19-inch TVs are very common

19-inch TVs are very common

They are chosen by most people use to their smaller and compact size. This allows them to be used small areas such as dorms, hostels, cabins, caravans, kitchen bedroom and more. While there are many products in the market, all will not be the same. Some will be exceptional while others won’t. In the top 11 best 19 inch TVs in 2019 reviews, we will take a quick look at models worth buying.
List Of Best 19-inch TV Reviews in 2019: Image Product Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19 Inch 12V DC RV LED TV with Integrated HDTV (ATSC) Tuner, HD Ready (1080p, 720p, 480p), 1366 x 768 Full HD, Dual Function Wireless Remote Control, Black Buy on Amazon RCA 19-20 Inch Class LED HDTV and DVD Combo Buy on Amazon Proscan PLED1960A 19-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV Buy on Amazon Westinghouse 19 inch 720p 60Hz LED HD TV Buy on Amazon Pyle 18.5-Inch 1080p LED TV | Ultra HD TV | LED Hi Res Widescreen Monitor with HDMI Cable RCA Input | LED TV Monitor | Audio Streaming | Mac PC | Stereo Speakers | HD TV Wall Mount (PTVLED18) Buy on Amazon Venturer Plv7119IR Combo TV DVD Player 19'' INCH LCD 1080i high-Definition VGA-RED Buy on Amazon ASUS VS197D-P 18.5" WXGA 1366x768 VGA Back-lit LED Monitor Buy on Amazon Sceptre E205W-1600 20" 75Hz Ultra Thin LED Monitor HDMI VGA Build-in Speakers, Metallic Black (2018 version) Buy on Amazon Element ELEFW195R 19in 720p HDTV (Renewed) Buy on Amazon Supersonic SC-1911 19-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV with HDMI Input (AC/DC Compatible) Buy on Amazon #11. 19-Inch Class LED TV – 720p HD Best 19-inch TV

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By: Naxa Electronics 19-inch TVs

18.5-inch LCD screen display Native 720p HD (1366×768) resolution Plays DVDs, music, digital movie, photo files and more Compatible with USB and SD cards PC VGA, HDMI 3.5 mm audio, Composite video, Component video, RCA stereo audio input Coaxial RF (cable/antenna) Coaxial digital audio, headphone outputs
This 19-inch TV should be what you want. It’s a small and compact piece and will work well on many paces. These include the kitchen, dorm room, mobile home, workshop, garage, and other places. It has a slim profile which saves on space. It’s also lightweight for better handling and carrying.

The LCD TV has a decent 720p resolution and relays sharp and clear images for the perfect viewing. Besides, the built-in speakers work relatively well. You’ll hear clear audio and it also has a good range. It comes with many inputs and outputs to work with other gadgets and devices. These include headphones, gaming consoles, external speakers and more. The TV runs quite and also is energy efficient. Check Out Best 16-inch TV
#10. Jensen JTV19DC 19-inch TVs

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By: Jensen 19-inch TVs

HD Ready (1080p, 720p, 480p) 1366 x 768 Full HD resolutions Integrated ATSC (HDTV) tuner Dual function remote control (wireless) Rugged metal cabinet VESA 100mm x 100mm mounting style 1 HDMI, VGA, USB
If you are looking for a portable and versatile TV, you should give this unit by Jensen a thought. It’s very sleek and stylish and will look okay in most settings. You can use it at home, office, car, and other places. It comes well equipped and supports different resolutions.

These include 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Also, it works with both mains power (AC) as well as 12volts DC. This allows you to connect it to a car system. The dual function remote control is very receptive and also has a good range. It has a small profile and also lightweight. This makes handling and operating it very convenient. Also included are an HDTV tuner, VGA, USB, and HDMI inputs.
#9. RCA Class LED HDTV 19-20 Inch with DVD

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By: RCA 19-inch TVs

19-inch LED TV 720p HD (1366 x 768) Resolution Comes with DVD player Built-in Stereo Speakers Slot-Loading DVD Player
This TV promise to give you full entertainment. You get a TV for watching local news, your favorite, shows and more. Besides, it also comes with a DVD player for you to watch movies. It’s a simple unit which makes operating it easy. For instance, the DVD player has a slot-loading design. You also get a fully functional remote control which is very responsive.

