Webinar: 3D Virtual Worlds for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

Tomorrow, 14 June 2021, at 3pm UK time (which is, for example, 10am US Eastern time) I will be presenting a free webinar: 3D Virtual Worlds for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning for OneHE Mindsets Information Digital & Media Literacy thematic network.
Register at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/3d-virtual-worlds-for-professional-development-and-lifelong-learning-tickets-157018980999.
"3D immersive environments have now been used for well over a decade for learning, play, commerce, therapy and more. In this event, our presenter, Sheila Webber, Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield, will give an introduction to ways in which virtual worlds are used in education and for personal & professional development, and where the benefits and issues lie.
Sheila will go on to focus on the opportunities for professional development, drawing on her own experience as leader of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable, an international educators’ discussion group that has been meeting weekly in the 3D virtual world Second Life (trademark Linden Lab) since 2008, and as a founder member of the Virtual Worlds Education Consortium. Most recently the hype is about 3D virtual realities using VR goggles, but people can also be immersed in what happens on their screens: this emerges from research, but also practical experience, with the continuing rise in computer gaming, including educational sandbox games such as Minecraft."
Hope to see you there!
Photo by Sheila Webber, taken in the 3D virtual world, Second Life, 2021