Transportation Themed Count And Clip Cards For Preschoolers

Transportation Themed Count And Clip Cards For Preschoolers

There's something particularly fascinating about cars, trucks, airplanes, and boats - specifically to growing toddlers.

Something about things moving freely and fastly that sets them off and into wonder. Even as an adult, I can see why! Who doesn't like to get up and go, go, go?

Which is why these transportation-themed count and clip cards are the perfect counting games for toddlers and preschoolers.

Back when my kids were smaller and even when I was teaching preschool, I ALWAYS had to have these types of printable counting games.

Setting up is relatively easy. Once you've downloaded and printed the count and clip cards, you can set this activity up with a small bucket filled with clothespins.

Ask your preschooler if they can count the 'bus,' the 'helicopters' and so forth - and have them clip the correct number with the clothespin. You can even use other objects to place directly on top of the number if you'd like.

This will help your toddler or preschooler learn counting and number recognition, as well as hand-eye coordination and can keep them busy for a while.

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These transportation-themed clip cards are the perfect morning, or afternoon, activity for homeschool. To download, just click the 'download here' button at the bottom of the picture below and viola - instant learning activity for your busy toddler!

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Be sure you're printing the booklet and not the web page. The link should take you to six sheets total, giving you count and clip cards up to the number ten. Enjoy!

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