Studies have identified significant benefits of combining academic instruction with physical activity, including better health outcomes and school achievement. Yet most schools separate physical activity from traditional academics, depriving teachers of tools to help kids learn and keep them active and engaged.

Lü – Interactive Playground, a developer of immersive educational systems for K-12 students, solves this problem with technology that transforms traditional school environments into active and engaging learning spaces.

Powered by giant interactive projections (see image, above) and an extensive application portfolio, the Lü ÜNO merges playful athletics with purposeful academics. The ÜNO combines ceiling-mounted audiovisual, wall projector and 3D camera systems that turn wall projections into interactive touchscreens. These technologies work together to create larger-than-life experiences in which kids can learn and play at the same time.

The hardware is complemented by a diverse catalogue of curriculum-based games and activities. Integrating components of whole child development, these apps make learning fun. In addition, the online peer-based Lü Community allows teachers to create or customize content to share with other educators and play on the ÜNO system.

Together, these tools empower teachers to help students grow emotionally, intellectually and physically, in areas such as personal and social skills, literacy and numeracy, or movement skills and active living.

The ÜNO can be used for many school purposes, from cinema-quality movie nights to dance parties and professional presentations. With more than 30,000 weekly student users in over 800 schools in 30 countries, this immersive educational technology is opening schools to new ways of teaching. For these reasons and more, Lü ÜNO is a Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best Games for Learning Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more

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