15 Best Book Subscription and Book Boxes for Kids

15 Best Book Subscription and Book Boxes for Kids

Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders. Introducing kids to the joy of reading early on can foster literacy and a love for reading that could last a lifetime. However, choosing age-appropriate children’s books that will keep your kids entertained can be tricky. Thanks to book subscriptions and monthly book boxes for kids, teaching your kids to love reading has become easier. 

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Book boxes for kids of different ages feature everything from the arts, science, adventure, and even imaginative play. Whether you’re building your toddler’s board and photo books or on the hunt for the best books for pre-teens, a monthly book subscription has got you covered. Here are 15 of the best book subscriptions and monthly book boxes for kids. 

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Book Subscriptions for Preschoolers

Recommended books for young toddlers include sturdy board books and simple books with eye-catching illustrations. Introducing your child to reading before the age of 1 can open a whole new world of reading. If you’re looking for a monthly book subscription for toddlers, here are some of the best book subscription services. 

The Reading Bug 

The reading bug

What You’ll Get: A group of book experts carefully choose the best books for different age groups each month. Subscribers will receive books each month catered to different age groups. Parents have three options – Baby Bugs for ages 0 to 30 months; Reading Bugs for ages 4 to 12 years old, or a sibling box specifically fashioned for sibling sharing.

Price: $18/ month



What You’ll Get: For a starting price of $16.95 a month, your toddlers will receive 4, eye-popping hardcover books from Lillypost. The board book boxes include everything from construction vehicles, to animals, colors, and classic stories. Every month, you’ll receive books with various themes – it will entertain your reader for days!

Price: $16.95/ month

Highlights Toddler Books

Let's Grow book

What You’ll Get: Highlight’s Let’s Grow book boxes for toddlers combine the love for reading with fun activities. In the subscription box, you and your child will get two high-quality, premium padded books; a special gift for the mother and child; and activity suggestions that will keep your little explorers busy!

Price: Starting at $24.95/ month (50% off first shipping)

Prime Book Box Level 2

Prime Amazon Book

What You’ll Get: Receive a collection of classic books and highly-recommended books of Amazon book editors. Choose from expertly-curated book packages that work for different age groups. Your little readers – ages 0 to 2, and 3 to 5 – will get four board books ranging from Dr. Seuss’s stories, transportation books, and bedtime stories. 

Price: $16.99 for the first box, $19.99 for the next boxes

Monthly Book Boxes for Older Kids

Are your kids done with board books? It’s time to move up to more exciting stories and mind-blowing lessons. Encourage your child’s curiosity and love for learning with some of the best monthly book subscriptions for older kids. 



What You’ll Get: Ourshelves is known for their books that introduce essential topics to kids in a gentle, age-appropriate way. Ready to talk about important issues with your kids? Ourshelves can help you with that. Addressing societal issues like racism, equality, and LGBT+ rights are just some of the expertly-curated Treehouse Box features from Ourshelves. 

Price: Starting at $14.99



What You’ll Get: The Owlcrate Jr. book subscription for middle-grade readers includes a brand new middle-grade novel, a personalized letter from the author, and 3-4 usable items that are built around the month’s theme. Each box is sure to encourage imagination, learning, and creativity. 

Price: Starts at $27.99

Bookroo Boxes

What You’ll Get: Bookroo’s best selling boxes are known for their carefully-selected book collections that appeal to bookworms ages 0 to 8. Middle-grade readers will love the classic and modern stories expertly combined in the month book box. 

Price: Starting at $16.95/month

Kid Curated Books

Kid Curated Books

What You’ll Get: True to its name, Kid Curated Books is all about delivering monthly book boxes based on a child’s preferences. How it works is really simple. Simply choose your kids’ interests, and experts will help come up with four brand-new books that will be delivered to your home each month. It features a mix of books that combines the arts and STEM. 

