133 Times People Had A Worse Day Than You (New Pics)

Not all days were made equal. You see, while sometimes everything falls according to plan, other days turn into 24-hour-long grueling benders that make you question why you even dared to get out of bed.

Blame it on bad luck, your daily horoscope, Mercury in retrograde, incantations, karma, or anything you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that misfortunes and fails do happen. Think of them as compulsory reality checks that remind us we are mere human beings with little to no control of greater things happening in this world. But philosophy aside, if we can’t change anything, at least we can have a good laugh at it.

Bored Panda has compiled this list of people having a worse day than you so you can feel slightly better today until your fail day comes, and when you’re done with this post, check out our previous features here, here and here with more failure.

#1 The Only Path Back To My Room Blocked By Cute But Incredibly Angry Sea Lions

Image credits: NanoArowanaTank

#2 After A Grueling Day At Work Without Food Where I Had To Wait 4 Hours For A Sample To Arrive Which Got Canceled, I Come Home At 7PM To Find All My Stuff In Garbage Bags

Turns out the cleaners my landlord sent cleared the wrong apartment.

Image credits: km1180

#3 In NSW Australia This Poor Woman's House Burnt Down In A Flood

Image credits: Sacktimus_Prime

#4 Paramedics Be Like. Nope

Image credits: geoffshackelford.com

#5 My Essay Got A 0 Because The Person Thought I Copied From The Internet. Turns Out It Was My Own Post Which I Posted Some Hours Later

Image credits: DaniDan257

#6 Moved To Australia And Was Warned About The Snakes And Spiders. I Give You A Single Ant Bite

Image credits: NefariousMuppet

#7 My Puppy Ate My Passport

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 Was Getting Ready For Bed, Walked Into My Bedroom To This

Image credits: Imterrifiedofsharks

#9 "Time To Go To Bed. What Are Those Dots On My Wall? Oh. Oh No"

Image credits: captainbluebear25

#10 When The Boss Thinks He's A Comedian

Image credits: orangebob999

#11 I’m A High School Teacher And My Apartment Window Just Got Egged. I Thought They Liked Me

Image credits: Apprehensive-Ant8202

#12 Had An Air Purifier Running For Over A Year With The Filter Covered In Plastic The Whole Time

Image credits: coloradopowpow

#13 Bought A PS5 For My Son’s Birthday. Someone At UPS Swapped It Out With A Rock

Image credits: reddit.com

#14 I Was Cruising About 50mph, Then The Plastic Snapped

Image credits: GardenGnome25

#15 Welp, I Almost Fell Into A Sinkhole Under My Porch. I Caught Myself On The Edge Of The Hole, From My Chest Down Was Just Dangling Beneath Me

Below the opening, the hole is about 10’ wide and 15’ deep. Fun fact I watched the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth yesterday.

Image credits: Punk_Chachi

#16 Why Is My Watch Stopped? Oh

Image credits: darthtankerous

#17 HelloFresh: “One Teaspoon Chili Flakes”

Image credits: ZacKaffeine

#18 Just Baked This Cake And Ate One Piece, Came Back And The Dog Licked The Icing Off As Far As She Could Reach

Image credits: gwarfunkle

#19 Someone Left Their Bike Under The Wrong Tree

Image credits: Nordic_Plant_Lover

#20 Man Gets Scalped In Broad Daylight

Image credits: Georgebateman15

#21 When The Road Wants To Finish You

Image credits: Marko_90

#22 Define Disappointment

Image credits: benznhoj

#23 Moving Across The Country In A Few Weeks, Invited My Friends To A Farewell BBQ. All Canceled Or Just Didn't Show

Image credits: erokitel128

#24 I Don’t Paint Often, So I Was Really Proud Of Myself For Remembering To Wear Gloves This Time

Image credits: BugsRFeatures2

#25 What I Asked For vs. What I Got. $400 And I Feel Like An Idiot

Image credits: Vegemiteonpikelets

#26 Someone Broke Into My Car To Steal 10 Dollars Worth Of Candy And Toys I Bought To Give To My 4-Year-Old Students

"To whoever broke into my car. You caused $400 worth of damage to steal $10 worth of candy and toys from the 4-year-olds I teach. BRUH"

Image credits: ZeldaPinkPup

#27 Neighbor Just Got A Supra A Few Weeks Ago

Image credits: wykdtr0n

#28 Someone’s Laundry Day Was A Bummer

Image credits: Cannabace

#29 The New Jar Of Nutella My Girlfriend Tried To Heat In The Microwave

Image credits: aintx

#30 Just Pulled Into Our Campsite 450 Miles Away From Home

Image credits: ThrowingChicken

#31 There Was A Blizzard Last Night So We Decided To Check On Our Car

Image credits: justinmillerco

#32 I've Been Looking For My Glasses For 3 Days. Found Them

Image credits: sh4ggyguy

#33 Our Smoke Alarm Caught On First In The Middle Of The Night

Image credits: VariousConflict5090

#34 The Wind Took The C Away

Image credits: Ian_A17

#35 Recently Tried An Expensive Rental Clothing Subscription. UPS Threw The Package Of Clothes/Bags Into My Backyard. I Have Two Puppies

