We’re Not Going "Back to School," But We Can Move Forward

We’re Not Going "Back to School," But We Can Move Forward

This year “back to school” doesn’t seem like the right phrase to employ. Like everything Covid-19, a return to school feels overwhelming, vague, intimidating, and surreal. For many, it’s downright scary. For others, it’s a glimmer of hope. As an educator, I have empathy and concern for my colleagues and their families. As a parent of a soon-to-be kindergartener, I feel lost at sea. There are no right answers, but there are powerful possibilities. I am not promoting back to school terminology because when we return it will look and feel different. But regardless of whether my child learns at home or in a hybrid model, I know we can move forward.

To begin, a friend sent me this video of a pediatrician’s advice and it is spot on. I wish you all well and joy in the journey.

I am undecided on our route, but right now I’m living in the promise of positivity. When we commit to positivity we also open doors to opportunities. In a weird way, everyone using distance terminology is giving me endless inspiration. I've been teaching remotely for the past six years. A higher education professional, I left the traditional classroom to teach from home when my oldest was born. It is interesting and challenging to see that decision come into play as she prepares for big kid school.

I am not here to debate if remote education works for our youngest students. But I will say that good things can come from blended learning models, new and innovative in person educational endeavors, and outdoor education experiences. I think the best way to move forward is to think differently and delve deeper. This doesn’t solely apply to back to school, but also our back to school activities.

What can we do to move forward? Invent or expand.

We’re not game for returning to life as it was in late February. We’re thinking we can do this better, cultivate more experiences and genuine learning, and share in the spread of happiness and hope. We’re moving forward, focused on the good, and trying our best to help others.

When school opens, I know this community will do their part to support our educators, administrators, and students. Madison, a home and haven for arts, athletics, charity, and community, will rise and rally. While no one knows what’s ahead, I know we’re moving forward together. So what if we don’t go back? What if we make things as bright and best as possible? What if we take our knowledge of where we’ve been, accept where we are, and encourage one another to get to where we want to be?

As always, thanks for reading. Keep moving forward. What can we invent and expand?

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