‘Sourced’ Puts Wild-Game Chef Danielle Prewett Into Sustainable Spotlight

A longtime face of MeatEater and founder of her own brand, Wild + Whole, Danielle Prewett steps into the hosting role in her new web series ‘Sourced.’

The first episode for MeatEater’s latest web series is live, and this time around it’s turned the lens to Wild + Whole founder Danielle Prewett.

Sourced” intends to take a deep dive into the world of sustainability and how it ties back to wild ingredients. And with Prewett’s conscientious approach to the matter, the show takes on an educational and entertaining bend for any viewer — hunter or not.

Episodes will drop each week on both the MeatEater website and its YouTube channel. The first episode highlights chef and food innovator Brad Leone, of Bon Appetit and “It’s Alive!” fame.

Leone and Prewett take to the sea in search of crabs and clams, then Prewett hits up a local farm for seasonal produce. They begin and end with meals procured by the two of them, and the journey is fun, quippy, and thoughtful.

Watch the first episode of “Sourced” and keep your eyes peeled for the next four episodes dropping soon.

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