Quarantine Is the Perfect Time To Play Bananagrams, Our Favorite 2-Person Game

Quarantine Is the Perfect Time To Play Bananagrams, Our Favorite 2-Person Game

Bananagrams is the award-winning board game this quarantine needs. If you’re all holed up with a roommate or significant other and need quarantine board games for two people — Bananagrams is the perfect choice.

It’s a simple game that’s as entertaining as it is educational. It’s a bit like freestyle Scrabble. Instead of earning points for complicated words, you race against your opponent(s), using letter tiles to assemble your very own crossword puzzle-style board. You start with seven tiles and gradually increase as participants use up their tiles. Once you’ve used all your tiles, you say “Peel!”, forcing everyone to take one more letter tile.

This word game will truly drive you crazy as you try to come up with new words as fast as possible, learning new vocabulary and the proper spelling of obscure words all the way through.

All of the needed materials, 144 letter tiles, come in a banana case that stores easily with your other games and doesn’t take up much space. In short, it’s the perfect two-person game for the quarantine era. It’s been a game night favorite for years, and there’s never been a better time to fall in love with this award-winning board game.


It’s even used in schools nationwide for educational purposes, but it’ll do just as well at creating a heated board game night between you and your partner to pass the time.

Plus, after the quarantine is over, it packs and travels very easily so you can take it with you on your next adventure abroad.

Pick up your pack of Bananagrams and start learning and burning time in quarantine.

Buy: Banangrams $16.94

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