The 19-inch unit doesn’t take up lots of spaces. It is okay even in small dorm rooms, mobile homes, cars and more. Moreover, it’s lighter in weight compared to most in its range. This improves portability and operation too. According to most people, it has ultra-clear and sharp images. Besides, the pictures are very colorful and also vibrant.
#8. Proscan 19-inch LED TV 720p 60Hz

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By: PROSCAN 19-inch TVs

19-inch LED TV 720p resolution 60Hz (Native) Refresh Rate: LED Backlight Dimension of 21.88(W) x 13.25(D) x 1.63(H) without stand 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 YPBPR, 1 RF, 1 Headphone inputs, 1 Audio/Video, Remote Control included
PROSCAN LED TV enjoys many positive reviews from most consumers. Many appreciate its practical size of 19 inches which they say suits most small spaces. It will be okay in a small apartment, kitchen, caravan, dorm room, and many other places. And despite its relatively small nature, the picture quality is quite good. This is due to the 720p resolution.

The unit has a nice native refresh rate of 60Hz and this minimizes flicker or lag. Moreover, you also get an LED backlight for good brightness and to ensure there is uniformity in regards to contrast. You’ll also find the sound quality good.
#7. Westinghouse 19 inch LED HD TV 720p 60Hz

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By: Westinghouse 19-inch TVs

High Definition television Reduced motion-blur Crisp clear picture Sleek and slim 720p full HD picture HDMI, USB, Digital TV Tuner, and VGA connectivity Built-in V-chip for content blocking
This is a wonderful TV to have around. You’ve probably seen it in many places. This is because of its good solid performance and high-quality pictures. Moreover, it’s well built to handle the use. The LED TV has full HD 720p resolution and relays sharp as well as clear pictures for the excellent watching. Besides, the integrated audio speakers function fairly well and you’ll listen to clear sound and it has a good range.

It features several inputs including HDMI, USB, and VGA for easy connectivity with various other devices as well as gadgets. Moreover, it comes with V-chip to allow you to block unnecessarily or unwanted content. The TV runs very well and is likewise power efficient.
#6. Pyle 18.5-Inch LED TV 1080p Ultra HD Widescreen

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By: Pyle 19-inch TVs

18.5-inch dimension 1080p high resolution RCA input and HDMI cable Compatible with PC and Mac Full function remote control Multi-viewing modes Full-range stereo speakers
This 18.5-inch Television by Pyle should be what you desire. It’s a little and lighter than most in its class and this boosts portability and convenience. Nevertheless, despite its size, it’s a very functional and reliable piece. The picture quality is quite good and so is the audio. The speed is p also good and is less susceptible to lag or flicker. It’s okay for the kitchen, dormitory, mobile house, workshop, garage, and various other areas.

It has a slim design which saves space and is likewise light-weight for much better handling and storage. Although it’s of very high quality, it’s still among the affordable pieces out there. Furthermore, it’s built from tough materials a d should put-up with the use way better.
#5. Venturer 19-inch TV Combo LCD TV DVD Player 1080i high-Definition VGA

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By: Venturer 19-inch TVs

Red in color 1080i high definition 19-inch dimension Tv and DVD player Integrated CD/ DVD player Dolby Digital Sound
Venturer Plv TV is guaranteeing to provide you complete home entertainment. You will enjoy the latest news, play games, watch movies and do much more. It’s a simple TV that makes running it very easy. Also, we find the sound quality and volume to be pretty decent taking its small nature into account. Besides, it comes with superior Dolby Digital sound technology.

