Abroad.Legal: Erasing International Employment Borders

Changing the lives of thousands of people for the better is an ambitious endeavor. Many businesses strive for this – only a few really succeed.
Abroad.Legal is a company that does act on the promise to help their clients take a huge step into a better future – through international employment.

The service emerged as a response to the increasingly frustrating realities of the international job search market. Irina Proskurina, CEO of Abroad.Legal, had to face the hardships of legal employment herself when she came to New York from Easter Europe in 2009.

We know our clients’ major pain points inside out. It is not only about scoring a well-paying job – you need to go through piles of paperwork to obtain a work permit, figure out the logistics of relocation and do so much more. Having a reliable service to assist you through this vigorous process can be a real game changer.” – says Irina.

And that’s precisely what Abroad.Legal does. The service provides access to a thoroughly verified database of companies that offer jobs to foreigners and assists candidates in obtaining work permits. The database lists more than 10,000 employers in 300 professions from 40 countries, and each employer is regularly verified.

Many of the clients who come to us have very upsetting past experiences with other job-search services. Most job hunting platforms dismiss foreign candidates or only accept those who already have a valid work permit. Besides, the risk of fraud remains incredibly high in this sphere – and that’s something we want to protect people from.

Meticulous attention to the employer vetting process is not the company’s only strong suit. The variety of services it provides covers all the steps of an otherwise painstaking process of job search for a foreigner:

Resume writing service;

Convenient and intuitive job search guide;

Legal advice and assistance;

Swift customer support.

Abroad.Legal makes sure to set affordable membership rates and service fees to expand its clientele and help as many international job hunters as possible.

We want to simplify the job search process as much as possible and break it down into concrete steps.” Indeed, the platform offers a clear roadmap to every potential international employee. Look for a suitable vacancy on the database of the country of one’s choice, score the position, submit paperwork to get a work visa and a residence permit – and start a new exciting life in the country of your choice, providing financial security for yourself and your family. Abroad.Legal will accompany and guide the client’s effort every step of the way to ensure successful relocation:

Conducting the initial interview and assessing the candidate’s chances for success;

Writing a professional-looking resume;

Searching for suitable job openings for the candidate;

Preparing the candidate for an interview with an employer;

Correcting their mistakes and answering their most common questions.

The key to affordability Abroad.Legal offers to its customers lie in eliminating the intermediary agents between the candidate and the potential employer. “Our clients can contact companies directly – it prevents the risk of fraudulent activity and accelerates the employment process.” Besides, if a client has found a job Abroad.Legal but their visa application was denied, the platform will process a refund for its services.

The company’s philosophy of inclusivity and genuine approach to the brand-customer relationship definitely pays off. Abroad.Legal demonstrates steadily growing conversion rates, accompanied by solid brand trust. In the period between January and June 2022, the platform received 62,647 visits, 3,131 signups, and made 314 sales.

Abroad.Legal is very clear about its future business growth goals. “We’re focused on sustained business expansion to reach and help more and more people find jobs abroad.” In the following years, the service is to establish a presence in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brasil, China, Mexico, and other countries.

Irina emphasizes that her business ambition goes beyond hitting higher sales figures and outperforming competitors. “Our Abroad.Legal team is, first and foremost, people who are passionate about positive change, and our clients’ success stories are the major source of inspiration for the company.

There’s certainly no shortage of stellar client cases that demonstrate the company’s value to its customers. Just a couple of months ago, Abroad.Legal helped a married couple with two children from Kazakhstan score excellent positions at a logistics company in Canada – something they had wanted to do for years but couldn’t manage before. The family is now completing the legalization process and looking forward to settling in the country of their dreams.

The service is not aimed exclusively at those job hunters who are only planning to relocate – Abroad.Legal simplifies employment procedure for people who have already emigrated but have difficulty obtaining official employment status. Alexander, a young professional from Ukraine, came to New York on a student visa and struggled to find a job after completing his studies. The service helped him score a contract with a large construction company that is now sponsoring Alexander’s Green Card.
These clients’ stories are just two of many successful cases that illustrate the vision and mission of Abroad.Legal – empowering people by helping them advance on the international career ladder. That’s why the company’s growth plans revolve around global expansion and service quality improvement.

Abroad.Legal is also boosting its online presence. The service has YouTube and Instagram profiles, sharing useful tips, success stories, and important news with their followers. The company posts information about new employers on its database shares relevant employment statistics from different countries, and promotes educational programs for prospective international employees. This way, Abroad.Legal offers additional educational value to its customers, spreading useful knowledge people can use in their job hunting endeavors.

We want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the best ways to address our clients’ needs”, says Irina Proskurina. “Maximizing success opportunities for anyone who is looking for a job abroad is and will remain our highest priority that guides our business growth and brand development.

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