5 Reasons to Play Board Games With Your Kids

Board games can be a lot of fun to play with the family, but they can provide plenty of other benefits as well. Especially if you have children. Here are some of the benefits of playing board games with your kids.

1 – Bonding

Board games give parents and children a way to see a different side of one another. Good trivia board games, for example, can help children and parents know how much the other knows about different topics. And don’t get fooled into thinking that kids can only play games that are made for children. While mature themes should be avoided, there are plenty of interesting made-for-adults board games that can be fun for the whole family.

Boom Again is a good example of this phenomenon. Released in 2020, Boom Again is a trivia board game that focuses on the shared pop culture of those who were born in the 50s, 60s, and 70s with thousands of trivia questions related to the Baby Boomer generation. However, since launch many players have reported that the game is also a great tool for intergenerational bonding, helping younger players learn more about the past that their relatives lived through.

Playing together or against each other in competitive board games also lets parents and kids work together in a leveled playing field, where one doesn’t necessarily have authority over the other. This can help strengthen relationships and deepen the understanding between both parties, on top of being a welcomed change of pace.

2 – Learning

Board games can be great educational tools for children of all age groups, and even adults can learn some new things by learning these games. For example, board games can give young kids a reason to read more, and it may even give them an early glimpse of how money and other adult concepts work.

For older teens and adults, board games can be a great way to learn more about different topics such as history, finances, wartime strategy, and more. Trivia games and educational games can also be used to specifically teach about subjects they may be struggling with at school.

3 – Strategic thinking

Even simple trivia games can have an element of strategy to them if they are well designed. And board games are a great way to develop a sense of strategy and creative thinking, teaching players how to tackle and overcome challenges. These lessons are useful for all ages, but of course, kids will benefit the most from dealing with these challenges in the context of a fun game.

4 – Life lessons

One of the reasons why games are so attractive is because it gives players a way to experience the dramas of life in a safe environment. For example, while playing a game you can enjoy winning and losing in a safe environment, giving you a chance to explore those emotions in a low-stakes situation.

Many life lessons can be learned by experiencing these feelings in a game. Lessons such as not letting defeat stop you from trying, how to deal with success, how to stay calm under pressure, and more. Board games may not be able to teach children how to overcome all of these challenges in real life, but they will give them clues that may be helpful later in life.

5 – Analog fun

Perhaps the greatest benefit of board games in the modern era is that it’s a way to have fun while spending some time away from any screens. Having a board game night every week will ensure that your kids will spend at least a few hours every week away from their phone or computer, where they can focus on their family instead of being distracted. If you have a backyard where you can set a game table, it becomes a good chance to get some sunlight and fresh air as well.

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