Top 50 Unique Date Ideas For Married Couples

Top 50 Unique Date Ideas For Married Couples

Relationships eventually form patterns and fall into monotonous routines. This is especially true with married couples who can fall into tragically burning and, ultimately, relationship-damaging routines.

So how do you reconcile the need to be organized with the need for mixing things up? With planned spontaneity.

Planned spontaneity requires you and your partner consciously to schedule times when you can do new and exciting things together (ideally not simply at-home date ideas). Yes, you can plan your fun the way you plan everything else!

Some of the activities below take more effort than others. Most, however, are fairly easy and inexpensive. You can easily pick a random item off this list and do it on-demand. Or you can simply work your way down the list one by one as this is nearly a year’s worth of unique date ideas.

Here are 50 unique date ideas for married couples to do just that.

Arcade Date Night IdeasUnique Date Ideas for Married Couples – Top 50

1. Go to a Fortune Teller

Fortune tellers or tarot card readers can be incredibly fun. If you do a quick Google search, you are likely to find at least a few nearby. This is an inexpensive and entertaining way to spend an hour or so “learning” about your and your spouse’s future.

2. Renovate a Room

This may not sound like your idea of fun, but if you take it slow and simply do a little bit at a time, there is no reason you and your spouse can’t enjoy the process of renovating a room together. Just think, that cluttered basement or unused bedroom could be your next woman cave or game room.

3. Indulge in a Karaoke Night

For many, singing karaoke is the epitome of “out of their comfort zone.” There are two responses to this: You can either force yourself in public, or you can buy your own at-home karaoke set, so you only have to sing in front of your spouse and not a bunch of strangers. There is no right answer.

4. Take Dance Classes

Dance classes can be great fun. Tango, salsa, the waltz, all are great. This can be a paid course in your community or a YouTube tutorial. Bonus: if one of you are is an especially bad dancer you’re sure to have some fun moments.

5. Go See a Show at a Small Local Theater

Small local theaters can be surprisingly fun. Sometimes the productions are genuinely good. Other times they are so bad they’re good. Either way, go in with an open mind, and you and your spouse should be able to enjoy yourself for very little money.

6. Go Ice Skating

Ice skating or rollerblading are both incredibly fun, active things to do with your spouse. Not only will you get in some exercise, but the two of you can bond while having a good laugh (even if you can barely keep your balance).

7. Play Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is not just for new couples. You and your spouse can easily get a deep game of truth or dare going where you not only have fun but potentially ask each other some things that may not have otherwise come up. Just don’t use this as a game of “gotcha!” Rather, it is a fun way to get to know one another better.

8. Take a Pottery Class

Learning to make your own pottery is a rewarding and meditative skill. Give it a try with your spouse, one or both of you may end up loving it!

9. Go Hiking

A good, ole’ fashioned hike is a great way to spend an afternoon and get those endorphins going. Decide between a short walk and an all-day excursion with lunch.

Hiking Couple Unique Date Idea10. Take a “Blind” Road Trip

No, this does not mean you attempt to drive with a blindfold tied around your face. A blind road trip simply means you pick a place on the map and random and then go to that place! Even it seems boring or mundane, go there, see everything it has to offer, and maybe even spend the night at a local bed and breakfast. You never know, you may end up having a great time.

11. Go to a Sporting Event

Football, basketball, soccer, baseball, whatever sport you choose just pick a day with good weather, get on the same page about what team you are rooting for, and then go have a blast. Don’t limit yourself to A-level professional teams either!

12. Visit a Ghost Town

Whether you’re in the wild west of Nevada or live in downtown Chicago, there is bound to be a ghost town (or at least nearly-abandoned towns) within a few hours of you. Find a ghost town near you and make a day trip of it. It’s both fun AND educational!

Ghost Town Date Idea13. Volunteer Together

One of the more unique of the unique date night ideas is volunteering together. Pick a cause you both care about or find volunteer opportunities near you and then spend time together helping out.

14. Learn to Cook

One of the most valuable date night ideas for married couples is learning to cook. Cooking is one of the most rewarding skills you can have. You will be very glad you learned how to cook—even if it is only a few specialty dishes.

15. Write Short Stories Featuring Each Other

Write a short story where your spouse is the main character and then read it to each other. The story can be funny, scary, or whatever you want!

16. Go to a Farmer’s Market

Many people ignore farmer’s markets. But they really are a great way to get fresh produce and interact with local growers and artisans in a very enjoyable and communal way.

17. Make Your Own Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be elaborate or simple. Either way, they are certainly a unique date night idea for married couples.

18. Bowl a Perfect (or Less-than-perfect) Game

Bowling is a classic date night activity. But, think about it, when was the last time you and your spouse went together? Try to bowl a perfect 300 or try getting as low of a score as possible without getting gutter balls.

19. Go Mini-Golfing

Like bowling, mini-golf is a classic. You can’t go wrong with a few holes of mini-golf at the local course.

