The Best Birthday Themes For Teens They Will Have A Blast With

The Best Birthday Themes For Teens They Will Have A Blast With

Fun selection of birthday themes for teens that boys and girls will love. Whether it’s your child’s 13th or sweet 16th birthday, you will be able to find a party theme that will suit their taste and style. 

There are awesome outdoor ideas for summer birthday’s and tons of party ideas that you can hold inside the home too. Some for the adventurous and others for the more relaxed teen.

Planning a party for a teen doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact it can be a whole lot of fun with these amazing ideas.

The best easy birthday themes for teens

Do you have a teenager in the home?

Despite teenagers thinking most of the time that they are adults, they are in fact still kids at heart. When their birthday comes around they still want to be able to celebrate it with their friends (and they might possibly let some adults come along too!).

Finding some birthday themes for teens however doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.

At first, the thought of organising a birthday party for a teenager might fill you with dread, but you will be surprised at just how many fun themes there are that your teenager is going to love.

There are a ton of themes that will excite your teen.

Whether the boys want something action packed, or the girls want to pamper themselves, you will easily be able to find a theme that will suit your teen.

Have a scroll through these birthday themes for teens. The hardest part is actually going to be trying to decide which one to do!

How Do You Pick A Party Theme For Your Teen?

The first thing to do when deciding on a birthday theme for your teen is to actually discuss it with them. They will certainly know what it is that they like and what they won’t like. 

You may be surprised that your teen has a number of ideas and simply just needs some help to determine which one to go with.

If they have no idea at all, then this selection of birthday themes for teens will definitely help get the inspiration flowing.

There are several things to consider when trying to decide on a birthday theme.

  • Time of year the party will be held. This will ultimately dictate whether the party needs to be indoors or can be outdoors.
  • Time of day. Many teens will have out of school activities on the weekends. Be sure to consider these when you set a party time.
  • Whether you want to host a party or attend a location where everything is done for you.
  • Number of guests your teen will be inviting. 
  • Set a budget that you are comfortable with and stick to it!

Active Birthday Themes For Teens

Teenagers definitely have a lot of energy. These party ideas are great for those teens that would prefer to be more active at their party.

1. Roller skating Party

Roller-skating was huge in the 80’s and guess what? It’s back!

Roller skating is an incredibly popular sport and if your teenager is looking for something active this could be the perfect choice.

Many recreational centres will have roller skating disco sessions which you can either join in as a group booking, or you can hire out the entire venue (depending on your numbers). 

Rock up, enjoy the fun and leave the mess behind. This is a super easy birthday theme for teens.

Additional fun items:

roller skating party

Image by Pharaoh / Pixabay

2. Laser Tag

A laser tag party is something you can either organise at your own home or attend a venue that coordinates everything for you.

This is the kind of birthday theme that will keep the teens active and the competitiveness will definitely step up a notch or two.

Additional fun items:

3. Paint Ball Party

Due to the nature and mess of paint balling, this is one of those parties that is probably best suited to an organized company (unless you have a large property).

This kind of party is definitely suited more to the adventure seeking teens.

4. Arcade Game Party

Did you know that arcade places actually hold parties?

You can hire a room so the teens can have somewhere to eat and have cake, and the rest of the time they are able to have fun on the arcade games. 

Most arcades have packages available that includes a set number of games, to ensure that the teens get the most out of their experience.

arcade party

Image by Cottonbro / Pexels

5. Amusement Park Birthday

If you are lucky enough to live near an amusement park this is the perfect place to spend the day. Let the teens loose on the rides all day and they will have an absolute ball.

Ask your teenager to choose a couple of friends to take for the day. It will be a birthday they will be talking about for ages!

6. Bowling Party

Another party that is always a hit with teens is bowling.

Either hire a couple of lanes, or enquire with the bowling alley about their party packages. Most places will have packages that include 1 or 2 games of bowling plus food.

It’s a great way for the teens to have fun, whilst also having a bit of competition between themselves.

bowling party

Image by Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels

7. Giant Inflatables Party

Think that bouncy castles are just for little kids? Think again! 

Giant inflatables can create a HUGE amount of fun, and there are a number of inflatable zones that the teens would have a ball in. 

A room full of giant inflatables that they can climb, jump and slide down will keep them occupied for hours.

Again many of these places have party packages to give you space to set up birthday cake and a few decorations. It is also quite common for food packages to be available.

Teenage House Party Ideas

There are a number of party ideas that you can hold in your own home. Some are more suited to the younger teens and others would be perfect for all ages.

A party at home can save on the cost, but the downside is that you have the mess to clear up.

House parties are however a lot of fun and teenagers don’t have to have outgrown them just yet!

8. Paleontologist Birthday Party

A paleontologist birthday party is an awesome birthday theme for the younger teens.

If you are looking for a party where the kids can set up camp and start digging and exploring fossils and gems, this is a party they are going to love.

The activities will keep their interest and they will have a great time sharing what they have found with each other.

It is easy to include some extra educational items into this party theme for the older kids.

Additional fun items:

Paleontologist party activity table

9. Mad Scientist Party

A Mad scientist party is another theme that teens will love. For a budding scientist you can set up lots of chemistry test, let the teens dress up in a lab coat, goggles and complete some science experiment. 

There are a number of mad scientist party ideas that are suitable for all ages.

Additional Fun Items:

10. Alice In Wonderland Party

An Alice in Wonderland party is a quirky affair that teens can really let their creativity run wild with.

If your teen is going to enjoy this type of party, then they will also enjoy hunting down accessories for decoration.

Afternoon tea is the perfect food to serve and there are plenty of fun backyard games that can be undertaken.

11. Chanel Birthday Party

Teenage girls will love a Chanel birthday party

This is a party that is full of class, charisma and style. It’s moving beyond childhood and into adulthood.

