Save 33% on an Amazon Echo Dot Kids, plus more Amazon Echo deals

Save 33% on an Amazon Echo Dot Kids, plus more Amazon Echo deals

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The smart home race comes down to two main players — Amazon Echo and Google Nest. If you’re keen to upgrade your home tech and make Alexa the voice of your home, it just might help to look into a new Amazon Echo speaker. Here are the best Amazon Echo deals you can get right now.

There are thousands of skills and routines that you can run on an Amazon Echo, but the first step is finding the Echo device that’s right for you. Whether you want the stealthy Echo Dot or the handy screen on the Echo Show, there’s a good chance you can save a bit of money on the Echo of your choice.

Featured deal: Save 33% on the Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) kids

Amazon Echo Dot Kids

Credit: Amazon

Working and studying through technological tools has become much more widespread and normal for kids in the past couple of years. Despite not widely being known as an educational tool, the Echo Dot Kids is equipped with smart home essentials while having some bonus kid-friendly and educational features. If you’re looking to add to your smart home for your kids, now is a great time to do so with the Echo Dot Kids being only $39.99 ($20 off).

The Echo Dot Kids provides solid sound quality while also having a built-in microphone to answer all of your child’s, or your, questions. Being built for kids, it comes with one full year of Amazon Kids Plus unlocked for your children which gives them access to all of Amazon’s educational and kid-friendly tools. It can also help them stay connected with friends and family with calls and let their imagination run wild with access to interactive games, audiobooks, and more, all while giving parents peace of mind through parental controls.

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All in all, it’s a solid, simple device that helps kids stay connected while also having some great features to promote learning and fun. Plus, it still works as a smart home so it can answer the essential questions as well.

If you think it would be a good addition to a home, check out this great deal on Amazon through the widget below or if this deal isn’t for you, keep scrolling for more deals.

$39 .99
Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kids
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Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kids Buy it Now
Save $20 .00 $39 .99

The best Amazon Echo deals

  1. Echo Dot deals
  2. Amazon Echo deals
  3. Echo Plus deals
  4. Echo Studio deals
  5. Amazon Echo Show deals
  6. Other Echo products

We’ll be sure to keep this list updated regularly. After all, Amazon tends to change deals at a moment’s notice.

1. Amazon Echo Dot deals

Echo Dot 2020 fourth generation comparison with older Echo Dot

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

The Amazon Echo Dot is the most basic option if you’re looking for your first smart home device. It’s been completely redesigned for its fourth generation, and it adds Alexa functionality to any room of your house. You can also choose from three different models: The original Echo Dot, the Echo Dot with a clock, and the Echo Dot Kids Edition.

The first two options are mainly self-explanatory but the Kids Edition actually packs some unique features. For starters, you can choose from a blue color and a rainbow finish to make the Echo Dot pop. Parents can also set limits on skills and the hours that kids can deliver commands.

 2. Amazon Echo deals

Amazon Echo 2020 deals

Credit: Amazon

The Amazon Echo is the device that started it all, and now it’s on its fourth generation. The Echo has been redesigned as a sphere with a soft-touch exterior that matches that of the Echo Dot, but it’s easily the larger of the two. One of the main differences is that the standard Echo fits a woofer and two tweeters compared to the Dot’s single speaker. That means that your Spotify and Pandora playlists can sound better than ever.

You can also use your network of Echo devices as an intercom system to broadcast messages throughout your house. The Amazon Echo comes in four different colors to match your decor.

 3. Echo Studio deals

best amazon echo studio deals

The Echo Studio is even larger and more powerful than the previous options above. It packs five strategically positioned speakers that can fill the room with sound. Enhanced with Dolby Atmos, the Echo Studio even plays music in formats that are mastered for 3D. It’s the perfect option to bring a party to life and you can even connect it to your Fire TV Stick for a surround sound experience.

 4. Echo Show deals

Echo Show 8 with drop in call

All of the options so far on the list have been cylindrical smart speakers with a primary emphasis on quality sound. That all changes with the added screen on the Echo Show. You may not want to watch a full-length movie on the Echo Show 5 or Echo Show 8, but both options are great for quick YouTube videos and news clips. You can even follow along with a recipe right in your kitchen.

The second-generation Echo Show makes it a little bit easier to watch longer videos with the larger ten-inch screen, and it definitely makes controlling your home a breeze. You can video chat with family, adjust your lights, and much more. Check out deals on the Echo Show 5, 8, and 10 below.

 5. Other Echo products

Echo flex with nightlight attached

Smart speakers and displays aren’t the only options when it comes to the Amazon Echo family. Amazon also offers Alexa integrations in a variety of other devices, such as the Echo Wall Clock. The clock is actually a companion device, so you’ll have to have a standard speaker as well, but it allows you to display timers easily with just a glance at the clock.

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Amazon also offers the Echo Flex for those situations where you just don’t have space for a full-size speaker. The Echo Flex is a handy mini plug-in smart speaker that hugs tight to your outlet.

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