Sweet Night - Worry Doll Kits

Sweet Night - Worry Doll Kits

Vendor: Djeco
Type: Game
Price: 18.00

 Taking inspiration from a Guatemalan tradition, this kit contains 5 dolls to dress using the materials provided. Once the dolls are made, you can tell them all your worries, slip them under your pillow in the pouch provided and sleep soundly, knowing the doll will help to keep away any little fears or worries during the night.

We love that this is a 2-in-1 activity. Not only is there fun to be had in dressing the dolls, but by sharing their thoughts and fears with the doll, sensitive sleepers aged 6+ will get continued benefit from them 

djeco, a french based toy company, have been designing educational toys since 1954 and are committed to creating high quality toys and games that encourage children of all ages to play and learn. we have a wide range of toys and games for kids here at designist. 

How does it come?
In a cardboard box. Measures approx. 22.5x9.5x2.5cm

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