Kids’ Activities for Summer While Social Distancing

While many people have had to come to terms with devastating loss, financial stress, and unemployment throughout quarantine, it’s easy to overlook the impact that the pandemic has had on children. They’ve had to spend months confined to their homes, trying to keep up with school work, while having very few social outlets. 

As spring turns to summer, kids now face even more time locked up at home, away from friends. Although we are seeing lockdown restrictions eased all over the world, there are still social distancing guidelines in place. While these must be respected, it’s also important to try to make your children’s summer as enjoyable as possible. 

While playdates, birthday parties, team sports, and other group-based activities are most likely off the table, there are other ways to make the most of the summer. 

Here are six summer activities that your kids can take part in while adhering to social distancing.

Family bike rides

Quarantining as a family can cause you to take one another for granted. With everyone spending so much time confined to the indoors, it can be difficult to enjoy each other’s company. You might find that your family is a little more irritable than usual. 

Dedicating specific times for family activities helps bring everyone together. An outdoor bike ride provides fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and fun for everyone. This will do wonders for your kids’ minds.

Video games

Under normal circumstances, you might be discouraging your kids from playing video games. They can be disruptive to sleeping habits and can become significant distractions from school work. 

During quarantine, video games can be a social outlet for kids. If they are playing with friends, games allow them to converse and catch up on each others lives. Video games also act as an escape and can be a welcome relief if your child is experiencing cabin fever. 

Neighborhood walking visits

If you live near your kids’ friends, you can accompany them on a walk to their house where they can have a conversation from a safe distance. This might seem minor, but it can be hugely beneficial to have face-to-face contact


Summer holidays haven’t started yet for some kids, and others will have to continue some school work into the holidays to make up for lost time during the quarantine. There are plenty of resources online that can supplement school work. Whether you’re looking for free third-grade writing activities or advanced math questions, there is material available.

Plant fruits and vegetables

Planting and growing produce is an educational, enjoyable, and beneficial activity for anyone, especially for kids. They learn gardening skills and how to maintain and nurture wildlife. They must also study the fruits or vegetables that they are growing and take the necessary steps to develop them. Finally, they can reap the rewards of their hard work when their dinner plate is packed full of delicious home produce.

Facetime watch parties

Watch parties are a great way to interact with your friends in a social setting while following social distance guidelines. Communicate with your child’s friends’ parents and set up a suitable time. 

Go the extra mile by buying your kid’s favorite candy, and taking extra care of them the night of their “watch-along.”

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