(AD/Review) SplashLearn - Education Maths Game For Children

If you are a parent school age child like I am, it can all feel so overwhelming. Especially with the past few years having been disrupted and that short period of time when we just didn't know what was going on! Trying to encourage your little ones to keep their love of learning, trying to keep their education going through all of this has been tricky!

SplashLearn Review

My eldest daughter only experienced reception and half of year one, while my son only had 5 months of reception until the schools had to close, and I made the decision to homeschool them from then on. 

Due to all the disruptions it may seem like your child is 'behind' where they academically "should be" or maybe they are struggling with a specific subject in school and would like a little extra help - SplashLearn is a fantastic website to boost their learning with fun, interactive activities!

SplashLearn is a complete online Maths learning programme, from reception to year 6 to help boost your child's confidence, get ahead and get back to enjoying learning again!

SplashLearn review

It's fully aligned with the National Curriculum and it covers more than 570 skills your child needs to know if they are at school. (My children are not at school, but we do however follow the National Curriculum, so this is super handy for me too!)

With many fun and interactive games to choose from, SplashLearn has multiple themes, fun rewards to redeem for virtual pet and a personalised learning map for each child to work through! 

It's really fantastic. Fun for children, educational and it provides factual reports to the teacher or parent to show your child's progree and address any problem areas. I'm really very impressed with it. It's definitely become a regular program in our house! 

SplashLearn review

As a homeschool parent, I like things to be set out. I like routine and I like following specific orders and lists, and SplashLearn makes it so easy for me to follow, to prepare for the week ahead, see what's coming up and what my children will be learning about next. I really love it.

It's so useful, informative - and most of all, fun! SplashLearn is a winner in my books.

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