10 Best Garage Cabinets

Organizing a garage can totally help you create more space for your stuff. Which is why these 10 best garage cabinets can help you create order in your space. When you get items off the floor, you can create more space for your things. Decide on garage cabinets that can hold your items, and get to organizing!

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Basic Black Storage

If you lack floor space, this black storage shelving cabinet is perfect for your garage. Inside there are shelves, along with a pegboard to store things like dog leashes, gardening tools, and car tools.

Garage Cabinet Set

This garage cabinet set includes 6 pieces to create the ultimate garage cabinet storage option. With space for collecting or working with things on the countertops, along with the cabinets and shelving, your garage will be totally organized!

Heavy Duty Garage Cabinet

This is the system we have in our garage. I love it for how durable it is. The kids can bang into it, and there is never a dent. Plus, the shelves can hold a lot of weight…up to 45 pounds per shelf!

Garage Drawer Storage

The garage drawer storage cabinet can be perfect for gardening tools, outdoor tools, and auto parts. With the versatile countertop and the drawers, this is a great option for garages that are in need of some drawer storage.

Hanging Cabinets

Not every garage has the floor space for cabinets. Which is why these cabinets are perfect for keeping your garage organized. Hang them on the wall to keep things off the floor. You can decide on the perfect height for your garage.

Locking Tall Cabinet

Sometimes you need to lock your things. So this tall locking cabinet is perfect for garage storage because you can lock it to keep your kids and pets safe.

Small Locking Cabinet

This small locking cabinet is also perfect if you don’t have the garage height for the tall locking cabinet. Use the shelving to store your items and lock them with the key provided.

Plastic Garage Cabinet

Sometimes you just want something that is easy, and this plastic garage cabinet is great for that. It is perfect for holding the kids’ toys, sports equipment, gardening, and yard tools.

Garage Cabinet Box

If you have items that would be better stored in a box, this type of storage cabinet is perfect for you. Things like cushions for outdoor furniture and grilling items can easily be organized inside the cabinet.

Cushion Storage Cabinet

Outdoor furniture cushions can be stored inside this cabinet so they don’t get all soggy with the spring showers or winter snow.

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