18 X-PITCH startups raised crossborder funding

18 X-PITCH startups raised crossborder funding

With the successful culmination of X-PITCH 2021 — The X Games for startups, 18 startups from the TOP150 semi-finalists have announced the completion of their funding rounds.

Aside from the US$1 million investment prize that the top three startups have received in total, semi-finalists have also raised over US$17 million as of March 27, 2022. According to a survey, 70 per cent of TOP150 startups said X-PITCH added value to their fundraising campaign.

Organised by TA, X-PITCH brought together outstanding startups worldwide to highlight the concept of “Tech for Good” and digital transformation.

The TOP150 semi-finalists, who were selected from 3,680 startups in 42 countries pitched their applications and services that focused on enabling digital transformation around five major categories of the New Normal. The startups went through a competitive three levels of pitching (15 seconds, 60 seconds, and three minutes) where ten startups emerged as winners.

Building investor relations through Connect

The TOP150 startups have received e27 Pro memberships which enabled them to use Connect, a feature that allows founders to connect directly with investors on the platform.

Through Connect, X-PITCH has launched the investor matching programme where participating investors from X-PITCH used the platform to connect with the TOP150 startups and vice versa. Outside X-PITCH’s investment partners, e27 Pro also provided startups access to over 400 active and verified investors in the region.

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Meet the 18 startups who successfully raised funding

  • IronYun (US$7.2 million) – IronYun provides enterprise customers with a real-time AI vision analytics platform for the management of safety and physical security. 
  • Business Canvas (US$2.5 million) – Business Canvas’ product Typed is a context-driven collaboration hub that redefines users’ document workflow.
  • Dayta AI (US$1.8 million) – Dayta AI is a SaaS company with a vision to establish a SmartRetail and proptech ecosystem that entails Computer Vision and Business Intelligence.
  • ALPHACIRCLE (US$1.6 million) – ‘ALPHACIRCLE’ is a VR solution company that aims to help creatives and video producers to deliver incredible VR experiences. 
  • Mi Terro (US$1.5 million) – Mi Terro is an advanced material company that creates ocean degradable and home compostable biomaterials made from agricultural waste.
  • ThoughtFull (US$1.1 million) – ThoughtFull is a purpose-led digital mental health company in Asia that leverages technology, behavioural science, and evidence-based frameworks to provide affordable and accessible mental wellness solutions to corporate and educational organisations as well as consumers.
  • GreenPod Labs (US$531,000) – GreenPod Labs provide cost-effective post-harvest solutions to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables during storage and transport.
  • Asia Mobiliti (US$300,000) – Asia Mobiliti is a mobility tech startup enabling intelligent transit and mobility solutions in the developing world.
  • Riipay (US$253,000) – Riipay empowers the next generation of consumers by allowing them to make a purchase and pay in interest-free installments over a short period of time. 
  • Talentcloud.ai (US$253,000) – TalentCloud.ai is an AI-powered enterprise-level human capital management software in the region. They aim to tackle bedrock issues in modern recruitment and help organizations build an A-team from day one. 
  • Toii Games (US$200,000) – Toii Games creates virtual gaming experiences integrated with AR (Augmented Reality), Location-based Service (LBS), and Mobile Gaming.
  • MinervaS (US$130,000) – MinervaS is the university spin-off that offers innovative solutions in the energy and automotive sectors for the reduction of CO2 and on-board energy management.
  • Jalebi (US$120,000) – jalebi is an early-stage B2B food-tech startup unifying a food business’s content + data value chain, transforming rudimentary and inefficient processes in a surging US$8.1 trillion global industry.
  • InfinitiesSoft (US$40,000) – InfinitiesSoft Solutions helps enterprises to overcome challenges and solve problems from virtualisation, containerisation, edge computing, and AI.
  • MEDia (US$30,000) – Media is a new entire NFT ecosystem, which includes lots of services such as trading, voting, loan, fragmentation, and gamefi. It lets users enjoy one-stop service, and easily buy and sell artwork here.
  • Pocketwo (US$15,000) – Pocketwo grows retail wealth by finding savings to invest.
  • Mishkan (US$12,000) – Mishkan is building an omnichannel social CRM that can understand the languages of fans for the artist/influencer management industry.
  • Bariflo Labs (US$9,800) – Bariflo Labs is developing a state-of-the-art technology-driven modular device that is capable of targeting different concerns in static water bodies and will operate in a plug-and-play mode.

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Connect with TA

Formerly the first seed accelerator in Taiwan, TA is a startup ecosystem connector and the organizer of X-PITCH. e27 Pro members can directly connect with TA by visiting their profile here and clicking Connect. 

To find out more information about X-PITCH visit their website here. Want to connect with these startups from X-PITCH? All you need to do is click their links in the list or hover to the upper right corner under the Companies Mentioned section.

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