Spelling Practice Board for Kids (From Dollar Tree Items!)

This DIY board is perfect for spelling practice on the go when traveling. It keeps kids busy AND it's educational. Plus it's easy to make!

Spelling Practice Board from Dollar Tree Items

Easy DIY Board for Spelling Practice

Traveling this summer? This is an easy DIY project you can make for the road (or even just for home) for just $3 at the Dollar Tree.  It will help keep the kiddos occupied and is great for student to practice their spelling!

They can even help you make this board, so as a bonus it can be a craft on a rainy day 🙂

Making a Spelling Practice board


  • Cookie Sheet – 2/$1 at the Dollar Tree
  • Leftover scrapbook paper
  • Mod podge (They DO have it at Dollar Tree)
  • Magnetic clips – $1 at the Dollar Tree
  • Alphabet letters – $1 at the Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Mod Podge


All I did was Mod podge the scrapbook paper onto the cookie sheet (you could easily leave yours plain if you wanted to.) 

Items for Spelling Board Practice

Then I added the clips and checked out the spelling lists that my daughter was supposed to work on that Summer.  You could even do the next grade spelling words if you wanted to challenge them a bit!

Finished Spelling Practice Board

We then had her write the words on the cards off of the spelling word lists.

Spelling practice board DONE for just a few dollars and it makes it into more of a spelling game for the kids, which helps so much.  And SO easy to make –  Love that!


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