Netflix Releases Game Highlighting Reality Of People With No Clean Water

Image via Netflix


As part of its expansion into the gaming market, Netflix has released three new mobile games for users on iOS and Android. 


One of the titles, This Is A True Story, was created by Frosty Pop and Charity:Water to raise awareness about the reality of residents in sub-Saharan Africa who lack access to clean water. 


According to Netflix, over 771 million people face such a plight on this planet. That is where Charity:Water comes in. The nonprofit aims to bring clean and safe drinking water to marginalized communities.


The team traveled to different countries over the past several years to learn about real stories from women they interviewed, whose experiences have been intertwined into the game. 

Users will play the educational role-playing game as a woman walking miles in the desert in search of water, while trying to dodge poachers, windstorms, and other obstacles along the way. 

The game is now available on Netflix for free with every subscription. 




[via Engadget and Android Police, cover image via Netflix]