Price: Starting at $31.99/ month

Learning Crates

Learning Crates

What You’ll Get: Learning Crates has one goal – to excite and educate your child every month. You won’t just get a randomly curated box – each book included in your monthly book subscription considers your child’s age, learning levels, and interest. Through books that are varied and well-rounded, you can explore and learn more with your kids.

Price: Starting at $29

Book Boxes for Tweens

As older kids transition from simple books to more young-adult genres, it pays to keep them hooked and interested. If you’re worried that most young adult novels are not age-appropriate for your tween, don’t fret – there are monthly book subscriptions for tweens that feature lovely books!

Wildest Dreams Box

Wildest Dreams Box

What You’ll Get: What’s better than a good YA book? Reading the YA book while on the tub, and drinking some delicious tea. This feature is what Wildest Dreams Box is all about. Each box comes with a newly-released YA book, a bath soap, and a tea inspired by the month’s theme. Wildest Dreams offers your tween a whole new reading experience. 

Price: $22.5/ month



What You’ll Get: Is your young reader hooked on mysteries, kingdoms, magic, and curious stories? VIBookcrate is for your kids. Catered to kids ages 8 to 12, the VIBookcrate comes with one new YA novel, and 3-4 themed items. With book contents your kids can access online, the books will get them hooked for days. 

Price: $25/ month

Kids BookCase Club

Kids BookCase Club

What You’ll Get: Looking for the best book subscriptions that feature exciting stories each month? You won’t be able to get enough of Kids Bookcase Club. Each month, they’ll send in 3 hardcover, age-appropriate reads that feature exciting and intriguing stories. 

Price: $8.33/month

Beacon Book Box

Beacon Book Box

What You’ll Get: Considered one of the best book subscriptions for tweens, Beacon does not skimp on delivering an exciting reading experience for teens. Created by a 14-year old bookworm, Beacon’s box often includes an original YA novel, a letter from the author, and 3-5 themed items. 

Price: $16.99month



What You’ll Get: The Literati monthly book subscription for teens delivers five books for your young readers. But here’s a catch – Literati only allows you to lease the books, but you still have the option to buy. You can return the books once done. It’s an affordable way of reading all the books you want!

Price: $9.99/month

Why You Need a Book Subscription for Your Kids

Raising a reader can mean endless searches for the best books for their age group. It’s time to face the truth-finding the best reading materials for your kids can be stressful. This is where expertly-curated book subscriptions come to the rescue. 

With book subscriptions, you can

  • Acquire the best books experts have hand-picked for your child’s age and learning level. 
  • Consistently receive books that will keep kids engaged and excited. 
  • Make learning enjoyable each month
  • Get the most out of your monthly investments. 
  • Receive books that are timely and relevant today. 
  • Make reading a consistent family tradition.

Making the Most Out of Your Child’s Book Subscription

Now that you’ve successfully chosen the most appealing book subscriptions, it’s time to highlight your role as a parent in making the most out of your child’s book boxes. 

Read to Your Young Readers

Studies have shown that those who read to their kids improve their child’s language and cognitive skills. Parents who consciously take the time to read to their kids forge a better bond and connection to their young children. Through reading, you are exhibiting an example of what it is like to love learning. 

Ask Questions

Show your kids you are interested in what they’re reading through asking questions. Not only will this show your appreciation, but it will also help improve your child’s memory and storytelling skills. 

Incorporate Books to Your Daily Conversations

Does that mean you talk about Harry Potter while you use the broom to clean the yard? Yes, please! Randomly talking about different books can get your young readers excited, which will surely encourage them to read and learn more. 

Read With Them

Parents’ actions speak louder than words. You can’t encourage them to read while you fiddle with your phone. Put the devices down and read with your kids. Show them how much you love books and learning, too! 

Make Reading a Family Affair

Raising a young reader is more than just subscribing to book boxes. If reading is not a family tradition, it will be hard for kids to love reading. Make reading a family plan – raising readers this way will be more natural. 


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