Affordable Family Fun Summer Events While You Stay Home : The Saturday Weekend Review #301

summer family activities

Budget Vacation Family Summer Fun While At Home

If you’re looking for something to do now might be a good time to plan some exciting family summer fun.

We’ve had to stay home now since the second week of March and with an energy-filled young boy finding things to do can be challenging.

I watch the news like most people do to find out more information about the COVID-19 pandemic and perhaps any sign of a peak but so far, that’s not happening.

Personally, I don’t think the kids will be returning to school for the rest of the year and if they do it will be near the end of the year to tie up any loose ends.

As a parent, I am doing my best to work from home, complete renovations and manage my time with my wife and young son.

He requires so much of my attention because he’s a daddies boy, of course. Ha

There’s not a moment where he’s not behind me asking questions about something or other.

I give praise to anyone has to stay home or stays home by no choice without transportation, as it’s not fun when there’s nowhere to go.

I’m sure many of you have thought about this as a sign of what’s to come for retirement and why it’s important to have hobbies.

Keeping Costs Down While Planning Summer Family Fun Events

To have fun doesn’t cost lots of money unless you plan on travelling, eating out,  buying “stuff”  or tickets to attend events and concerts.

There are plenty of retired folks who find joy in doing the simple things in life but having the opportunity to move freely around your community helps.

Since we are only allowed to get out for some exercise, grocery shopping, pharmacy and medical appointments there’s one place left to be.

At Home.

Going to the cottage is out of the question (not that we have one) but for those that do we’ve been asked to stay home.

The reason for this is because lots of these small cottage country community hospitals can’t handle any influx of patients that contract the virus.

Even going for leisure drives such as road trips are off the table and because really there’s nowhere to go at this point.

So, we stay home as requested by our government, and that leaves us not many options, in fact, only three.

  • Inside the house
  • Outside the front of the house
  • In the backyard of our house

Just about every night before or after dinner we take a family walk around the neighbourhood that lasts about an hour.

During this time we play games such as scavenger hunts or trying to find as many colourful Spring flowers as we can in bloom.

With the weather in Ontario being less than desirable most days it has proven to be a bit colder than normal.

Even so, we still find some aspect of nature to tackle as a family while we are out and about so we can have a laugh and learn session.

In times like this where we are limited to where we can go, I think it’s important to continue being optimistic whilst protecting ourselves.

One of our conversations turned into what we would do for the summer holidays this year if we were not in the clear to leave home.

 Stay Home Family Summer Fun Events

So, we decided ahead of time to start planning fun summer activities we could do at home that were budget-friendly.

I know it sounds daft but the fact of the matter is we don’t know how long this pandemic will go on for.

Planning summer events for the kids while social distancing might be a fun task you can all enjoy doing.

We are finding much joy in spending more time together than ever before and we’re taking advantage of the opportunity.

In fact, I think social distancing and quarantine will teach us all how much we’ve been missing.

By coming up with themed summer events you at least have something fun to look forward to.

Family Summer Fun Water Balloon Games

water bombs

An example would be a summer water balloon pool, sprinkler, bucket or water hose party BBQ event.

You can buy a big pack of those water balloons called a bunch of balloons at Costco or on Amazon.

We have a pack that was given to our son for a Christmas gift so he’s been waiting to use them.

However, if you can’t afford the price tag, the Dollar Store has loads of balloons that can be filled manually.

I mean, that’s what we did in the good old’ days right?

We also have 3 bags of balloons that we ended up getting in a mixed bag from Value Village last year.

Typically we just chase each other around like nutters and throw water bombs at each other.

That seems to get everyone laughing, smiling and soaking wet.

Outdoor Family Game Night

Charcoal BBQ

Add a family game to the mix or educational game and either a bbq dinner or healthy snacks and you’re all set.

Trying to keep kids engaged and happy should be fun for everyone including the adults.

This is where we create recipes with our son in the kitchen that can be grilled so he can watch.

I also teach him how to start the BBQ using wood and newspaper.

