Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities for Kids

Are you trying to keep the kids entertained during the hot summer months? Here’s a list of fun indoor activities for kids to take advantage of!

We all hate being cooped up on those rainy days, and throughout the cold winter months. Here are ten tips and tricks that I do to keep my little ones happy and be stress-free.

I am a stay at home mom of three. They haven’t been able to get out of the house, except for running errands, for weeks. Reading them stories, and the same old routines haven’t been cutting it! They are bored, and it’s stressful for everyone.

Indoor Activities for Kids

Build a fort

My kids love forts, the bigger, the better! Although they are small, and can only help minimally with constructing the fort, the hour that I spend making super-sized fort keeps them busy for the afternoon. There are a lot of activities that they do in the fort. For instance, coloring, blocks, hot wheels, dolls, etc. I let them eat a snack in there fort as well. I always make sure the fort is big enough for me to join in on the fun. Some simple fort designs and tips:

Easy tabletop fort: spread a sheet over the tabletop and anchor to the chairs with clothespins or safety pins

Tarp fort: small tarps are cheap, and you can buy them just about anywhere. You may also need a clothesline. String the clothesline through the grommets and tie to sturdy furniture. I like darker tarps so my children can use their kiddie flashlights.

Pop up tent fort: Pop up tents are the most expensive fort of the three, but the cost doesn’t usually exceed over $20.00. Pop up tents fit anywhere and are easy and quick to put up and take down. You can buy a larger or smaller tent. I’ve tried all three, and pop up tent forts are definitely my preference.

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Pillow fun!

My kids get super excited when I take every pillow and blanket in the house and pile them on to the living room floor. I even empty my linen closets. Also, before I put the blankets and pillows down, I make sure there are no toys on the floor. Also, I put away table lamps, picture frames, and anything breakable in a box and remove them from the room.

Homemade play dough

I love to make NO COOK homemade playdough! It’s quick and easy for me and keeps the kids busy for hours and me. I also find safe utensils and toys that make great patterns in the dough. The recipes are easy to find online.

Schedule T.V. time or movie time

This is a very controversial subject, for all. Even my T.V. rules are strict, slim to none actually. On these homebound days, I allot a certain amount of educational T.V. time or movie time. I like to check my local newspaper for T.V. guide listings or go to This way here you can find the shows you want your kids to watch, and when you schedule ahead of time, it will give you peace of mind to know that when it’s T.V. time, the mom gets a break. I shut the T.V. off as soon as the show or movie is over and announce to my children that the T.V. time is because its a special treat for not being able to play outside.

Drag out your five minute daily routines

Life is all about the hustle and bustle, but slow down, way down. Take your time getting the children dressed, even let them do it themselves. Go at a turtles pace when your kids are brushing teeth, washing face, and hands, and even picking up toys. If you take it slow, the kids will be spending time learning with you, and the delays make your day go by quicker.

Let em’ let loose

Do you ever find yourself yelling, “No running in the house!” I do, but sometimes I find its okay for them to let loose every once in a while. At first, for me, it was hard to let go. I was nervous that they would get hurt. The best way I found to supervise is to have fun with them. I set the pace by playing “Red Light, Green Light,” or “Mother May I,” so running, hiding, hopping, crawling, skipping, and shuffling, are done as safe as possible. After a half-hour, everyone is wiped out, and we all sit and relax.

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Secret toy stash

When my kids go to bed, I take some favorite toys and stash them away. They have so many toys that they don’t even realize the toys are missing. So, When they’re bored to tears, or I need to make an important phone call, I always have a backup toy box to keep them busy.

Bath time!

Give them a bath; bubbles are optional. I sip on a coffee and a kickback on the “throne” (with the seat closed of course) with a magazine. This bath time fun can last for an hour or more. I often have to add warm water, to bring the temperature back up, and to put the water back in the tub that was splashed out.

Pots n’ pans or Tupperware

I let my kids play with pots and pans, but if the noise gets to be too much, I trade the pots and pans for my endless collection of Tupperware. They love to stack them up and fill them with toys.

Dance to the groove

My kids and I love music. We have a game where I turn the music on, and we all dance for a few minutes. Then I shut it off, and we all have to freeze right in the middle of a dance move. We do that for about an hour.

Get creative with your indoor activities for kids! I hope you enjoyed this list of fun activities to do with the kids!

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