Bringing Allyship Home: How to Have Difficult Conversations With the People You Love

Tomorrow’s leaders are learning diversity, equity, and inclusion today. Join us as we help build a more open, equal and inclusive world.

About this event:

Bringing Allyship Home: How to Have Difficult Conversations with the People You Love

LIVE Zoom Panel on Wed. Nov 10, 2021 at 1 pm EST / 10 am PST

Free to all. 

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What do you do when racism shows up at the dinner table? How do you deal with a parent who won’t allow others to express their own gender & sexuality? Is it possible to maintain loving relationships with those who refuse to examine their own privilege?

Allyship is hard work — whether it is at home or in the workplace. Knowing how to talk about issues of oppression, marginalization, microaggressions — not just with some people but with everyone — is one of the critical components of allyship. These are the types of questions we deal with each week on The Good Men Project’s popular column “Ask an Ally“, which answers questions about diversity, equity and inclusion through an intersectional framework.

Our panel includes:

Lisa Hickey CEO Good Men Media Inc. Publisher of the Good Men Project

Dale Thomas Vaughn Panel Moderator. Co-Founder of the Better Man Conference. Leader of Strategy and Communications; 6-time best selling Author; Thought Leader in Inclusion & Healthy Masculinity

Animah Kosai speaks, writes and advises on workplace harassment, corporate wrongdoing and toxic work cultures. She is Malaysian-British, based in England, and practiced law for 9 years in Malaysia, before joining the oil and gas industry as corporate counsel for 14 years. Animah has given talks and training in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore and London, as well as media interviews, on topics ranging from corruption and #MeToo, to global corporate scandals. Her website is:

Lawler Kang is founder of League of Allies, a professional services firm that builds DEIB equity via executive search, fractional Chief People positions, and related presentations and workshops. Prior to starting The League, Lawler served in positions such as Chief People Officer in technology companies, Managing Director of a global consulting practice, a variety of executive positions (MD, COO, VP Sales & Marketing, etc.) running turnarounds, Partner in an executive search practice, and a stint doing M&A strategy consulting. He started his career in a Customer Service position at a Japanese multi-national while simultaneously running a socially responsible import firm out of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Marie Roker-Jones is the co-CEO of Essteem, a SaaS solution that helps employees take action on causes they care about in the DEI space. Essteem helps companies move their sustainability initiatives forward by converting idealistic intentions into measurable actions. She is a social impact startup founder with over ten years of experience in leading gender and racial diversity strategies. As the founder of Raising Great Men, she built a movement for parents, empowering them with resources to raise culturally aware and socially conscious children. She was senior editor for The Good Men Project, a multimedia, cross-platform site that has sparked an international conversation on the changing roles of men in the 21st century. Marie created workforce re-entry programs for underrepresented communities. Marie was also lead for The Charter for Compassion’s Compassionate NYC, which examined implicit biases and their impact on our perception of criminality, economic disparities, educational underachievement, health disparities, and other factors that bring about social stratification and separation


Join the conversation about how allyship and leadership are inextricably linked in the 21st century. Live Zoom panel is Wednesday November 10th at 10 am EST.  FREE to all, registration required.


About our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion work at The Good Men Project

This panel is part of an ongoing series of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programs at The Good Men Project to help corporations and individuals navigate a world that is changing faster than most people can keep up with that change.

Today more than ever, there is a growing need for organizations of all kinds to build a diverse and inclusive culture. It’s both an institutional and individual issue. And most importantly, it is a leadership skill. You cannot be an effective leader in today’s world unless you understand the roots of systemic oppression and why it will benefit everyone to dismantle the current systems. Creating cultural change is a long game. Diversity and inclusion is not a “box-checking” exercise. It requires focus, intentionality, and engagement across a complex set of issues that run through every aspect of our institutions and our individual lives. We are looking to create individual change in the short term, and organizational change over time.

Organizations that lead in diversity and inclusion have substantially higher profitability, productivity, and customer satisfaction and lower employee turn-over.

The Good Men Project offers workshops on D&I, including “Men as More than Allies: A Toolkit for Modern Leadership.” Our program is unique because of the way we integrate the examination of individual bias with an understanding of systemic oppression. We have been holding these conversations as phone calls with an international community for over a decade.

We can help you grow your existing D&I programs and help build the leaders of tomorrow.

More information here: The Good Men Project Diversity & Inclusion Program.

Or, we’d love to hold a strategy call with you! Email if interested.

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