Wednesday, February 23, 2022 Judy Hughes

Theme: Do you have the will to win? Let's see what it takes, starting with the unifier.

54 A. Work really hard for victory ... and a hint to the start of 20-, 31- and 39-Across: HAMMER OUT A WIN.  Not sure that this is an in-the-language phrase, but the meaning is clear enough.  I associate HAMMERING OUT with completing a difficult negotiation.  Presumably that is win-win.  Anyway, it does set the stage for for some dramatic winning situations.

20 A. Train vigorously: WHIP INTO SHAPE.  I've been exercising religiously for the past few months; so I guess I am doing that to this old body.  To WHIP an opponent is to decisively win the competition.

31. Show eager anticipation: LICK ONES CHOPS.  As if in anticipation of a hearty meal - or anything else earnestly desired.   To LICK an opponent is to soundly thrash them.

39. Search everywhere: BEAT THE BUSHES. To conduct an exhaustive search.  This term originally alluded to hunting, when beaters were hired to flush birds out of the brush. [1400s] Also see beat around the bush.

To BEAT an opponent all you have to do is score more points.  Unless you're playing golf.

Hi Gang, JazzBumpa here.  Let's dive into the puzzle and see if we can emerge victorious.


1. Pierre's st.: S. DAK.  This city is the capital of South DAKota.

5. Retro ski area sight: T-BAR.  A type of ski lift named for its shape

9. Sounding amazed: AGASP.  In a state of gasping for breath.

14. Dance at Jewish weddings: HORA.

15. Slippery: EELY.  

16. Not exactly a company person: LONER.  A person who prefers not to associate with others.

17. Like a GI doing dishes: ON KP. Kitchen Police - enlisted personnel detailed to help the cook by washing dishes, peeling vegetables, and performing other kitchen duties..

18. It starts the pot: ANTE.  A stake put up by a player in poker and similar games before receiving cards.

19. Former Portuguese territory in China: MACAO.  Macau is an autonomous region on the south coast of China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. A Portuguese territory until 1999, it reflects a mix of cultural influences. 

23. Obscure: NO NAME.

24. Worldwide cultural org.: UNESCO.  The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is a specialised agency of the United Nations aimed at promoting world peace and security through international cooperation in education, arts, sciences, and culture.

27. Part of a play: ACT.

29. Like wee bairns: SMA.  Spelling the Scottish dialect for small.

30. Street-paving goop: TAR.  

35. Citrus drinks: -ADES.  A CSO to our own Lemonade?

37. Brazil __: NUT.  Someone who is crazy about Brazil.  Or, alternatively, the edible seed from a large, long-lived tree in the Amazon valley.

38. Cookies-and-cream ingredient: OREO.  The crossword world's favorite cookie

44. Timeworn: OLD.

45. Paddle relative: OAR. Canoe mover.

46. Honor society starter: PHI. Then Beta, then Cf 4 d.

47. Subject of the Book of Proverbs: WISDOM.  The Bible says in Proverbs 4:6-7, "Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding."

49. Neither early nor late: ON TIME.

58. Classic mother-and-son statue: PIETA.  a work of Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti, housed in St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City. 

60. Pub projectile: DART.


61. Yellowish green: LIME.  the color, not the fruit.

62. Primp: PREEN.  Spend time making minor adjustments to one's hair, makeup, or clothes.

63. Geometry product: AREA.  Calculation of the space enclosed by a given shape.

64. Techie, say: USER.  I think of a Techie as someone who helps a typical user of computers or apps.

65. Cline of country: PATSY. (born Virginia Patterson Hensley; 1932 – 1963) was an American singer. She is considered one of the most influential vocalists of the 20th century and was one of the first country music artists to successfully cross over into pop music.  She died tragically in a plane crash in bad weather near Camden, Tennessee.  

66. Sail support: MAST.  Big pole in a ship

67. "Get lost!": SHOO.  Go away.


