Jorge Muniz’ Medcomic-The "Visual Learner" Medical Student’s Dream!

What is Medcomic?  What are these crazy drawings?  Why does an art teacher know about this and why are the soul sisters posting on it?

When my daughter, Callie, went to college, there was a time where she debated on clicking "ART" or clicking on "Biological Sciences" to major in.  Although Callie loved art, she decided to click on Biological Sciences.  Due to that one click, her college life was honed in on a particular field for her future in medicine.

When choosing the field of medicine, the path is very hard.  First, you have to get through 4 years of regular college.  Also, the grades have to be good.  A low GPA will not get you into college unless you know some famous actors.  (haha)  During college life, studying is a essential.  Good grades are important and volunteer activities in the medical field are a must.  Pre-Med is a balancing act and there are professors that do not want you in the field.  If you are not willing to go the extra mile, do not major in pre- 

Once you volunteer, study, and make the grade, you apply for medical school.  Once in medical school, you start the same process over, but the work is VERY difficult.  Luckily, Callie found out about Medcomic.  The educational program she purchased was a game changer.  She could easily look at the colorful drawings and make connections to learn the material.

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Medcomic is a series of educational medical cartoons designed to make learning complex medical topics easy and fun. The artwork is being utilized by university professors all around the world to engage students in the classroom and provide an innovative alternative to conventional educational materials.

Jorge Muniz is the author and illustrator of Medcomic, a project he started in 2013. He has written and illustrated two books, Medcomic: The Most Entertaining Way to Study Medicine (2015) and Sparkson’s Illustrated Guide to ECG Interpretation (2018). He is currently making new artwork on the Medcomic+ platform. Jorge is a cardiac electrophysiology PA from Orlando, Florida. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2009 at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. In 2013, he went on to complete his Master’s degree in Medical Sciences at Nova Southeastern University’s Regional Campus in Orlando, Florida.

He is Jorge👇

Click HERE for an awesome interview with Jorge  The BIGGEST takeaway from the interview was Jorge saying he was passionate about his artwork!  Boom!

Below are some the drawings by Jorge Muniz.   

Just sharing something that I know about that is related to art.  Somewhere out there is a few art teachers that influenced Jorge.  All I got to say is, the art teachers that taught Jorge did an amazing job!  Rock on, art teachers...And instill that passion in the kids any way you can!