Participation in Radio Caca (RACA)’s USM Metaverse to Acquire 6 Areas of Skills to Supplement Academic Education

While Radio Caca (RACA)’s most anticipated Metaverse project, the United States of Mars (USM), is about to launch in March 2022, the organization continuously strikes collaboration with academic blockchain societies from top universities, including the University of Southern California (USC), University of Cambridge, the University of Texas at Austin (UTA) and University of California San Diego (UCSD).

To join hands with the top university clubs and societies is a sensible and practical way to onboard generation z users and content creators for the emergent USM Metaverse.

With the launch of New Harvard Land and New Oxford Land in the USM Metaverse, there will be massive room to revamp the existing educational paradigm. I summarized t 6 possible areas the USM Metaverse can boost to supplement mainstream education.

#1. Game Design

Like Roblox, the USM Metaverse will be open to game developers with all skill levels. Due to web3’s incentive structure, game design online courses of the USM ecosystem will become big hits and help onboard new developers. Topics such as “how to come up with game concepts”, “how to develop early prototypes”, and “how to systematically construct character relationships and plots to bring dramatical effects” are all very popular. Other topics regarding player psychology and human behavior, visual aesthetics, testing and pitching will also be of interest. In a much gamified century, studying Game Design in a Metaverse will be a relevant and beneficial career choice.

#2. AR VR and MR, 3D Modeling  

The USM Metaverse is now like the wild wild West and creative minds are in need of building and exploring. Regardless of whether a piece of land is to be turned into a club, a music hall, a stadium, or a cinema and how it is to be furnished, it takes architectural and 3D design skills as well as AR/VR/MR modeling to map concepts into plausible objects. Once the USM Metaverse is ready, the difference between the physical and the virtual realities will become almost indistinguishable. In addition, thanks to Facebook/Meta, DJI, and Google Labs and companies alike, VR headsets have become prolific and accessible to ordinary users and developers. Richer VR experiences are to be expected in the years to come.

#3. Music Production

Be it a game, a cocktail party, or a clubhouse fireside chat, music is essential in the physical and virtual world. Statistics show that the number of students academic and professional music programs has welcomed has doubled in the past 3 years. Maybe it is because right now is the best time to unleash your passion for music and start composing. Write an ode to Dionysos, a parody of Bach, or homage to Super Mario. People who have a tendency to respond to mood with emotion have a natural inclination to embrace music production as a career. We shall see more talents like deadmau5, slim shady, Usher, and Gorillaz from the next generation who shall not only rock the music industry but also reinvent the NFT ocean.

#4. Fintech

Financial innovation is one of the first things to take off in the blockchain industry, and the USM Metaverse ecosystem will not be an exception. Crypto is not a simple substitute by building an alternative institution, but rather a revolutionizing force to both the finance and human society in the past decade and has forever changed people’s perception of money and currency. It is a way of thinking and living. However, like all revolutions, this one is bound to be a bumpy ride. Many unlucky speculators will be washed out while diligent builders are in better positions to harvest the fruit. Maturing in the wave of Web 3.0, USM users are crypto natives who advance their knowledge and understanding in financial innovations like breathing fresh air; the education they are getting will take them far.

#5. Space Exploration Experience

It is a good opportunity to onboard Radio Caca (RACA)’s USM Metaverse to learn a thing or two about the space odyssey. Thanks to Elon Musk’s SpaceX, technologies related to space travel and interstellar exploration will continue to be financed, researched, and implemented. Humanity is going to shorten the duration of space travel. The time to meet advanced extraterrestrial species might be near. To preemptive thinkers, perhaps it is not too early to take astronaut training and learn about emergency landing, steering, navigation of manned space vehicles, reusable rockets, or life support systems.  Even if, at the moment, it is still a luxury to most people, the least one can do is to float around in the USM Metaverse and get a feel of what colonizing Mars might be like thanks to Radio Caca (RACA)’s innovative thinking on USM Metaverse.

#6. Environment Protection

The  Radio Caca (RACA)  community is determined to go green. The USM Metaverse will not simply echo what the Big Green DAO promotes but also imperviously secure a better future for everyone. Issues about environment protection are sure to have relevance in USM Metaverse since protecting the one and only planet earth is a shared notion and will be practiced in Radio Caca. For example, each event held in the metaverse will result in fewer miles traveled and proceeds from metaverse events will fund carbon offset projects, etc.

In conclusion, I think that Game design, AR VR and MR 3D modeling, music production, fintech, space exploration experience, environment protection are the 6 areas of skills that the education programs Radio Caca (RACA) has to offer in the USM Metaverse. With so much promise, it is only natural that more people with a mindset of enlightenment and self-improvement will join and help advance the ecosystem. Radio Caca (RACA) and its USM 3D virtual world are moving forward alongside worldwide academic institutions in the task of creating a better world for future generations.

This content is brought to you by Radio Caca.


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