Image credits: Mckinzel

#36 Someone's Luggage Just Chilling On The Tarmac - DFW

Image credits: DamnTheAdmiralty

#37 Left Our Totally Normal House To Run Errands. Came Back An Hour And A Half Later To This

Image credits: Station28

#38 Drove Three Hours To Go To The Grand Canyon

Image credits: Hey_Its_Me_23_

#39 Was Wondering How The Dog's Water Bowl Kept Getting Refilled… Welp

Image credits: dreamybaths

#40 Japan’s “Killing Stone” Breaks In Half After 1,000 Years. Legend Has It That The Demonic Spirit Trapped Inside Is Now Free To Wreak Havoc On The Land

Image credits: Lily0727K

#41 This Is How I Caught My Ex Wife Cheating

Image credits: forum4um

#42 I Was Babysitting My Cousin While Her Dad Was Away On Business. He Told Me Dinner Is In The Freezer. Yum, Battery And Broccoli. Just Like Mom Used To Make

Image credits: Kandiblu

#43 The Guys Digging For Google Fiber Just Cut My AT&T Fiber Line. And I Work From Home. Great

Image credits: McBlumpkin-

#44 My Friend's Apartment Got Shot Up At 2AM By A Random Hoodlum

Image credits: Zehaldrin

#45 Stubbed My Toe Yesterday. It Hurt This Morning When I Put My Shoes On. Took My Shoes Off This Evening And Found This

Image credits: JesseIrwinArt

#46 This Dog Ate My Neighbor's Food Delivery

Image credits: Gumpyyy

#47 Was Washing A (Very Sharp) Greasy Piping Tip At Work. Slipped Right Onto My Finger Before I Could Stop It

Image credits: abby_petty

#48 Some Mondays Are Harder Than The Rest

Image credits: tink_84

#49 I've Made A Horrible Mistake Today

Image credits: Skyaboo-

#50 Consequences Of Working In A -10°C Lab Where I Have To Wash My Hands 40 Times A Day

Image credits: sizzle-cream

#51 Wife Bought Me A Shirt This Past Christmas That Finally Came In The Mail. I’m A Huge Space Nerd But Guess I Won’t Be Wearing It Anytime Soon

Image credits: Christafaaa

#52 Took Time Between Sets To Help A Gym Employee Move A Squat Rack And Pop… Achilles Smoked

Image credits: mngymfreak

#53 The Pizza Shop Promised A Light And Airy Crust. It Was So Light And Airy That It Was Invisible

Image credits: Iocaine_powder

#54 Sofa Made It From California To London, Only To Get Stuck In The Entryway

Image credits: mistapapageorgio

#55 2 Hours Into A 10-Hour Shift When A Passenger Asks If I Know About The Stowaway On My Bus

Image credits: El_Dief

#56 Do You Know When People Ironically Say They’re Allergic To Work? Apparently, I’m Allergic To My Own Sweat

Image credits: yamarho

#57 What It Looks Like To Win A Standard Weekend Day

Image credits: broadwayguru

#58 Bought One Of Those Ear Cleaners With A Camera And Just Pulled Out A Contact Lens. I Have No Idea How Long It Was In There

Image credits: jewbaca1984

#59 Scaffolding Smashes Into Big Ben Just Days After £80 Million Makeover Was Revealed

Image credits: Godley2

#60 A Family Member Forgot To Turn Off The Sink Light Overnight

Image credits: natkrab

#61 Mom's Cat Chewed Through My Headphones For School. Bought A New Pair And She Chewed Those Within A Day. Mom Is Probably Gonna Blame It On Me But I'm Angry

Image credits: Galaxyartcat

#62 Door Handle Broke Off At The Gas Station... With The Car Running

Image credits: Lovesliesbleeding

#63 This Happened In Less Than 24 Hours. No Trees Or Power Lines Around, Just Why?

Image credits: altus167

#64 Got A New Mixer And Plugged It In While Pushing The Mixers In Place. Accidentally Turned It On And Decided To Mix My Middle Finger

I can't even bend the mixer back to form and my finger still hurts.

