Metaverse and Top Ways it Will Impact Mobile App Development

The digitalization of the 21st century has brought a wave of promising and innovative technological trends which are bound to transform the world and make lives easier.

In recent years technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality & virtual reality, blockchain technology, etc., have emerged as a trendsetter and have heavily influenced the mobile app development industry.

Metaverse is one such technological trend that companies are heavily betting on and is considered to bring the most extensive technological disruption yet. According to Bloomberg, Metaverse’s total market size and revenue globally are poised to reach $800 billion by 2024. Meta, formerly known as Facebook and Microsoft, are two major tech companies that are investing and betting big on this technology.

In this post, we’ll briefly discuss Metaverse and how it will affect mobile app development. So, let’s move forward and start by learning what Metaverse is.


Metaverse is basically a virtual world where people can interact and entertain themselves in the form of avatars. Metaverse is referred to as the next internet and a place where the digital and physical world will come together. Augmented reality and virtual reality are some of the key technologies behind Metaverse.

The world of Metaverse will bring people and communities closer and open unique opportunities for developers. Metaverse will provide a virtual place for conducting meetings, parties, concerts, education, and a lot more. The best thing about Metaverse is that the virtual worlds, or say spaces created by it, feel real and provide real-life experience to the users, making them feel that they are experiencing everything for real.

The world of Metaverse can be accessed via VR headsets such as Oculus, AR glasses, and various other such means. As the size of Metaverse’s market and its application areas keep increasing, its influence in the field of mobile app development keeps soaring. Let’s check out how Metaverse is set to impact mobile app development.

Metaverse and Mobile Apps

Mobile app development is a field that is highly affected by trending technologies. When AI emerged as a breakthrough technology, app developers adopted it at once. In the same way, Metaverse is attracting investors from all spheres, especially app developers and leading industries.

Let us look at some genres of apps that are eyeing metaverse adoption.

#1 Gaming apps

Gaming apps have always been subject to experimentation with the implementation of innovative technologies. Technologies like AI, AR & VR have become an integral part of some of today’s best gaming apps. The same way gaming companies are looking forward to Metaverse to build fascinating apps that make users feel like they are playing it for real.  

Horizon World by Meta is a Metaverse integrated platform that provides both a meeting space and a gaming hub. Other fine examples of Metaverse games are VRChat, Fortnite, Sandbox, and many more.

Gaming in the Metaverse provides a real-world and rich customer-centric experience. The user is presented in the game with a unique avatar in-front of his opponents. Playing these games usually requires a VR headset such as Quest 2.

#2 Virtual meeting apps

Metaverse is all about connecting people and bringing them together and closer. Following the same idea, creators and conglomerates are rushing towards building virtual meeting apps in the Metaverse.

Users can attend meetings in this digital/virtual space and feel as if they are present in front of them. Metaverse is all about providing a space to the users that connects them, provides a space where they can do certain activities together such as playing games, hold conferences, etc.

Horizon world is one such platform that, along with being a game, is primarily a virtual space that connects people. According to patents by Apple, Apple has invented and is currently developing an HMD(head-mounted devices) virtual meetings app.

The same platforms can be used for organizing weddings, parties, and events in Metaverse, where people can dress into their favorite attires and greet and connect with other attendees as if they were in the real world.

#3 Dating apps

Famous and widely-used dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are all set to gear into the race of adopting Metaverse. These apps are popular online dating platforms that now, in order to provide excellent customer-centric and real-world experience, are entering Metaverse.

Users will be able to dress up and choose which hotels or venues they want to take their dates to in the metaverse world. Respective platforms will provide a range of venues to select from, thus giving the users a range of options and controls. Thus making the users feel as if they are dating and seeing each other for real in an actual venue. Again this would require users to put on some suitable VR-powered headgear.

#4 Educational apps

Today, schools and educational institutions are experimenting with new technologies to provide rich and more interactive learning experiences. Now creators are looking towards Metaverse to create a platform that helps students explore and see what they are learning in books for real.

Metaverse will not only help institutions provide students with affordable learning experiences but also real-world experience. Students can visit museums and archeological sites from various parts of the world through Metaverse along with friends and teachers. Metaverse adoption will indeed scale the educational potentials of multiple institutions and students to a new level.

Summing up

Metaverse is all about scaling potentials, connecting and bringing people closer, and providing rich real-world experiences. Metaverse’s exponentially growing market size is proof of the potential this technology holds to change the world.

Metaverse will open new doors of opportunities in many fields, be it entertainment, learning or gaming. It’s highly recommended for tech enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs to keep a check on Metaverse and invest in it in whatever form they like.

Owing to Metaverse’s promising nature, this technology is bound to be the next internet and cover all the horizons in the near future.

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