1. Exhibited, as a home for sale: SHOWN.  

2. Hawaiian singing legend: DON HO.  Donald Tai Loy Ho (1930 – 2007) was an American traditional pop musician, singer and entertainer.


 3. Alan of "Argo": ARKIN.  Alan Wolf Arkin [b 1934] is an American actor, director and screenwriter. Throughout his career spanning over six decades, he has received various accolades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and a Golden Globe Award.

4. Honor society ender: KAPPA.   Completing 46 a.

5. Town where the New Jersey (now Brooklyn) Nets played home games for their first year: TEANECK.  A township in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States, and a suburb in the New York metropolitan area. As of the 2010 United States Census, the township's population was 39,776

6. Twisted: BENT.  Crooked.

7. The "A" in SATB: ALTO.  Along with soprano, tenor and bass.

8. Bar shelf lineup: RYES.  American Whisky made from a mash containing at least 51% rye grain.

9. Annual fact book: ALMANAC.

10. Act bonkers: GO APE.  Melt down, lose it.

11. Family tree members: ANCESTORS. Your grand parents' grandparents, free.

12. North __: SEA.   A sea of the Atlantic Ocean lying on the European continental shelf between Great Britain and the continent.

13. Play-for-pay: PRO.  A PRO is anyone who makes a livelihood performing an activity.  As an adjective, which is what I take to be the intent here, it describes such an individual, typically involved in sports.  But the clue makes it look like a verb, so maybe I'm missing something.

21. Apple desktop: iMAC.  

22. Sings without lyrics: HUMS.  The Black Eyed Peas can sing us a song.  The chick peas can only humus one.

25. Common superhero garb: CAPE.  Though not always.

26. Estimate qualifier: OR SO.  Circa, more or less.

28. Printer supply: TONER.  A substance (such as a thermoplastic powder) used especially to develop an image (such as a latent xerographic image) on a piece of paper

29. Prep: SET UP.  Get ready

31. Bare bones musical notation: LEAD SHEET.  The manuscript of a song consisting of the melody, words, and indication of the basic harmony written in simple form.

32. Loyal end?: IST.   Cutsey suffix clue.  Meh!  A loyalist is one who is or remains loyal especially to a political cause, party, government, or sovereign.

33. Heart: NUB.  As, free., of a matter.

34. Garden tool: HOE.  A tool with a thin flat blade on a long handle used especially for cultivating, weeding, or loosening the earth around plants.

35. Take __: acknowledge applause: A BOW.  

36. Business with a slicer: DELI.   A store where ready-to-eat food products (such as cooked meats and prepared salads) are sold.
40. More than needed: TOO MANY.  An unnecessary surplus.

41. Soccer great Mia: HAMM.    Mariel Margaret Hamm, (b. 1972, Selma, Alabama, U.S.), American football (soccer) player who became the first international star of the women’s game. Playing forward, she starred on the U.S. national team that won World Cup championships in 1991 and 1999 and Olympic gold medals in 1996 and 2004. 

42. Call to from a distance: SHOUT AT.  In my experience, this was mainly an expression of anger, but as indicated also works.

43. Clue: HINT.  

48. Sources of high school jitters: DATES.  Agreements to go somewhere and do something as a couple.

50. Anklebone: TALUS.

51. "If only": I WISH.  

52. Old copy machine: MIMEO.

53. Four before mayo: ENERO.  January and May en Español.

55. Dutch cheese: EDAM.  Cross words favorite cheese.

56. __ avis: RARA. Literally, a rare bird; used to describe someone outstanding of unusual. 

57. Mining targets: ORES.  Pay dirt.

58. Very softly, in music: PPP.  Abbreviation of pianississimo meaning "very, very soft."  A trombonist in this aural region would be a RARA AVIS.

59. Sr.'s nest egg: IRA.  Individual Retirement Account.

That's all, folks.  Hope this puzzle didn't beat you up.

Cool regards!