Hit Download, Here’s 10 Of The Best New Podcasts You Need To Add To Your Rotation

Hit Download, Here’s 10 Of The Best New Podcasts You Need To Add To Your Rotation

Are you on a path to self-improvement? Perhaps you’ve run out of shows to binge-watch, or you’ve recently rediscovered the boring morning commute in your post-quarantine routine? Well, if you’re like us and always on the hunt for some entertaining and fascinating new podcasts, we’re here to help. 

We have taken it upon ourselves to sift through this mass of auditory content and compile only the very best new shows that have cropped up over the last six months. Plus, we’ve partnered with the entertainment-lovers over at Optus to bring you a binge-worthy series called The Download every Friday. From movies to music, games and podcasts, here’s everything you need to add to your rotation, stat. And the best part? Optus are helping you make it all happen, slinging unlimited data for a day of your choosing for only an additional $5.

From epic re-watch guides to educational content and everything in between, here are the 10 best new podcasts you’re about to obsess over.

She’s On the Money

How are you with money? Good? Bad? So uncomfortable talking about it that you’re appalled we would even ask? It’s time to kick all of your fears around spending, making, saving, and talking about money to the curb. Listen in to the sage money advice from millennial money expert Victoria Devine, back with season three of Australia’s number one money podcast, She’s on the Money. This new season tackles a range of topics, from MLMs to ‘sexually transmitted debt’. Packaged in relatable and fun convos lasting less than an hour each, this is the perfect way to master your money and get over your fear of finance-talk.

Staying In With Emily And Kumail

Being forced to stay inside was a new concept to many of us throughout quarantine, but not for Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani. Due to Emily’s chronic illness, they have had plenty of practice quarantining, which put them in the unique position of being able to guide all of us ‘quarantine newbies’ through lockdown. If you’re still stuck at home (or have recently become re-stuck at home), learn how to enjoy and make the most of life in iso by tuning in to Staying In With Emily And Kumail.

Home Cooking

Another podcast that has risen from the Corrona ashes is Home Cooking. Hosted by renowned cook Samin Nosrat (of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat) and podcast badass Hrishikesh Hirway, Home Cooking is all about using what you have at home to create tasty meals. Whether you’re stuck in isolation and don’t have access to your usual fresh market produce, your cooking repertoire consists only of toast and cereal, or you’re just feeling uninspired, this podcast will show you around your own kitchen and teach you the fundamentals of pantry feeds. Plus, we’re in luck because the four-part series is now at episode six and showing no signs of slowing down—so if you're a Samin Nosrat fan or just love a good focaccia, this podcast is the one for you. 

Search Engine Sex

It’s time to educate yourself, people! Undo all the bad sex-ed you heard in school and close your incognito browser because sex experts are here to answer all of the most commonly Googled sex questions. The host of Search Engine Sex, Rowdie Walden, gives us straightforward answers to the questions that, let’s be real, we have all probably typed into Google at one point in our life. This Spotify podcast also sheds light on the realities of sex education and the perception of sex in modern society. To learn more, check out our interview with Rowdie about the why, how, and what of Search Engine Sex.

Fake Doctors, Real Friends

This one is for all the Scrubs fans in the house. In case you somehow didn’t know, the main actors in Scrubs, Donald Faison and Zach Braff, are actually friends in real life to this day. Throughout quarantine, they have been rewatching the show and podcasting through the memories, one episode at a time. With featured special guests that co-starred with them, Fake Doctors, Real Friends will take you back through the awesome series while letting you in on the behind the scenes magic that made it so good.

The Darkest Timeline

More of a Community fan? We’ve got you covered. Stars of Community, Ken Jeong and Joel McHale, have been FaceTiming each other while socially distancing in Hollywood and they’re bringing us along for the ride. The Darkest Timeline comedically covers everything from behind the scenes Community goss to the current political and health issues that are scaring us silly. They also chat to an epic lineup of guests, including Whoopi Goldberg, Andrew Yang, Pedro Pascal, and pretty much the entire cast of Community.

Elliot Loney Podcast

We have not forgotten you sports fans! It’s been hard to get our fix of athleticism in recent months due to the fact that being sweaty and in close proximity to one another is now globally frowned upon. For those still craving a sporty fix, tune in to the Elliot Loney Podcast. This comedic, talk-show-esque podcast gives you laid back conversations with some of the biggest names in sport, as well as a few comedy and entertainment legends thrown in. Come for the sports fix, stay for the top-notch banter.

Where Should We Begin?

If you have never heard of this podcast, stop what you’re doing now and prepare to be sucked in for hours on end. Where Should We Begin, hosted by Esther Perel, shares original audio from various couple’s therapy sessions. Each episode is an intimate snapshot of a couple’s most vulnerable moments alongside expert explanation and guidance from Esther herself. While this podcast has been around for a while, they have come out with a recent mini-series called Couples Under Lockdown. These new episodes explore the impact that quarantine and the global pandemic have had on relationships around the world.

Talking Sopranos

Another podcast that is sending superfans to TV heaven is Talking Sopranos. This is the ultimate rewatch podcast, hosted by co-stars of The Sopranos, Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa. Join them as they rewatch the episodes and discuss what it was like behind the scenes of one of the world’s most iconic series. For exclusive interviews and insight into The Sopranos, this one is a must-listen.

The Eleventh

On the 11th of November, 1975, The Governor-General of Australia sacked the Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam. Whether you are aware of this momentous event in Australian political history or not, chances are you’re unaware of the dramatic and intense lead-up to his extremely public dismissal. The Eleventh takes us through the fascinating series of events that led up to our Prime Minister losing his job, told through never before heard interviews and stories. If you’re interested in our political history and love a good drama, this one is definitely worth a listen.

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