Image credits: Cheezeryc

#65 Owner Leaves Car Running To Defrost, Man Steals Car, Crashes It

Image credits: eReadingAuthor

#66 Found Out I’m Allergic To Old Spice

Image credits: Mr_Lunt_

#67 No Bueno

Image credits: mistermorrisey

#68 Dropped My Ravioli Taking It Out The Microwave At Work

Image credits: vachon11

#69 Just Arrived At My Hometown And Someone Stole My Bike's Wheels. Now I Gotta Walk 6KM With A Bike Frame On My Back

Image credits: Slyvan25

#70 Closed The Dishwasher And The Cabinet Decided To Give Up

Image credits: joshuambrose

#71 My School Is Currently On Fire

Image credits: Ocelotstar09

#72 Guess Who Is Never Going Snowboarding Ever Again?

Image credits: Za-Real-Jesus-Christ

#73 Opened Our Lockbox Today To Find Mold Had Been Happily Eating Our Passports And Marriage Certificate

Image credits: mike_pants

#74 So I Was Heading To A Job Interview And Accidentally Spilled Coffee All Over Me Just Before Interview. Not The Best First Impression I Suppose

Image credits: Mikrobeast

#75 A Few Weeks Ago I Somehow Picked Up A Viral Rash And Now Most Of My Body Looks Like This

Image credits: esotericsnowdog

#76 Found Abandoned In The Parking Lot First Thing In The Morning. They Made The Choice To Just LEGO I Guess

Image credits: Calico__Sativa

#77 5 Minutes Into My Maintenance Shift I Get Called Up To The Public Bathroom, This Is What I Found

Image credits: KDN1692

#78 Just Bought A TV And Broke It While Mounting It

Image credits: Folder914

#79 Damn

Image credits: TriangleSailor

#80 My Wife Said She Had Something Crazy To Show Me After We Ate Lunch

Image credits: bigandy1105

#81 $396 Bottle Of Eye Drops My Dad Needs Before Cataract Surgery. Medicare Didn't Cover It (Quarter For Scale)

Image credits: TexasPenguin99

#82 Knife Snapped And Nearly Hit My Wife In The Face

Image credits: achev

#83 Found It Like This Just When I Wanted To Go Home After School

Image credits: Bendaario

#84 Local "Home Artist" Posted This And Quickly Realized His Mistake

Image credits: BeardedBrutus

#85 This Is The Face Of A Man Who Goes Out Into The Pouring Rain, Runs Halfway To The Gym, And Then Realizes He Forgot His Keycard Back At Home

Image credits: marvinapplegate1964

#86 Found While Walking Along The Beach At Low Tide

Image credits: Rav99

#87 Thought My Roommates Pulled An April Fools' Prank On Me. They Didn't

Image credits: Butteredleaves

#88 The Most Me Thing Of All The Things I’ve Ever Done In My Life. Airpod Pros Were In My Front Pocket. Went Pee. Pulled Pants Up. AirPods Fall Out Of Pocket & Onto The Floor

 The left one bounced right into the toilet, which immediately flushed from a motion sensor. What are the odds? Story of my life

Image credits: getthisoutofmyhouse

#89 Brushed My Teeth For A Good 20 Seconds With This

Image credits: 788tiger

#90 Somebody Dropped Their Coffee On The Bus

Image credits: Mane420

#91 My Neighbor Likes To Grill In The Garage Or Her Home With No Exhaust. The Second Time She Is Almost Burning Her House Down

The first time the insurance company paid $30k and kicked her off. She didn't get home insurance after that due to the high cost

Image credits: Accomplished-Power39

#92 Finally Got My "HelloFresh" That Should Have Been Here 5 Days Ago

Image credits: Sunny8830

#93 Bought Fried Chicken At Airport Then As I Was Boarding, The Bag Ripped From Bottom Side And The Box Landed Upright At First But Ripped In The Same Manner When I Picked It Up

Image credits: vaporwave_enthusiast

#94 I Use The Gym At 2AM. You Need An Access Card To Get In And Out. Mine Stopped Working And I Have Been Trapped For 2 Hours

Image credits: objective_unkown

#95 Today I'm Working At A Women's Conference. They Converted The Men's Bathroom Into A Women's Bathroom. But There Is One Guy Here. Me. And I Really Need To Pee

Image credits: JephriB

#96 When You Get On The Airplane For A Long Flight And Open Your AirPod Case Only To Find It's Empty

Image credits: thesmallestwaffle

#97 2-Hour-Old Brand New Off The Shelf Red Wing Boots Disintegrated. Cost My Friend A Day Of Work

Image credits: Goof-Off-Corpse

#98 Brain Malfunctioned While Preparing Scrambled Eggs

Image credits: fatjoelapuma

#99 A Piece Of My Infected Wisdom Tooth Just Fell Off

Image credits: guytastic

#100 “I Know You’re Not Feeling Well, Let Me Move Your Car For You”. The Next Morning:

Image credits: razorburnoncrotch

#101 We Already Washed New Jeans. Its Inside Store Is Far Away And Its Been Month (Was In Hometown For Some Time) What I Can Do? Will It Buzz If I Visit Some Mall?

