. VideoScribe

VideoScribe is a product produced by Sparkol. This software allows people to create whiteboard animation videos on their computers without any previous knowledge or training.

Sparkol is based in Bristol, UK and was founded in 2010 by Mike Williams and Phil Cowling. They have developed a number of products including Tawe, a tool for creating interactive images, and StoryPix, an app that allows users to make stories in pictures.

All of these products are aimed at making learning more engaging. VideoScribe is the flagship product of Sparkol and it has been used by over two million people around the world including many educators who use it to create whiteboard animations that explain concepts visually.

The software can be used on both Macs and PCs if you have an internet connection. If you don’t have an internet connection then there are apps available so that you can use VideoScribe offline as well.

VideoScribe is a user-friendly software tool for creating hand-drawn, animated explainer videos without the need for any specialist design or technical knowledge. The videos you create are yours to use however you like across your websites, social media pages, blogs and email marketing campaigns.


VideoScribe features: – Easy to use – Create professional looking scribes in minutes – Whiteboard drawing technology – Draw with your mouse or finger to create an engaging animated video – No camera crew required – VideoScribe captures hand drawn images one frame at a time.

– Unlimited royalty free music, image and font library – Search and import from our extensive library of resources. Or add your own – Export options – Publish your scribes as MP4 video files, publish to the web or upload directly to YouTube


VideoScribe Pros

  1. Outstanding Value for the Price

Like we mentioned, if you’re going to do any kind of animation, VideoScribe is by far one of the most cost-effective options on the market.

  1. Great for Explainer Videos

If your goal is to create an explainer video, then VideoScribe Pro is an excellent option. It’s quick and easy to learn, so you can have a video ready in no time.

3.Great Support

Another great thing about VideoScribe Pro is their commitment to customer support. You can access their help center from directly inside the program, and they also have a great FAQ section on their website that answers just about every question you could possibly ask.

2. Vyond

Vyond is a cloud-based video creation and animation tool for businesses and educational institutions. The Vyond platform enables users to animate, edit and share videos easily with lots of customization, content, and characters.

Vyond provides templates for users to create animated videos from scratch. The platform comes with a library of customizable characters that can be used to create animations designed for marketing, training, sales, or other purposes.

The software allows users to customize each scene in the video or use one of the pre-built templates available in the library. Users can also add custom audio or use the music available in the library.

Vyond’s drag-and-drop functionality enables non-designers to create videos without any prior design experience. The interface also includes different editing tools such as fade out backgrounds or zoom in/out options.

The software features a template engine that helps users quickly prototype stories and scenes with placeholders for text and images, as well as sample video content that can be customized as needed. Videos created by Vyond can be exported in multiple file formats including MP4, GIF and HTML5.


Vyond’s online animation software allows your business to easily create professional animated videos for all industries in job roles like marketing, training, and eLearning. Vyond is changing the way the world communicates, one video at a time.

Key Features:

DRAG-AND-DROP EDITOR: Build characters and scenes utilizing our extensive library of props and backgrounds. Customize them with various features like hair styles and clothing. EXPORT OPTIONS: Export your video in any format you need to share with your audience, whether it’s uploading it directly to YouTube or posting it on social media.

PRE-BUILT CHARACTERS AND PROPS: Select from an extensive library of pre-built characters and props across over 25 categories that can be customized to fit your unique story.


VYOND PROS GIVE YOU THE POWER TO TELL STORIES THAT SELL. Vyond Pros have all the features of Vyond Studio, plus: Priority access and dedicated support from a Vyond expert Specialized training and resources to help you get the most out of your account Account management to help you meet your goals now and in the future

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that allows people to find services to complete their projects. Services start as low as $5, and the scope of services offered ranges from transcription, logo design, caricature design, website creation, and anything in-between.

The site is extremely simple to use and has a clean interface. The homepage features several different categories and most of them are intuitive. For example, there’s a category for editing called “Editing & Proofreading”, one for marketing called “Marketing”, etc.

The homepage also shows a customized list of services based on your recent activity. This can be helpful if you need to outsource something quickly and don’t have time to browse around the site looking for a provider.

