How to Build a Great Relationship With Your Child

How to Build a Great Relationship With Your Child

Read our tips on how to build a great relationship with your child! Plus, find a FREE printable below!

How to Build a Great Relationship With Your Child

Over the decades, the roles of parents have evolved. Parents used to be disciplinarians and taskmasters. No one disputed their words. It’s different these days. True, there are still boundaries that children must not cross. But that doesn’t mean parents cannot be children’s friends and a source of fun as well.

Give children the kind of childhood they can look back with fond memories when they are older. Make growing up a fun and educational process for them. Some of these suggestions may be useful.

How to Build A Great Relationship With Your Child

Enjoy the Child

Children are a blessing to enjoy, not a burden to shoulder. Be cheerful, smile and laugh often in their presence. Organize outings for and with them – go to the playground, the beach, the zoo or even have a picnic on the balcony!

Play With Your Child (or Children)

In the first three years of a child’s life, his parents should play with him in a “peer-like” manner – be silly, make funny faces, talk like a cartoon character, play practical jokes on one another.

For young children, play is a form of communication. During play, parents can also learn a lot about their child. Don’t take things too seriously and don’t criticize him during play.

Playing will also make him feel like a worthy play partner and this will help boost his self-esteem and confidence.

Praise Your Child When it’s Due

When children do something well, lavish them with descriptive praises. Don’t belittle them if they don’t do it well. They are just children and still learning. Refrain from being too competitive and giving unnecessary pressure on them.

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Teach Your Child the Joy of Sharing

Make sure children all have their turns at playing toys and games. Teach them to invite other children to join in as well as teach them to ask to join other children in play and games.

The ability to share at a young age will help them be more caring and sensitive to the needs of others when they are older.

Give Your Child Fun Activities to Do

Children are more likely to misbehave when they are bored and restless. Eliminate boredom by providing children with lots of games and play in the house as well as outdoors.

Plan a family game night! Read The Importance of Family Game Nights.

When I polled my own children on their favorite four games to play with us, these games below were their answers:

Story-telling, art and craft activities, trips to the library or playground and sports are engaging activities that will keep children amused for long periods of time.

Offer Your Child Hugs and Kisses

Children often enjoy physical affection from their parents. So give them lots of cuddles and kisses. Hold their hands when walking with them. Enjoy this closeness while it lasts. It won’t be long before the child decides he’s too old to be seen being hugged his mum or dad!

Look at the World through Your Child’s Eyes

Children are naturally curious and in awe of a lot of things that adults find ordinary. Try to be a child again when you are with your kids. Be curious and excited about new discoveries they make – kittens in the back alley, birds chirping at the window, rainbow in the sky, spiders on the web, wild flowers that grow in the backyard, etc. You’ll be amazed how much fun it can be for yourself!

Raising children is not only about setting rules for them to follow. It’s also about sharing fun and happy moments. Not surprisingly, parents who are playmates and providers to their children often have better relationships with them.

While you are here, print our 20 Loving Words to Say to Your Kids Printable.

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