Image credits: lordofwhisky

#102 What Happens If Your Tree Hits A Neighbor's Car?

Image credits: fyhnn

#103 I Accidentally Spilled My Glass Beads. The Last Time It Took Me 5 Whole Days To Put Them Away

Image credits: elinamoo-hah

#104 Just Got Home From A Weekend Road Trip

Image credits: hansolox1

#105 Just Got Done Working Out At The Gym And My Bike Is Gone. Spent $1.5K+ In Parts Just To Restore This 2011 Model. Specialized Secteur Cane Creek. You Will Be Missed

Image credits: Ruben13576

#106 Just Moved In

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#107 Kept Hearing A Weird Grinding Noise In The Corner Of My Dark Room. I Turn On My Flashlight And See My Cat Chewing On The Headstock Of My Custom Vintage Fender Strat

Image credits: itsFRAAAAAAAAANK

#108 The Bottom Of My Glass Fell Off Somehow And Made A Mess

Image credits: Urbansaintchannel

#109 On Vacation With My Kid: I Went To Check In At 2:30 And My Hotel Asked I Come Back In An Hour Because My Room Wasn’t Ready. I Came Back To A Line That Spanned A City Block

100 more people behind me. They had only ONE single working bathroom and no water.

Image credits: Canonconstructor

#110 I Broke Up With My Girlfriend The Other Day. Today We Said Our Last Goodbye As I Headed To Work And She Was Moving Out. While At Work This Happened

Spontaneously with no one around. Then I found out my insurance doesn't cover glass.

Image credits: Dick_snatcher

#111 My Glass Coffee Table Just Exploded

Image credits: beejers30

#112 My "Inspected" Batteries From Amazon

Image credits: cascassian

#113 Have You Ever Put On A Pair Of Brand New Harley Boots And Had Both Heels Fall Off, Within A Couple Of Hours? Well, I Have

Image credits: ginger_bredman

#114 Airbag Randomly Deployed Two Minutes After I'd Parked My Car

Image credits: Jizzason

#115 Friend Arrived Home From Work To Find His PS5 Melting Itself

Image credits: Razdom

#116 Not Fun

Happened last week in my hometown (Bosnia). Apparently, it was a self-made project of the house owner. Did not go as planned.

Image credits: Saphhiroth

#117 Don’t Let Your Foot Slip When You’re Parking In The Garage

Image credits: diverareyouok

#118 Adios Sunlight. After 10 Years Of Living Here, The Owner Of The Lot Outside My Windows Decided To Sell And Build Luxury Apartments

Image credits: digitalmdsmooth

#119 Final Nespresso Cup Of My Fav Flavor. Didn't Realize I'd Grabbed My Paint Water Mug

Image credits: kermass

#120 This Really Hurts. 2€ Per Liter In Finland

Image credits: aleks1hoo

#121 16 Years Of Ivy Growth Destroyed In A Single Night Of High Winds. The Entire Brick Wall Was Covered To The Top

Image credits: ComradeVISIXVI

#122 My Parents Cut Down My Favorite Plant In The House Because It Was "A Waste Of Water" (Papaya Plant)

Image credits: IAmLoess

#123 Didn’t Manage To Get A Video Before Getting Pushed Away By Firemen, But A Bunch Of Cars Including Mine Are Exploding In My Apartment’s Parking Garage

Image credits: shabamee

#124 Dude Gave Me A Whole Onion On My Burger

Image credits: apple-sharpie

#125 Well

Image credits: J-Easy22

#126 My Wisdom Teeth. No One Wants To Extract Them Because They Could Cut The Alveolar Nerve

Image credits: _Leenda

#127 I Drove My Phone Over

Image credits: a-happy-hugo

#128 12 Effing 30 AM And The Water Line In The Toilet Just Said I Quit. One Of The Kids Just Took A Fresh Poop, Too

Image credits: Jersey86Devil

#129 When You Hard Brake And Forget You Have A Bag Of McDonald's

Image credits: -mineskiller

#130 Second Bite Of My Chipotle Burrito And It Had A Piece Of Glass In It

Image credits: TickleMonster528

#131 Locked Down In Beijing. Not Getting Married Today I Guess

Image credits: xidaddy666

#132 I Guess I'll Stay At Home Today

Image credits: Serotonin-

#133 I Wish Curbs Were Painted Yellow So That You Could See Them Better

Image credits: dunn_with_this