Another great feature is the ability to filter through providers by location; this can be important if you’re looking specifically for someone who speaks English as their first language. There are also different filters available such as price range, rating (from 1-5 stars), delivery time (within 24 hours or more), seller level (new seller vs top rated seller) and more!

The platform is free to use unless you want more than two revisions per service ordered; then there will be an additional charge depending on how many revisions you want


The Fiverr platform consists of three main features: Buy – You can buy services on Fiverr in one of two ways:

  1. Direct orders – You can order services directly from a Seller’s Gig page using the order form at the bottom of the page. Custom offers – You can create custom offers for a specific service you need and send it to Sellers on Fiverr.
  2. To do so, click on “Get Offers” in the upper right corner when you’re on Fiverr’s homepage. sell – You can sell services on Fiverr in one of two ways: Creating Gigs – A Gig is a service that you offer to your customers on Fiverr. To create a Gig, sign in to your account, go to “My Selling” and click on “Gigs”.
  3. Then click on “Create New Gig”. After completing all the required fields and submitting your request, your Gig will be reviewed by our team to make sure it meets our guidelines. If approved, your Gig will become active and visible to the public. If not approved, we will notify you via email with details about why it wasn’t approved.Sending custom offers – As a Seller, you can


While Fiverr is a great place for buyers to get affordable services, for sellers it’s also an opportunity to make a living doing what they love. Many of our pros are full-time freelancers with their own small businesses, or looking to build new careers.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled some of our most popular tips and resources for pros in this guide.

4. Renderforest

Renderforest is the easiest online video maker for creating intro videos for YouTube, explainer animations, kinetic typography videos, product or service promotional videos, music visualizations, wedding or travel slideshows, mobile app promotions.

In just a few clicks you can start creating professional animated videos with our free cloud-based animation software. Renderforest provides you with ready-to-use video templates for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram posts.

Simply choose your desired template and fill in your media assets to create an engaging video in minutes. You don’t have to be a professional videographer to get professional results. With Renderforest you will get high quality results within minutes without any hassle.

Renderforest is an online platform that allows its users to create a wide variety of videos, including explainer animations, logo reveals, intros, kinetic typography videos and music visualizations. The platform provides easy-to-use tools and a user-friendly interface.

Renderforest is a cloud-based platform, so you can access all the projects from any computer, at any time. The platform also supports collaboration between multiple users who have access to a single project.

This way all team members can work on the same video simultaneously and see each other’s changes in real time.


Renderforest is a video and animation creator that helps businesses and professionals create videos online, in a fast and simple manner. The tool offers a wide range of templates so that users can create their own videos, presentations, logos and intros.

Renderforest Intro Video Maker

To make your own intro video, choose from hundreds of fully customizable templates, each with its own unique style. Add the logo of your brand or any image you want, select the music track you like best from our library, and preview your intro video before downloading it.

Renderforest Logo Maker Create a unique logo for your company or brand for free in just a few minutes without having to hire a designer. Simply select from a variety of categories such as music logo design or abstract logo design, and go on to create a unique logo that represents your business. Renderforest Slideshow Maker

Make a slideshow easily with Renderforest slideshow maker. Choose from hundreds of fully customizable templates to create the perfect slideshow in just minutes.

You can add images and videos to the slideshows you are working on, use text boxes to convey important messages to your audience, and even add music tracks to enhance the overall experience! Renderforest Animation Maker Use our easy-to-use animation maker.


Renderforest Pros

Are you a video marketing agency, video producer, or video editor? Renderforest is happy to offer you exclusive benefits. Video Production and Marketing Industry Professionals Are Eligible For: 10% off the annual subscription plans.

5% off the monthly subscription plans. 20 GB cloud storage per month. Renderforest Pro license. You will be able to create videos with your own watermark, logo and/or name. Use the videos you have created for your customers or clients’ projects.

5. Animaker

Animaker is a DIY video making tool. It is the world’s first free animation tool with a library of 2000+ animated assets and 100+ templates.

Its drag and drop interface allows you to create animated videos in minutes. Animaker comes with 100+ characters and has more than 30 different types of animations to choose from.

Animaker’s free version allows you to create unlimited videos with no watermark, no time limit and no branding. You can publish them on YouTube, Facebook or any other platform.