The girls can have fun with some mocktails that will make them feel really grown up.

Chanel party decor

12. Spa Party

A spa party is another perfect theme for teen girls. 

Grab some at home spa products, such as facemasks, manicure sets and nail polish. Set up some foot spas with foot creams.

Then light some aromatic candles or oils for that spa ambiance with some relaxing music.

Ask the girls to bring their slippers and dressing gowns, or if there are only a couple of friends coming you might like to gift these.

Add some simple snacks and mocktails and the girls will have a wonderful time together.

Additional Fun Items:

spa party

Image by Kampus Production / Pexels

13. Karaoke Party

Do the teens love to sing? This will be the perfect party for them. 

Grab a karaoke machine and let the teens go wild. Even the shy ones will be singing and dancing by the end of the evening.

Jazz up the room with some fun party decorations, and have lots of fun treats to hand. This party theme will totally rock.

Additional Fun Items:

karaoke party

Image by Citypraiser / Pixabay

14. Rock Star Party

Following on from the karaoke theme is a rock star party.

Not specifically singing like at the karaoke party, but still full of music and a lot of fun.

Get the teens to dress in their most dramatic rock star outfits and be ready for some loud music!

15. Hawaiian Luau Party

This party theme is great for any age. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, there is lots of fun to be had.

A Hawaiian party incorporates pretty decoration, and it’s easy to set up fun party games.

We have plenty of Luau party ideas if you need some inspiration to get this party started.

Additional Fun Items:

Luau Party

Image by Lee Vue / Unsplash

16. Murder Mystery Party

A murder mystery party is great fun for those teens that love dressing up into character. The fact that they have to solve a crime gives the party an extra thrill.

There are many murder mystery party kits that are available with detailed instructions for how to coordinate the party. A lot of these kits even give food suggestions.

Additional Fun Items:

17. Board Games Party

If your teen loves board games, then this is a really easy party to organise.

Depending on the number of teens coming, you can either have several stations of board games that the teens can split up and play, or you may choose to have 3-4 games that everyone will play together.

Just ensure that you have factored how long the games generally take to play and make sure you have enough time. No-one wants to go home mid game!

Additional Fun Items:

18. Movie Party

Teenagers love movies. Simply pick a movie or two and the night is sorted.

Arrange a dedicated area in the home for sprawling, then provide some extra cushions and blankets so everyone is comfortable.

Food wise can be as simple as chips and popcorn, or you could organise take out buckets or pizza.

Keep this one simple and the teenagers will love it.

movie party with popcorn

Image by Devon Breen / Pixabay

19. Cake Decorating Party

At this party, the teens can have their cake and eat it too!

Chose to either have the cakes ready for the teens to decorate, or have them bake the cakes too.

Ensure there are multiple forms of decoration options available such as frosting, fondant, food coloring and edible glitter, then let the teens go wild.

Ensure you give them all an apron to avoid unnecessary mess.

Backyard Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

20. Camping Party

For the kids that love the outdoors, there are plenty of camping party ideas to keep them occupied.

Set up a bonfire, some tents and get them on a scavenger hunt.

It might even be an idea to head into the woods for a night with one or two friends for a real camping experience.

21. Dance Disco Party – Glow In The Dark

A dance party is a simple party to hold for teens and can take place either in a large indoor space or in the yard. It perfectly suits an evening time which is great for busy teens that have other activities during the day.

Having glow sticks, and fun lighting will make these even more exciting for the teens.

Additional Fun Items:

Disco party

Image by Hanna Morris / Unsplash

22. Outdoor Movie Night

If the weather is nice, take the movie outside!

This is the perfect place to set up a large screen and have the teens sit on beanbags or inflatable loungers. It will be so cosy with blankets and cushions, plus its always easier to clean up the mess outside!

Organize a simple BBQ and the teens will think this is an amazing night.

The movie screens and bean bags can all be hired, or if you plan on having several movie nights with your family, it would make a good investment to buy them.

Additional Fun Items:

23. Wild West Barn Dance Party

For something a little different, a wild west barn dance party would be an absolute hit.

Ask the teens to dress in cowboy/cowgirl outfits, get the country music cranking and start some barn dancing. You can even hire someone to come and teach the kids some dances. They will have a great time learning the dances with their friends.

Think about serving some “comfort food” such as hot dogs or chilli. You could also incorporate this together with a bonfire party.

Additional Fun Items:

24. Bonfire Party

Sometimes all the teens want to do is hang out. They don’t actually want anything arranged for them, other than a place to gather with their friends.

A perfect party for these teens would be a bonfire party.

It’s simple and it’s fun. The teens will love cooking some s’mores over the bonfire.

25. Pool Party / Slip & Slide

If your teen has a summer birthday, this is the perfect time to be looking at some pool party ideas. It’s simple and it’s fun.

Grab the lilo’s and pool toys and let the teens have fun in the sun,

Keep the food simple with basic snacks and ice pops and the teens will love it. If you wish to provide food that is more substantial, a BBQ would work perfectly. Otherwise dishes that you can make ahead of time such as pasta salads served with bread would also be an easy option.

Don’t have a pool? It’s just as easy to organise a slip and slide which they will find just as much fun.

Additional Fun Items:

pool party

Image by Toni Cuenca / Unsplash

Organising a teenager’s birthday party doesn’t have to fill you with dread.

There are a ton of ideas that they will enjoy that can be held both in and out of the home.

Sit down with your teen and discuss what ideas really excite them, and then narrow the list down from there. Embrace the party planning and everyone will end up having an awesome time.

Let’s keep in touch. Did you love these birthday themes for teens? Sign up to the weekly newsletter to be updated with other fun party, decoration and recipe ideas. You will also have access to the free printable library. See you there!

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