How YouTube Live Classes Can Help School Children During COVID-19

How YouTube Live Classes Can Help School Children During COVID-19

The novel virus has disrupted each and every aspect of our lives. From businessmen to housewives not one single individual has escaped the clutches of the Coronavirus. Amongst all the sectors, arguably the bunch of people most affected by the raging virus has to be the small children going to schools as they don’t have any measures to continue schooling because all of the schools being closed down to avoid the spread of the virus. The kids are now taking online classes but unfortunately, they only amount up to a few hours max. Therefore, this time calls for parents to be a little more lenient and allow their kids to increase their screen time which should not be used for recreational activities such as playing games or watching movies but for educational purposes.

This is what makes YouTube live classes so helpful and efficient, they offer your child the necessary education while engaging them in interactive sessions and immersive environment while giving you as a parent the break to relax that you have been wanting for so long. YouTube should give nicely planned lessons that contain clear instructional goals’ this is what Carolyn Parker, the director of Master of Arts in the School of Education at American University. Many people including teachers, tuition centers, and schools have opened YouTube channels to conduct live classes and some of them do buy youtube subscribers $1 online to start their subscriber base and attract more students to join classes and get benefits.

The classes should not be viewed as a source that alternates teachers.

The online classes offered by YouTube or any other platform should not be considered as an alternative to conventional studies but as a supplementary option until when the tragedy subsides. This is because the essence of traditional education can never be found in an online platform and that is why YouTube doesn’t have even the slightest intention of serving as an alternative to schools although many acclaimed teachers have used this platform to educate millions.

The increased screen time should be balanced with other activities.

The one thing that might upset parents is that the kids would be exposed to a lot of extra screen time than before and it may cause numerous health problems as known to us. This cannot be helped if the child is to take online classes as the primary requirement for it is a digital screen. The adverse effects can be controlled if the time is managed thoughtfully and the extra time that is given to screens should be balanced with some other activities such as playing a board game, writing letters to relatives or simply going for a walk.

Parental guidance.

The most important factor that should be considered when allowing kids to spend most of their time on computers or other digital devices is monitoring their activity. The internet has a humungous reach to content that may be inappropriate for several users and especially for children as only a simple click can send them to an area where they are not supposed to go. This has to be prevented by the parents and it can be done in several ways including checking their history, accompanying them whenever they have to spend a significant amount of time on the web and the option of applying specific parental controls on your browser is also present.

With all said and done it can be summarized that YouTube can be an excellent platform for students to reach to for academic guidance and can be used as an amazing supplement to traditional education as long as the pandemic persists.

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