The paid version of Animaker (called Club) lets you unlock more assets to make your videos even better and download them in HD quality. Animaker is a DIY tool to produce animated videos.

It allows you to create infographics, explainer videos and more in just minutes. You just have to select a template, add content (text, images and/or videos), customize and your video is ready! With Animaker’s free plan, you can create up to 2 minute long animation with unlimited number of scenes and export it as video (720p) or GIF.


Animaker is a DIY video making software. It lets you create animated videos and presentations with the help of ready to use characters, images, icons, and scenes. Salient Features of Animaker: 60 types of animated scenes with 2D/3D charts, infographics & typography

8 different styles of characters for creating animated videos 5 different types of animated maps for geography or location based stories 500+ pre-animated assets for making awesome videos 30+ different kinds of customizable charts and graphs 100+ sounds effects to add life to your videos


Animaker Pros

Animaker is a 2D animation software with a small learning curve. Animaker has everything you need to make your own explainer videos and animated presentations. It’s easy to learn, extremely fun to use, and very intuitive.

Here’s what it takes to get the job done with Animaker: No keyboard required – Use simple drag and drop toolkit. I-Powered – Animaker uses artificial intelligence to automatically align images in the video.

No sound expertise needed – Animaker’s sound library has pre-edited sounds for all occasions. No need for complicated editing tools – Animate scenes using our simple timeline editor.

6. FilmoraPro

Filmora9 vs. FilmoraPro

Features: Filmora9 has more features than FilmoraPro, including Split Screen, Tilt Shift, PIP(Picture in Picture), Mosaic and Faceoff. However, FilmoraPro is more professional, especially on audio editing, which supports Voice-over, Audio Mixer and Audio Equalizer.

Also, there’s no transition function in FilmoraPro while in Filmora9 there are 300+ transitions available. Cost: Filmora9 is a regular priced product at $59.99/year or $69.99/lifetie license while FilmoraPro is a monthly subscription at $14.99/monthly or $149.99/anually, billed annually.

FilmoraPro is an excellent video editing tool with a well-designed interface, which makes it very easy to use even for beginner users. It comes with pretty much all the features you would need to create professional videos, including a powerful chroma key function that lets you easily remove backgrounds from green screen footage.

FilmoraPro can be used by both Windows and Mac users, but the latter will have access to more video output formats. The highlight of this software is its robust set of video editing tools that include motion tracking, masking, audio mixer, keyframing and more.

Plus, it’s possible to add as many layers as you want, which means there are no limits in terms of editing options.


FilmoraPro offers a wide range of features that you can use to create and edit videos. FilmoraPro is designed for professional video editors, who have some experience with video editing software.

Therefore, it provides most of the advanced functions that other professional video editing software does. In FilmoraPro, you can find the following 4 main tabs: Media: Here you can load your source media and footage into the program and arrange them in the media bin to start editing.

Action Cam Tool: This tab will help you to straighten out your action cam footage automatically or manually. What’s more, you can add effect presets to your footage by using this tab. Color Grading: This tab offers lots of advanced color grading tools for you to get better color effects for your videos.

Audio Editing: Audio editing tools here allow you to edit audio clips in detail and make them sound great!


FilmoraPro Pros FilmoraPro is a professional video editor with a simple and intuitive interface, designed for beginners and advanced users alike. It has an impressive set of features that can help you create amazing videos.

However, if you are new to the software, it might all appear overwhelming at first. So, let’s take a closer look at some of its most prominent features: High-Quality Video Effects One of the best things about FilmoraPro is the fact that it comes packed with many high-quality video effects.

You can use these to enhance your videos, add titles and transitions or just make them look more appealing. These effects are easy to apply and customize, so you can come up with all kinds of creative combinations and experiment until you find something that suits your needs.

Color Matching and Grading Tools If color grading is an important part of your workflow, then FilmoraPro should be one of your top choices. This software offers excellent color matching tools that can help you give your projects a unified look.

You simply select two clips and click on Match Color to make the colors match perfectly without any additional adjustments required. You also have many other color grading options available in FilmoraPro so you.

