Best board games for preschoolers

Best board games for preschoolers

Preschool Board Games Gift Guide -- The best board games for preschoolers (ages 3-5)

Best board games for preschoolers

Pre-schoolers love to play games but they have little hands and fidgety bodies. It’s best to pick up games that are geared to their level and will not frustrate them. We’ve searched high and low for games that the whole family can enjoy and the little ones can learn.

Gamewright Little Hands Playing Card Holder
 — this is essential if you’re going to attempt any type of card game. Genius!

Richard Scarry board games
Richard Scarry Busy Town and Richard Scarry Airport Game are some of our favorites. I enjoy playing these games with my kids and that is saying something. Busy Town stands the test of time, as older kids will be able to play it with their younger siblings! Compete against other players in the beginning, but then you have to join together to beat “the pigs” as a team.

Spot It Junior Animals
 — This is one of the best games for kids. Great way for them to start recognizing everyday objects in their world.

UNO MOO Preschool Game
 — Similar to regular UNO but you play with farm animals. Much easier than trying to cram 5 cards into a little hand.

Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game
— This gets great reviews  and looks like tons of fun. We hear from readers all the time that this is one of their favorites!

Outfoxed Board Game — Promotes working together instead of one person trying to win. Great for this age when losing turns into a weeping session. Check out other games from Peaceable Kingdom here.

Haba My Very first games – My First Orchard
 — A family-friendly cooperative game.

Thinkfun Roll and Play Board Game
 — This introduces the first roll and play type of game. Great reviews.

Gobblet Gobblers — Fun, interactive twist on Tic Tac Toe. Great for little hands, but also fun for older children and adults. Perfect for short attention spans and kids will love to “gobble” their opponents pieces.

Sleeping Queens (sold out on Amazon but keep an eye out at other stores!)– Comes SO HIGHLY reviewed and rated. Says on the game itself for ages 8 and up, but we have heard from so many of you that it is good for the younger set too. Read through the reviews to see how others play and what they have to say!

Looking for board game ideas for older kids or families?

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