Chalk-A-Word by SimplyFun

Practice spelling, expand vocabulary, and work creativity with SimplyFun’s Chalk-A-Word! Chalk-A-Word is a fun and educational word game that is great in the classroom or for family game night.

Two to four players are dealt letter cards consisting of single consonants and vowels, digraphs (e.g. sh, ch, th, ph) and vowel families (e.g. ai, au, ee, oo, ou, etc.). On each turn, players spell as many new words as possible or adding on to existing words of another player. Points are awarded for each letter played and the player with the most points wins.

Chalk-a-word honed in on spelling skills and worked to expand children’s vocabulary. They exercised creativity, memory, and phonological awareness skills.

There’s a great opportunity for cooperative play too. If a player believes they cannot make a word or add to an existing word, they show their cards to the rest of players who can help. If it is determined that no cards can be played, then a player can discard all cards and restart. Players can also work together to look up words in a dictionary to verify a valid word.

Power cards can be played to add strategy to the game. Each player is dealt power cards that can help their hand by doubling their points, copying a letter, or swiping or trading letter cards from other players.

Chalk-a-word is an entertaining word game that helps children build vocabulary and spelling skills, encourages social cooperation, and involves some math practice during scorekeeping too. With a little bit of strategy and lots of word fun, Chalk-a-word is a great choice for learning through play.

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