Enjoy Teaching Telling Time with Bababoo and Friends Wonder Tree Shape Sorting Clock

Bababoo and Friends®, which recently made its U.S. debut last holiday season, is NOW available at Barnes & Noble locations. 

Bababoo and friends® offers a world of fun, loving and relatable characters complete with fully developed and unique backstories that promote diversity, inclusion and age-appropriate life lessons. Take Bababoo for instance, he loves to craft things out of wood and at times is a bit scared. Luckily he has lots of wonderful friends including Wilma, Yuki, Pippa, Lolo, and Miss Mali that all help him to feel he can do anything! Take a closer look at all of the characters here!

Plus, the entire line uses non-toxic paints and FSC-certified wood, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability! 

Let’s Learn More about the Wonder Tree Shape Sorting Clock 

Bababoo and friends® is more than a beautifully crafted wooden toy line from Europe, it opens the door to an entirely new play concept: merging the power of storytelling with traditional playtime! While playing hide and seek on the flower meadow, Bababoo and Pippa come across a wondrous tree that effortlessly teaches you how to solve a mess of numbers correctly. The unique Bababoo and friends® Wonder Tree Shape Sorting Clock teaches children much more than just reading the time. 

  • The number blocks with their different shapes and colors enable the child to play, sort and recognize relationships.
  • Develops logical thinking and hand-eye coordination.
  • Sorting each individual block of numbers into the appropriate form gives the child a great sense of achievement!
  • The number blocks are provided with magnets, which create another level of experience for the child.

The multifunctional sorting clock helps the child to recognize connections in order to further train their cognitive abilities. The sorting and learning clock is an ideal educational game to stimulate social interaction and to promote language skills. Suggested for children ages 18+ Months, this product retails for $32.99 and is available at US.Bababooandfriends.com.