Montessori Best Selling Toys, Books & Kitchen Tools - 2021

Montessori Best Selling Toys, Books & Kitchen Tools - 2021

How we Montessori top selling  toddler toys materials 2021

Today I'm sharing the top materials ordered by HWM readers through Amazon (US) in the year 2021. This post includes a ton of product links, if that isn't your thing please skip this post. I hope you find this useful and that you get some great ideas for your children for now or for the future! 

Let's start by looking at toddler toys and materials. The Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon is popular year after year (mainly due to this article). My children adored the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Wooden Tower and the Galt Pop Up Toy so it's great to see them at the top of this list. Our Green Toys Submarine is also much loved, it's currently in our bathroom and is used every single night!

Toddler Toys:

  1. Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon
  2. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Wooden Tower
  3. Galt Pop Up Toy
  4. Green Toys Submarine
  5. Melissa & Doug Primary Lacing Beads

How we Montessori top seller toys 2021

Like last year bath toys and fine motor toys were popular. This year some puzzles also made the list!

Toys & Materials:

  1. Boon Pipes Building Bath Tub Toy
  2. Big Box of Little Word Puzzles
  3. Boon Cogs Bath Tub Toy
  4. Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set
  5. My First Match It - Things That Go - 15 Self-Correcting Vehicle Matching Puzzles
  6. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. My First Kids Microscope
  7. Learning Resources Twisty Droppers
  8. Go Find It - Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt Card Game
  9. Match It! Head to Tail - 20 Self-Correcting Animal-Themed Puzzle Set
  10. Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Pretend Play Set
  11. Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot - Cooperative Matching Game
  12. Learning Resources Jumbo Colorful Eyedroppers, Set of 6
  13. Learning Resources Magnifier & Tweezers

How we Montessori top seller baby toys 2021

The top infant toys and materials included grasping balls and mirrors. These mirrors are fabulous if you don't want or can't attach a mirror to your wall.

Infant Toys & Materials:

  1. Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic Rattle
  2. The First Years Stack up Cup Toys
  3. Haba Rainbow Fabric Ball
  4. Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set
  5. Childcraft 2 Position Acrylic Mirror
  6. ECR4Kids Double-Sided Shatterproof Full-Length Floor Mirror for Babies

How we Montessori top selling  art materials 2021

Our top art materials include lots of scissor options and pencils. If you are wanting to do more art with your children also look at the popular Playcolor Kids Poster Paint Sticks and Do A Dot Art! Rainbow Dot Markers.

Art Materials:

  1. Maped Kidicut Safety Scissors
  2. Staedtler Small Right Handed Noris Club Children Scissors
  3. American Educational Products Mini Easi Grip Scissors
  4. Lyra Ferby Short Tri Grip Kindergarten Pencils
  5. Stabilo Woody 3-in-1 Pencils
  6. Playcolor Kids Poster Paint Sticks
  7. Do A Dot Art! Rainbow Dot Markers
  8. Ready 2 Learn Triangle Grip Stampers
  9. Lyra Groove Triple 3 in 1 Pencils 
  10. Wikki Stix, Assorted Colors, 24 pack
  11. Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons
  12. Colorations Wood Clay and Dough Textured Rolling Pins
  13. Stabilo Woody 3-in-1 Colored Pencils - Sharpener
  14. Ticonderoga Tri-Write Beginners' Pencils With Erasers
  15. School Smart Wooden Clay Stamp Set of 4

How we Montessori top selling  kitchen 2021  (1)

Children's kitchen knives are the most bought items through our links with the top spot going to the Joie Crinkle Cutter, closely followed by the Kuhn Rikon Kinderkitchen Knife range. No matter the age of your child you'll find a good starter knife in this list! Also, look for our favourite jug and popular glassware.

In the UK, our top-selling knives also included the WMF Children's Knife and Peeler Set (this is the best peeler for little ones!) and the Tala Crinkle Cutter

Kitchen Materials:

  1. Joie Crinkle Cutter
  2. Kuhn Rikon KinderKitchen Dog Knife Serrated, Straight Blade and Essentials Set
  3. Tovla Jr. Knives for Kids 3-Piece Nylon Kitchen Knife Set
  4. Luminarc Quadro 16.75-Ounce Jug/Pitcher
  5. Kiddobloom Baby Stainless Steel Utensil Set
  6. hand2mind Rainbow Fraction Measuring Cups
  7. Joie Strawberry Slicer
  8. Opinel Le Petit Chef Kitchen Knife Set
  9. Mini Serving Sugar Tongs 4-Inch
  10. Kiddobloom Kids Stainless Steel Utensil Set
  11. Pororo Kids Training Chopsticks for Toddlers
  12. Amazing Child Mini Glass Pitcher 9 Ounces
  13. Kibbidea Kids Knife Set 4pcs
  14. Duralex Provence Drinking Tumblers, Sets of 6 5oz./160ml
  15. Curious Chef Children's 3-Piece Nylon Knife Set

How we Montessori top selling books 2021

Much like last year, the best selling book category is dominated by science experiment books! Books like My First Body, Caterpillar to Butterfly and The Seed of Compassion continued to do well, they are favourites here so I hope you've enjoyed them too.


  1. The Backyard Bug Book for Kids
  2. Montessori abc's
  3. Big Chemistry Experiments for Little Kids
  4. The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments
  5. The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book
  6. My First Body
  7. Awesome Science Experiments for Kids
  8. The Little Montessori Me Picture Book
  9. Caterpillar to Butterfly
  10. Big Engineering Experiments for Little Kids
  11. Babies Build Toddlers
  12. Scissor Skills Preschool Workbook for Kids
  13. Whose Bones?: An Animal Guessing Game
  14. A is for Apple
  15. The Montessori Toddler
  16. Montessori From the Start
  17. Montessori: Letter Work
  18. The Seed of Compassion
  19. Montessori for Every Family
  20. The Montessori Baby

A big shout out to Montessori abc's, The Little Montessori Me Picture Book and Babies Build Toddlers which are all self-published. Self-published books are important to the Montessori community, they are usually more expensive to publish (are self-funded & often more expensive to buy), they lack promotion other books receive from publishers so please support them when you can! 

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This post includes affiliate links. Thank you so much for your support!

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