Just this week I carried home a huge piece of cherry wood that a neighbour left on the curb.

I thought that would be wonderful for our BBQ this summer although I do BBQ year-round.

Ideally planning ahead is a smart idea but be warned that your family summer fun events depend on the weatherman.

My idea was to create summer activities that cost little to nothing using items around the house.

Let’s have a look at some other family summer fun events we will be doing this summer while we stay home.

Backyard Carnival Games – Sticky Tic Tac Toe

Again, using materials you already have around the house to limit having to go to the Dollar Store is ideal.

I’ll also link any products you can buy on Amazon Canada if you choose to do online shopping while you stay home.

However, if you must make a quick trip to finalize your family fun summer events then do it all in one trip if you can.

This sticky tic tac toe game is simple to make and I know our son would have fun playing it with us.

DIY tic tac toe

To make this sticky tic tac toe game you will need:

Family Summer Fun Soccer

outdoor kids soccer

Our son is a huge fan of playing soccer and many other sports such as baseball, basketball and kick the ball.

Kids just love playing with balls in general and so do many adults.

Since our son plays soccer we bought him an official pop-up soccer net for kids and an Under Armour soccer ball.

It’s a great soccer net to use in the backyard or to bring to parks for practice games.

For those without a soccer net, a DIY solution is to use two rectangle laundry baskets or boxes and set them on their sides.

Other fun games might be put golf, potato sack races, carrying eggs on spoons from bucket to bucket.

 It’s a great way to build skill too if you create games that both including strategy and body movements.

DIY Parachute Game Family Summer

We have one of those colourful parachutes with a hole in the middle where everyone lifts the fabric up and down.

There are bean bags in the middle and whoever gets the bean bag in the hole first gets a point.

Instead of bean bags, you can use tennis balls or any other soft or plastic balls that you have at home.

Take an old bed sheet and cut it into a circle and make a hole in the middle and you have a DIY family summer fun event.

You can also colour and divide the bedsheet with markers too.

parachute games

You can find 31 different parachute games online from Kids Activities.


1. Children evenly spread out in a circle –while holding the edge.
2. Pull the parachute taut and then lower it between knee level and the ground.
3. On a signal-all raise the chute upwards; it will fill with air and rise up like a giant mushroom (In the winter-call it an “IGLOO”)

Tip #1: to get it as high as possible, all participants take a couple steps towards the center as the chute rises.
Tip #2: Practice together so the children can learn cooperation and working together as a group

Discussion: What summer fun events have you been planning for your family just in case we are still told to stay home this summer?

Leave your comments below as I’d love more family summer fun activity ideas.


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Gardening Season 2020

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My father-in-law taught me how to save the seeds from tomatoes and peppers.

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Your saved seeds also make great little gifts for friends and family.

I love that idea.

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Home Update

Since I’ve been home now for I forget how many weeks (days are just days) I’ve been getting busy with renos.

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My idea is to post garden and reno update photos there for all of you who are interested in behind the scene looks.

So far, I’ve torn the deck apart and will be building a larger deck with a pergola.

The last time I built the deck was just after we moved into the house so about 10 years ago.

I made mistakes that I’ve noticed and one thing I don’t recommend is to listen to what Home Depot has to say.

The guys I spoke with there had no clue what he was talking about and I didn’t either as I trusted him.

Things have changed for me in 10 years and now I do my research from trusted sources and tradesmen friends.

Besides renovations and nightly family fun activities and homeschooling our son we have been busy creating new recipes in the kitchen,

Creating New Recipes

I hope to continue sharing keto and non-keto recipes every other Sunday on the blog.

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Our garden seedlings have been planted from cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and herbs galore.

Again, I’ll share photos in the bi-weekly newsletter email.

How’s your spring been going?

Let me know in the comments below what you’ve been up to.


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It’s a great time to try new products from companies that do offer birthday freebies.

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  • I handed in my resignation and then changed my mind– Well, I hope it was on good terms.
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