145 Creative Hat Storage Ideas

If you’ve got hats, you need these 145 hat storage ideas to best display and store your hat collection. There are inspiring ideas for all types and styles of hats. Storage ideas include; DIY projects for all skill levels, products for all budgets, specialty hat holders and creative hat rack ideas for all needs.

multiple hats in cream and tan handing on wood rack on brick wall

Deciding where and how to store your hats involves considering several factors:

  • Keep them where they’re convenient to grab as you’re running out the door
    • On a hat rack stand by the front door
    • In a bin or on hooks on an empty wall by the garage door
  • Keep them where you can select one to match your outfit
  • Keep them where there is easy access
  • Protect them from dust, sunlight and being damaged
  • Keep them where you have enough space, which can be especially challenging in a studio apartment, dorm room or other small space

Think through these factors and how they apply to your space and your needs. Then look through my favorite hat storage ideas below to find the best way to keep your collection of hats.

How do you store hats without ruining them?

It’s important to be purposeful in how you choose to store your hat collection to best protect it.

  • Store hats so that they are protected from being damaged or crushed
    • Place cowboy hats and other structured hats upside down inside a hat box or container to keep the brim from bending over time
  • Keep hats out of direct sunlight
  • Keep hats, especially expensive or specialty items, protected from dust
  • Allow hats to air out prior to storage to allow moisture to evaporate
  • If you hang the hat, do it so that it isn’t bent or twisted
    • Hang baseball caps by the adjustable fastener in the back
    • Hang hats by a tag or loop inside the hat
  • When using clips to hang a hat, protect the hat fabric from the pressure of the clip
    • Place the clip on a fastener, loop or tag so that it doesn’t make a permanent impression on the hat
    • Place tissue paper on the hat to pad it and protect it from the clip
  • You can nest hats inside each other to save space, but only place hats of the same shape inside each other to prevent stretching and misshaping
  • When nesting hats, place the heaviest hat on the bottom
  • Delicate hats or ones with embellishments or lace should be stored alone to protect fabrics
  • Knit winter hats should not be hung on hooks or with clips that may snag the yarn
  • Knit hats should be placed in a bin or in hanging pocket organizers
  • Berets can be stacked or rolled to prevent creasing
woman holding light colored sun hat in front of her face

Hat Storage Products

Hat Box

Hat boxes can be place on a shelf in the closet, stacked on the floor or displayed on a dresser or other furniture.

Traditional round hat boxes protect hats from being crushed and from dust. They can also be the perfect way to add an eye-catching décor flair to your space.

Clear storage boxes are a great way to be able to immediately see each hat while also protecting them from dust and being crushed.

Storage for Sun Hats

Sun hat storage should protect the larger, and often delicate, brim from bending or creasing. This means that sun hats often require larger storage boxes or solutions.

Other hat boxes

Hat Storage for the Closet

Bins and Baskets for Hat Storage

Wall Hat Racks

red hat and grey scarf on wood wall rack

Over-the-door Hat Racks

Over-the-door storage options take advantage of space that is otherwise unused. This is particularly helpful in homes with limited space.

Freestanding Hat Racks

Baseball Hat Rack and Storage

Under-the-Bed Storage

Covered containers that can be stored under the bed allow you to take advantage of hidden space and is a good idea for small rooms or homes.

Storage Unit

You may already have furniture pieces that will provide easy storage. Items can be repurposed to become a hat storage area:

  • Dresser
  • Shoe rack
  • Blanket ladder with shelves
  • Bookcase
  • China cabinet
  • Toy cubby cabinet

Hat Display Stand

Wig stands or similar are a fun, decorative way to both display and store hats. Choose a hat stand that fits with your décor, hat style and personality.

Cowboy Hat Rack Ideas

DIY Hat Storage Ideas

These ideas range from simply repurposing an existing item to simple DIY projects to more complicated DIY hat rack ideas.

Hang hats on a coat tree you already have and turn it into a hat rack.

left image coat rack, right image many hats on hat rack

Protect hats from dust by storing them in a dresser drawer.

Add small hooks to a wooden pallet. You can lean the wood pallet against the wall or hang it on the wall if you have extra space for it.

A coat rack with hooks or pegs hanging on the wall can hold hats.

Attach decorative hooks directly to the wall to create a focal wall and admire your hat collection.

Use shower curtain rings on a closet rod to hang baseball hats. See it in action at Passion, Pink and Pearls.

Stack baseball hats on top of each other on a closet shelf sorted by size or by different colors.

Add wooden clothespins to a length of twine nailed to the the wall. Use the clothespins to hang hats.

Use curtain hooks with a clamp on a closet rod to clip the brim of hats. Always check the tension of the clip so it doesn’t mark the hat brim.

Use hooks on peg board to hang hats. Add a frame around the peg board and create functional art. Tutorial from Rebecca Propes.

Stack hats on a mannequin or wig head.

Spray paint a thrifted picture frame, add wire mesh and S hooks to create a hat hanger.

Hang hats on nails or hooks in the wall. You can even use Command Hooks for hanging hats.

Add plastic shower curtain rings to tension rods to create a hat organizer for baseball hats.

If you have limited storage space, place a shelf over the door and store hats out of the way but keep them easily accessible.

Hang an inexpensive curtain rod on the wall. Add shower curtain hooks with clips to hang hats. See similar tutorial from Darling Darleen.

Repurpose an old hanging light fixture and place hats on the arms of the fixture. See it here on Facebook.

Add S hooks to a length of chain hung from the wall, the ceiling or the back of a door.

Add doorknobs to a wood plank to hang hats.

straw hat with black band

Add hooks to old skis or skateboards to create a hat rack to hang on the wall.

Using plumbing pipe supplies to create hooks directly on the wall or on a piece of wood hung on the wall. A tutorial from Pretty Handy Girl and another tutorial from A Piece of Rainbow.

Add wood clothespins to repurposed wire oven racks hung on the wall to hang hats.

Add cup hooks to an old wood ladder and hang the ladder horizontally on the wall or stand it vertically against the wall.

Tie macrame thread to a bamboo rod and add hooks or wood clothespins to hang hats on the wall. Tutorial from Gypsy Tan. To create a copper hat rack, change out the bamboo rod for a piece of copper pipe or even spray paint a wooden dowel rod with metallic copper paint.

Hang a repurposed wood score board with pegs on the wall as a unique display for hats. See the tutorial on Improvised Life.

Add small hooks to a tree branch and hang it on the wall. Add hooks to a tree trunk for vertical hat stand. You can paint the wood or leave it natural.

Attach hooks or pegs to a door or wood shutter to create a door hat rack. If you’d like a more rustic or farmhouse look, use a door with distressed wood or paint.

Why is great about hat storage ideas?

Whether you’re a hat collector or just need a simple hat rack, finding the right hat storage solution:

  • Protects hats in storage
  • Makes it easy to access hats when you want to wear them
  • Makes limited space work for storage
  • Provides a stylish way to display your favorite hats
  • Can be found in styles to match your own décor
    • Rustic styles
    • Simple designs
    • Unique designs
  • Can work in any space in your home
    • Master bedroom
    • Entryway or mudroom
    • Laundry room
    • Garage or workroom
    • On any empty wall

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Be sure to pin these hat storage ideas so you can find them again when you begin organizing your hats.

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