7. Explaindio

Explaindio is a professional video creator software that allows you to create attention grabbing, professional looking 2D and 3D videos in just minutes. This tool is perfect for marketers, business owners and video creators.

You don’t need to have any technical experience in creating videos as Explaindio does most of the work for you. Explaindio will allow you to create full HD animated videos, whiteboard sketch elements, or full motion videos by importing and animating over video clips.

You can also add text and images with customizable effects. Explaindio has been used by thousands of businesses and professionals all over the world to create marketing, explainer and training videos. I just wanted to let you know that Explaindio Version 2.0 is now available, and it’s more powerful than ever.

Explaindio provides a unique combination of text, animation, whiteboard sketches, and full motion video which allows you to create the most professional looking videos in the least amount of time. And use these videos for marketing purposes in any niche on any website or social media channel.


Explaindio Features: Importing: Import your own videos and pictures, use Explaindio built-in media. 2D & 3D Animations: Mix 2D & 3D animations together in the same video. Full Multi-Timeline Editing: Create complex animations where you can animate each layer individually.

200+ Pre-Made Text Animations: Animate any text, font or image with our wide selection of pre-made animations. Full Multi-Timeline Editing: Create complex animations where you can animate each layer individually.


Explaindio Pros Explaindio Pros: – Explaindio 2.0 is a cloud based video creator software, so you don’t have to install anything. – With Explaindio you can create unlimited number of videos without paying extra fees. – Explaindio works with both Windows and Mac.

– You have 12 months of updates for Explaindio, which will be delivered in the form of patches and new versions via online members area.

8. MySimpleShow

There are a wide variety of video creation tools on the market, but none as easy to use and effective as MySimpleShow. In three simple steps you can create professional quality explainer videos.

MySimpleShow requires no technical skills, no video production knowledge and no software downloads. The first step is to choose your theme, add content and images. MySimpleShow provides thousands of images to choose from in various categories. You can also easily upload your own images.

The second step is to record your voice over. The final step is to share your finished product with the world! MySimpleShow is an excellent way for you to engage with your customers on a more personal level and increase conversions.

Video can be used to explain products or services, highlight features, answer frequently asked questions, showcase testimonials and so much more MySimpleShow – a new way to create explainer videos. A great tool that makes it easy to create and share engaging animated videos with your audience.

MySimpleShow is used by leading brands, marketeers, educators and agencies to explain their products and services.


MySimpleShow’s Features Create your own explainer video with our easy to use video maer. Here are some of the features you can look forward to:

  1. Effortless Video Creation

In just a few minutes, MySimpleShow allows you to create professional-quality videos using their simple yet intuitive video software. Just type in your text and watch as a storyboard is created for you.

You can select from a large library of characters, images, and music or upload your own. Once the video is ready, you can publish it on their website or download it in mp4 or animated gif format. You can even embed it into your own website!

  1. Simplified Video Editing

MySimpleShow’s video editor makes it easy to create a unique and customized experience for your audience by allowing you to enhance each component of your video: characters, music, background images, and more!

  1. Fast and Easy Video Animation

With MySimpleShow’s innovative technology, you can turn any boring text-based content into an engaging animated explainer video in less than 10 minutes! The possibilities are endless – create an educational video for school projects, an informative webinar presentation at work, or even just something fun with friends


MySimpleShow Pros With a free plan, you can create a video up to two minutes long and get it published, shared or downloaded. But free accounts also have other downsides: You must use the editor online — no offline video creation is allowed with the free plan.

You don’t have access to all of MySimpleShow’s features, such as using your own graphics or images, or using your custom voiceover. Free videos are watermarked.

Also keep in mind that you must have a registered account to use the platform at all. You can’t just get an email invite from someone else and then go in and start creating your own video.

So if you’re considering MySimpleShow for group projects with non-paying members, be sure to take this limitation into account. If you want to avoid these limitations, you’ll need to sign up for one of MySimpleShow’s paid plans.

9. Camtasia

Camtasia is a software that lets you create videos of your computer screen or webcam feed in real time. The app provides you with the tools to record your computer screen and then edit those recordings into professional videos.

Camtasia Studio also then allows you to share them directly from within the app to YouTube, Google Drive and Screencast. Camtasia is a powerful software application that enables you to create professional-looking videos.