20. Attend the Opera or Symphony

Attending the opera or symphony is one of the swankier of the unique date night ideas. Break out your tux and most luxurious dress and experience something new!

Attend a Symphony21. Take a Painting Class

Yes, yes, you are a horrible painter. It’s been said a million times before. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun at a painting class with your spouse.

22. Go to an Open House

There are open houses almost every weekend. Even if you are not really interested in buying, sometimes it’s fun to just go look around and pretend you are looking at a few local mansions.

23. Host a Dinner Party (Possibly Themed)

Call up a few friends and host a dinner party! Offer good food and a convenient date, and make it easy for everyone to show up and have a good time.

24. Go to a Museum

Stop saying you want to go to this or that museum and finally go! You’ll have a great time, and you may even learn something.

25. Host a Game Night

Game nights are not just for the kids. Host a game night with your spouse and a few friends and turn it into an all-inclusive date night. Themes could include board games, video games or card games.

26. Take a Class Together

Enroll in a class at a local college (community or otherwise). This may sound crazy, but why not? Prices for class auditors are far cheaper than actual students. Certainly, there are some course offerings you and your spouse can both enjoy and benefit from together?

27. Try Yoga

Yoga, yes, yoga. Give it a try. You may just love it! You also might hate it, but at least it’ll create some hilarious memories.

Couples yoga date28. Go to a Concert

Pick a musician you and your spouse both love and buy some tickets regardless of price. Alternatively, expand your repertoire by finding upcoming concerts, previewing the music of artists you haven’t heard of, and attending the concert of a new musician.

29. Go to a Local Trivia Night (Or Host Your Own)

Trivia nights are a blast. Many bars host them, or if you can’t find a good local trivia night, invite some friends or family over and host your own.

30. Start a Book Club

If you and your spouse both like reading round up a few more fellow readers and start an official (yet casual) book club.

31. Become Photographers

You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Just snag a couple of Polaroid or disposable cameras and start snapping!

Photography Date32. Show Up at a Family Member’s House (Bring Gifts)

This one only works on occasion. And you’ll want to be sure that you are actually friendly with the family member. If you are, show up with a small gift and maybe some ice cream and hang out for a while, but don’t overstay your welcome.

33. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Go through old pictures and videos and put together a scrapbook or just enjoy scrolling through the memories.

34. Go Bargain Hunting

Garage sales, yards sales, couponing, whatever you like, go for it!

35. Do a Taste Test

Pick a food item and conduct a taste test to decide which is best. Competitions could include name-brand vs off-brand breakfast cereals, cookies and cream flavors by ice cream brand, pizza places, name-brand vs off-brand sodas or bottled water brands.

36. Be Ridiculous

Dress up in your best/worst clothes and go to Burger King. Or something equally crazy. Bonus points if it involves renting a moped.

37. Switch Bodies

Put on a few items of each other’s clothes and spend the whole night making impressions of one another. The key is to NOT break character.

38. Binge on Ice Cream (or another favorite treat)

Go to your favorite local ice cream shop and get a scoop of everything. You only live once!

39. Go to the Arcade

Arcades can be a blast, and they bring back great memories. Waste as many nickels as possible to earn enough tickets for that massive stuffed animal.

40. Try Out the Local Food Trucks

Check out the local food truck scene. You may just find your new favorite food.

Local food truck date idea41. Go to a Trampoline Center

There are trampoline covered buildings built not just for kids. Go, embrace your youth (regardless of your age), and have a great time!

42. Watch Each Other’s Favorite Childhood Movies

When it comes to date night ideas for married couples, this one can be a BIT painful. But, don’t worry, it’s also incredibly fun. Enjoy and make tease each other about your former favorite movies.

43. Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is, perhaps, the most classically romantic date night idea out there—embrace it.

44. Go Skeet or Bow Shooting

Skeet or bow shooting is a fun activity. See if you like it, you never know until you try.

45. Go to a Cheese Tasting

Cheese tasting is a great way to try new fancy cheeses, like Gouda or Valençay, and feel like you are pretty posh.

46. Go Antiquing

Antiquing is a fun way to not only find new furniture but also to learn some history and meet interesting (or odd) people.

47. Watch the Sunset

If you and your spouse haven’t watched the sunset together, you better put that on top of your date night ideas to-do list.

Sunset Date Idea48. Go to CrossFit

If you and your spouse are both highly active, try going to a CrossFit class together.

49. Go and See a Scary Movie

If you and your spouse don’t generally like horror movies, wait until a highly rated one comes out and then go and see it. Worst case, it’s a fun experience. And, if you don’t like it, you never have to do it again.

50. Have a Barbecue

Invite some friends and family over and have a delicious barbecue. This is something both you and your spouse can enjoy.


There you have it, Neighbor’s top 50 list of unique date ideas for married couples to keep your relationship fun, interesting, spontaneous and adventurous!

What unique date ideas do you have? Share them below and help couples like you!

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