Christmas Activity Book

This is a book review of the Christmas Activity Book for Smart Kids. The average Christmas Activity Book might not be considered Nonfiction but this one contains stories about Christmas in other lands as well.

This is a book review of the Christmas Activity Book for Smart Kids.

Stars: ****

Self-Published (2021)
Activity Book
62 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Give your kids a compelling little Christmas gift, which makes them happy, allows them to learn new things, and lets them enjoy a bit less screen time! Our “Christmas Activity Book For Smart Kids” provides an enjoyable and fun learning experience for kids from approximately 7 to 12-years-old. Here’s what’s included:

  • Christmas-themed mazesword search games, and coloring pages provide hours of fun;
  • Freeform drawing activities further stimulate kids’ imaginations;
  • All activities are combined with eight easy-to-read educational stories, which take kids on an expedition to discover new cultures, traditions, and how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

Forget about other activity books and their low-quality, redundant activities that don’t spark imagination, and that have boring coloring pages duplicated from elsewhere. Unlike many others, we use only completely unique content, created from scratch by our book designers, writers, and illustrators.

Christmas Activity Book

My 7 year old was excited to receive a book of Christmas puzzles. It is just perfect for her age.

There are eight stories. Seven are about Christmas around the world, and one of is about where the idea of decorating Christmas trees came from. The stories are just text and could be read on their own by a grade 3 or 4 level. Alternatively it would be better to read the story WITH your child.

There is one maze, one word search, one colouring page and one free drawing page after each story. The maze and word search are not too simple but not too crazy hard. Perfect for age 10. For my 7 year old she had help with the word search from her older sister but did the mazes on her own.

I’ve learned a lot about Christmas around the world previously but even I learned some new things. So it’s not just a repeat of the more well known ones like Père Noël. The stories are interesting. They are great to read together as a family.

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My Little Elf Doing Christmas Puzzles

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