It’s easy to use, with plenty of intuitive features that make the production of stunning visuals quick and easy. It’s not free, but there is a free trial available so that you can try before you buy.

In terms of functionality, Camtasia Studio doesn’t differ much from other video editors. You can import media, record audio and video (via webcam or desktop), edit the clip and add titles and effects, and then export it in various ways.

Camtasia Studio offers an excellent feature set within an intuitive and attractive interface. The app allows you to record either the screen or a PowerPoint presentation. Once recorded, you can make use of the vast tool set to finalise your video and make it complete. Tools include: multiple transition options, voice narration, zoom and pan effects, cursor effects, captions and more


Camtasia is a powerful video editing program that is great for creating content for your website or marketing collateral. It allows you to easily create videos from your screen and audio recordings, as well as edit in stock images and royalty free music.

Video Editing

Camtasia allows you to quickly add effects and transitions to multiple clips via drag and drop.  You can also quickly blur, green screen, and crop videos with ease.

Audio Editing Camtasia has a built-in noise removal tool, and also allows you to easily record voice-overs in the editor.  You can also edit in royalty-free music tracks, or import existing audio files.

Stock Media amtasia has a vast library of royalty free stock images, animations, icons, characters and more that can be added to your videos.  They are available in the Camtasia Library within the editor.


Camtasia Pros The Camtasia pros are pretty much the same as the previous version. This tool is so powerful and easy to use that it’s hard to not like it.

Anything you need to do with video is possible with this software. It’s a great way to make training videos or create a video of your screen to explain something.

Really, all you need to do is record, edit and export your videos. It’s really that simple.

Camtasia has changed the way I create training materials for my blog. And I know there are many other people out there who feel the same way as me.

10. Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro is the worlds most advanced and feature rich whiteboard video software, We have spent a lot of time and money creating this incredible and unique piece of software to bring you the best possible whiteboard video tool on the market today.

Easy sketch pro is an easy to use powerful windows application that makes creating amazing hand drawn style videos quick and easy. We have included an incredible library of over 100 ready made character images in various poses so that you can create your own hand drawn style video in just minutes.

We have also included a fully featured image editor so that you can modify any of our existing images or import your own custom images if you wish.When I first got a look at this program and all it did, I thought there was no way that it worked. I was very wrong. It is super easy to use and I can’t believe how great my videos turned out.


The new Easy Sketch Pro gives you the ability to create amazing whiteboard animations in 60 seconds.

With the new version you get:

  • Magic Animator
  • Magic Animate
  • New Magic Eraser
  • New Magic Brush
  • Brand New Interface
  • New Magic Fill Tool
  • New Text tool with outline and font options..


Easy Sketch Pro Pros Ease of Use The tool is amazingly easy to use. You simply upload a photo or image, position a sketch and animate it. In the video below, you will see how easily you can create an animated sketch video.

Hundreds of Templates The software comes with more than 100 templates, which you can use to build your video quickly and easily. The templates are professionally designed and come in several categories. Animated Sketches One of the best features of Easy Sketch Pro is the ability to create animations with sketches. You can add some text or a voiceover to your videos.

Variety of Sketches You have a variety of sketches to choose from, including hand drawn sketches, cartoons, and many others. The software also includes a whiteboard animation feature which makes your videos more professional-looking and unique.

11. Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC (formerly Flash Professional) is a multimedia authoring and computer animation program developed by Adobe Systems. Animate is used to design vector graphics and animation for television programs, online video, websites, web applications, rich internet applications, and video games.

In the early 2000s, Flash was widely installed on desktop computers, and was commonly used to display interactive web pages, online games, and to playback video and audio content. In 2003, Macromedia Flex was released, and specifically targeted the application development market.

