The Best Holiday Gifts for Every Enneagram Type

The Best Holiday Gifts for Every Enneagram Type

You probably know your closest friends’ and family members’ favorite TV shows, zodiac signs, and some of their most soul-bearing stories. But when the holidays roll around and it comes time to get them a gift? You completely draw a blank. Unless someone tells you exactly what they want, it’s hard to predict what they need or want this season. What if there was an easy way to decipher what will excite everyone on your list without having to ask them? Enter: the Enneagram.

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Basing your gift-gifting on their Enneagram type can help you find something that speaks to their deeper desires and core needs. And good news: We’ve done the work for you and found the best gifts for every Enneagram number. If you don’t know your loved one’s type, send them this test or decipher it yourself based on descriptions. 


Type 1: Something that will organize their life 

Ones are driven, detail-oriented, and always looking to improve. They want things to be “right” and “perfect,” which is why they’ll love a gift that makes their life more efficient. Consider things like kitchen organizers, meal prep containers, handy gadgets, or daily planners that’ll help them feel one step ahead. These hardworking types put a lot of pressure on themselves to live up to the expectations they set. Anything that helps them feel in the driver’s seat will be appreciated by the One in your life—and hopefully take some weight off their shoulders, too. 


Food Storage Set

6 colors available


Caddy Organizer

3 colors available

The Everygirl x Day Designer

Minimalist Daily Planner


Type 2: A sentimental gift

Twos are likely the ones hosting all the holiday parties or baking extra cookies for everyone they know. Compassionate and warm-hearted, they are happiest when everyone they care about is together. These gentle souls focus on the needs and feelings of other people first. They may say they don’t want anything for the holidays, but deep down, they desire to feel needed and appreciated. A homemade gift like a scrapbook, a thoughtful card, or a piece of jewelry that reminds them of your bond is perfect for the Two in your life. Or choose something that speaks to an inside joke or memory the two of you share.


Type 3: Something trendy

Threes are ambitious and charismatic, excelling at their goals and striving to be the best. Think of Threes as your trend-aware, pop culture-savvy friend. They want to have the latest and greatest and be the first to try it out. Whether that’s a buzzy tech gadget, skincare product, or piece of clothing that everyone on TikTok is obsessed with, Threes will appreciate gifts they can proudly show off or talk about at their next office happy hour.


Checkerboard Blanket

8 colors available

funky cups
Etsy | POWFinds

Glass Ripple Cups

5 colors available


Type 4: A gift that appeals to their creative side

Sensitive Fours want a gift that reflects their uniqueness. For true feeling types like Fours, the most meaningful gifts are all about the mood or sentiment that it evokes (AKA a basic gift card just won’t do). Fours love to pursue their creative passions and express themselves, so they’ll get heart eyes over things like colorful journals, oil paint sets, or a DIY calligraphy set. Since their homes are another source of inspiration, they’ll also love anything that livens up their space (like art or vintage decor). Where you buy is important to them, too. Shop around in your community for bespoke gifts, as Fours are mindful of ethical shopping (or check out The Everygirl Gift Guide for small, sustainable, and other ethical brands). 

Etsy | DSartGalleryPrints

Yayoi Kusama Art Prints


Type 5: The gift of education

There’s no better way to bring a smile to your Five’s face than encouraging their love of learning. These intellectual types are lifelong students who seek true mastery of a subject while satisfying their insatiable curiosity. They’ll love online educational tools or classes through learning platforms such as Coursera, Skillshare, or Masterclass. You can also go the traditional route by picking out a book that speaks to their passions, whether they’re starting up a business or exploring new hobbies. When it comes to gifts for a Five, you can’t go wrong with anything that enhances their knowledge. 


Type 6: A gift for their home

Sixes long for safety and security, which they seek through close relationships. It’s important for them to have a calm environment where they can truly relax and feel at home. One thing they love to do? Share their space with friends for all kinds of fun get-togethers. That’s why they’ll love things like games, puzzles, a cheeseboard, or fancy wine glasses that take their hosting duties to the next level. They love to plan ahead and make sure everyone is taken care of, so having these things on hand in their home will help them go with the flow of their next event and be able to enjoy themselves, too (and Sixes deserve to enjoy themselves!).


Type 7: An experience instead of a physical gift

Sevens have a wide-eyed view of the world and want to experience all the good things life has to offer. They constantly seek out new ideas and opportunities as a way to avoid boredom and keep things exciting. So while Sevens love to indulge in nice things, if they want something, they often get it for themselves, which makes them the hardest Enneagram type to buy for. So don’t buy a “thing” and instead opt for a special experience-related gift. Bonus: You can personalize the experience based on your Seven’s interests, from a day at the spa to a cooking class or a cocktail subscription box. There are limitless possibilities that will fill your Seven with joy and feel way more special than another candle or bottle of wine (that they already bought for themselves). 

American Cocktail Club

Everything Box


Type 8: A present that will help them achieve their goals

Eights have big energy and big goals. They are natural leaders with a passion for serving the greater good and making the world a better place. While these assertive types often know exactly what they want, they can also skip the planning and go into overdrive, leading to burnout. The perfect gift for this type is something that helps them get down to business on their goals and achieve what they want out of life. Think tech gadgets that monitor their health and fitness, a pegboard where they can map out ideas, or a fancy journal where they can revamp their to-do list. Choose a gift that will help them regain a sense of autonomy and control over what they’re working toward.


Luxe Activity Tracker

3 colors available


Water Bottle Holder

8 colors available


Type 9: A little self-care

Easygoing Nines are the human form of “hygge,” AKA they have warm and cozy vibes. But in their desire for peace and harmony, their own needs and sense of self can easily be forgotten. While they love nothing more than to cocoon themselves in a plush blanket to relax (and there’s nothing wrong with that), self-care gifts that encourage their growth will tell your Nine that they matter to you. This can be things like mindfulness cards, affirmations, or a guided book or journal that helps them connect with their purpose and potential. Patient Nines need to be reminded that their voice and presence are of value for them to truly step into themselves.


Bath Soak



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