Flex introduced new user interface components, advanced data visualization components, data remoting, and a modern IDE. However, Flex did not have any creative tools such as an editor for multimedia content or any way to automatically animate graphics.[citation needed]

Macromedia’s decision to separately target the application development market with Flex led to the company being criticized for a confused product strategy.[citation needed]

In September 2005 Adobe rebranded its Macromedia products as the “Adobe Flash Platform”, starting with the release of Adobe Flash Player 9.0. The Flex product team with members from both Macromedia and Adobe contributed code to the open source Flex SDK project and started developing new programming language features for ActionScript 3.0 that


Adobe Animate CC Features Adobe Animate is a computer animation and multimedia authoring program developed by Adobe Systems. Animate was previously known as Flash Professional, but with the introduction of Adobe Animate CC, it is more focused towards web development, although some older features of Flash Professional are not available in Animate CC.

Adobe’s last release of Flash Professional (known as “Animate”, not to be confused with the current product) was version 20.0, released on February 8, 2016. There were no new features added to this update, and the last update to the previous version, 19.0 was on December 13, 2013.

The following Adobe Animate CC features are those most commonly used in digital publishing: WebGL: With the WebGL export feature in Animate CC, you can create games and other interactive content that runs natively in supported Web browsers without the need for third-party plug-ins or additional runtimes such as Adobe® Flash® Player or AIR®.

You can also publish HTML5 Canvas document to any platform or device that supports HTML5 web standards.


Adobe Animate CC Pros You can animate both raster and vector content. The tools are very user-friendly. The HTML5 canvas output is supported in most browsers (including IE11). You can publish animations to .SWF format for use in older browsers. it’s easier to create a traditional cartoon style animation when compared to Flash Professional.

Adobe Animate CC Cons There is no support for runtime or code editing. There is no support for legacy ActionScript 3.0 or 2.0. Only bitmap images are allowed in the library, not vector ones (unless you convert them).

Some of the graphic symbols must be converted before they can be used as buttons (which is a pain if you’re importing assets from Flash Professional)

12. Doodly

So, you have been creating videos for a while and you’ve started noticing that the quality of your video is not as professional as you would like it to be. This can happen for many reasons, but one of the most common issues is that your videos do not look interesting enough.

While adding some music to your video can help liven it up a bit, adding in some animation can really take your video to the next level. Unfortunately, adding animation to your videos can be tricky if you don’t know what software to use.

That’s why we are going to be looking at Doodly today and seeing how it performs in terms of both features and pricing. Doodle is an incredibly popular form of animation that has been around for several years now.

It is essentially a drawing or sketch that is done in a very loose style and often contains random objects and figures. The style of Doodle is usually done by hand, although it can also be done on a computer using various graphics programs.


It’s time to go beyond the boring, bland, and lifeless presentations of yesteryear. With Doodly’s easy-to-use drag and drop interface, you’ll have your next video ready to go in just minutes.

Drag & Drop Technology Doodly takes away any complicated design or animation knowledge. Simply choose your images, draw on the canvas and hit render! 200+ Customizable Characters There are no limits to what kind of characters you can create with Doodly. Male, female, young and old; we’ve got you covered across every niche imaginable.

200+ Props and Backgrounds Not only can you create virtually any character imaginable with Doodly, but you can also customize your characters with over 200 props!


Doodly Pros: – Whiteboard style presentations and animations – Fast, easy and fun to use – 100% Cloud Based (No Installation Needed) – Works on both PC and Mac – No Experience Necessary – Includes hundreds of Custom Drawn Images, Characters & Props

13. PowToon

Online animation maker, Powtoon.com, is one of those rare tools that’s both powerful and simple to use. With the help of PowToon, you can make engaging marketing videos for your business or for your friends and family.

This tool allows you to create whiteboard animations, explainer videos, infographics, text-based animations, present product presentations and more. It allows you to upload your own images and videos if you want as well.

PowToon goes beyond traditional presentation software by giving you an interactive platform to make fun and interesting animations that are fun to watch. PowToon is a great tool for creating animated presentations for sales pitches or for educational purposes.

You can narrate your own voice over the animation with just a microphone (or upload an existing audio file) to give your presentation a personal touch Sign up for free and get the following features: A Presentation Maker (with templates) Video Maker (with templates) Business Presentation Templates.

Education & Training Templates Sales & Marketing Templates 4K HD Export for only $19/month Collaboration Features


PowToon All-Access Pass for Unlimited Presentations Powerful and Easy to Use Animated Video Maker Professional Royalty Free Music Library PowToon’s Customizable Templates and Characters PowToon’s Character Library with Hundreds of Characters Create Animated Videos in Minutes with Powtoon Get Started With PowToon Today.


PowToon Pros can help you make professional videos for your business. Here are some of the things you’ll be able to do with PowToon Pros Your own branded PowToon Studio, with your organization’s logo and a custom color palette Multiple licenses, so you can make unlimited PowToons for yourself, your colleagues and your clients.

A dedicated account manager Priority support

What is a Whiteboard Animation Software?

Why Is It So Popular? Whiteboard animation software is used to create whiteboard animation videos, which are a popular means of marketing. Whiteboard videos help make complex ideas easy to understand. In fact, they’re often used in conjunction with the “simple” design philosophy.

Whiteboard videos are one of the most popular formats for explainer videos. They help businesses explain concepts and ideas in an engaging way that people can easily follow and understand. Simple Ideas Made Easy to Understand

One of the reasons why whiteboard animation software is so popular is because it makes complex ideas easy to understand. For example, if you have a complex product or service, it can be difficult to describe how it works without using technical jargon that most people don’t understand.

With a whiteboard video, you can show them exactly how your product works and how it can be used in a simple and engaging way. What Are Some Examples of Whiteboard Videos? Here are some examples of whiteboard animation software: Vyond – Vyond (formerly GoAnimate) is an online video platform that allows users to create animated videos for business and personal use.

The company has been around since 2007 and offers a wide range of templates, characters and backgrounds for creating videos.

What Features Should You Look ForIn Whiteboard Animation Software?

Whiteboard animations have become hugely popular in recent years, and they are used to sell products and services on thousands of websites. They are great at engaging viewers and holding their attention. But what features should you look for in the best whiteboard animation software?

Here are some of the most important things to consider: – Ease of use. The whiteboard animation software you choose should allow you to create stunning animations without a steep learning curve. It should be easy for anyone with a reasonable level of technical ability to pick up and create excellent results within minutes.

– Cost. Software that allows you to create animations can vary widely in price, from free versions to several hundred dollars or more. You need to choose something that is cost-effective but still delivers quality results.

– Quality. You want your video animations to look great, so make sure the software creates high-quality videos that will impress viewers and customers alike.

– Features. The best whiteboard animation software will include plenty of features that allow you to customize your videos with ease. Look for options that allow you to add music, control playback speed and more.

Whiteboard Animation Software – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Whiteboard Animation Software?

A: The whiteboard animation software is a software which allows you to create animated videos. This software will render the drawings and sketches used in the video to make it seem as though it were being drawn by hand. A common type of software which uses this technology is called ‘Explaindio’, named for its ability to explain things through animation.

Q: How does whiteboard animation work?

A: The basic idea behind it is pretty simple. You have an image, or a still from a video, which you want to show on screen. Then you put up a pen, and draw over the image with it. Once done, the image is rendered onto the screen, making it appear as though it was drawn by hand.

Q: What are some examples of whiteboard animation?

A: One of the most well-known examples is the ‘Doodle videos’ series on YouTube, which are short animations that feature people drawing things over images in order to illustrate them, such as a cartoon cat showing up on a picture of a real cat. Another famous example would be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Terminator” movies, where he draws out his plans for killing

Best Whiteboard Animation Software – Wrap Up

It depends on what you want to do with the software. If you are a business owner and you want to explain your product with a video, use Vyond. It’s easy to use and it’ll get the job done.

If you’re an animator and want to create videos for other people, use Doodly or VideoScribe. They’re more flexible and give you more control over your animations.

If it’s for fun, try out Moovly. It’s free and requires no previous animation experience. You can have a lot of fun with it.

As you can see, despite the fact that whiteboard animation is a relatively new form of video marketing, there are a lot of options to choose from. But most of them take a lot of time and money to create.

Our Recommendation: Explaindio Video Creator. Explaindio Video Creator is not only the fastest and easiest way to create whiteboard animation, but it also has a ton of other features that make it useful for anyone who wants to create professional-quality videos.

If you’re looking for an affordable whiteboard animation software, I highly recommend you check out Explaindio Video Creator and see how it can help your business!

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