The 1080i resolution relays very vibrant and colorful images for better viewing. Moreover, it runs silently and also doesn’t become very hot especially after prolonged operation. It does not occupy lots of spaces and this makes it perfect for dorm rooms, mobile homes, apartments, cabins, cars and more. Moreover, it’s lighter in weight compared to most in its range and this improves portability and operation too.
#4. ASUS VS197D-P 18.5-Inch LED TV – 19-inch TVs

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18.5-inch display 1366×768 resolution 5ms quick response time Classic and Slim Design Video intelligence technology
The ASUS VS197D-P LED TV enjoys many good comments from both experts and consumers. Many appreciate its practical size of 18.5 inches which they agree on is it suits most small spaces. It will be okay in a small apartment, kitchen, caravan, cabin, truck, dorm room, and many other places. Also, it’s a very portable piece hence easy to move around with. And despite its small nature, the quality of built as well as the picture is quite good. This is due to the 1366×768 resolution which produces super sharp and very vibrant images.

The design looks elegant and classic and will blend well with most setups. The unit also has a nice native refresh rate to minimize lag. Moreover, you also find a decent LED backlight for improved brightness and good contrast. It comes ready to use and you won’t need extra accessories.
#3. Sceptre E205W-1600 20-inch Ultra Thin LED TV

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By: Sceptre 20-inch TVs

Metallic black color 20-inch size High resolution 1600 x 900 5ms Response Time HDMI VGA Led monitor Kensington secure lock VESA wall mount pattern
Sceptre E205W-1600 is possibly what you desire. It may be for personal use or a gift to someone else. It’s compact as a portable item to fit and function well on numerous places including the kitchen area, dormitory, caravan, studio, workshop, garage, as well as various other areas. It has a slim design which reduces the space requires and is also light-weight for much better handling and also carrying.

The LED television has a respectable 1600 x 900 resolution and also delivers sharp and very clear pictures. Besides, the integrated audio speakers function fairly well and you’ll listen to clear sound and the range is also quite good. It doesn’t seem to be affected by interference or background noise much. Furthermore, it comes with lots of inputs and features to work with various other gizmos as well as gadgets. These consist of earphones, headphones, video gaming consoles, speakers and more. It operates seamlessly and is also not a power hog nor too noisy.
#2. Element ELEFW19-inch TV LED 720p HDTV (Renewed)

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By: Amazon Renewed 19-inch TVs

720p HDTV 19-inch dimension 1366 x 768 Panel Resolution 1000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio Built-inn 3D Noise Reduction
If you are trying to find a reliable 19-inch TV, you need to consider the Element ELEFW195R. It’s very elegant and looks good in most setups, both traditional and contemporary. It will prove okay living room, bedroom, kitchen, vacation home, workplace, cars and truck, and much more. Moreover, it comes well outfitted to handle different requirements. The 720p high definition resolution ensures the images are top-notch. They’ll be very vibrant, clear as well as colorful.

The remote control is really responsive and also small and light-weight. This makes handling as well as using it very practical. The range is also quite good and it doesn’t require lots of power to run it. In fact, the batteries will last for a long time. The TV comes with a 3D noise-canceling feature for crisp and clear sound.
#1. Supersonic 19-inch TV LED Widescreen HDTV 1080p with HDMI Input Compatible with AC/DC

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By: Supersonic 19-inch TVs

19-inch diagonal 1080p high resolution Crisp picture quality HDMI, AC/DC and USB compatible Compatible with Amazon Firestick PC input
Your search for the best 19-inch TV should end after acquiring the Supersonic SC-1911 Tv. It’s among the popular and beautiful pieces in the market. And like most of the featured options, it’s designed for small and medium-size specs. Good examples include the kitchen, studio, dorm room, cabin, vacation homes, cabin, and trucks. Fitting it shouldn’t be a problem thanks to its simple design. It also isn’t a heavy unit and doesn’t require additional support or reinforcement.

The 1080p high resolution is one of the reasons it relays very clear images. And thanks to the light-weight, handling and carrying the TV is less of a hassle. It comes with AC/DC, USB, and HDMI inputs and is Alsop compatible with PC. This allows you to use it as a computer monitor.
There you go, the t best 19-inch TVs readily available in the current market. They are of high quality, have high resolution, the image is superb and the sound is very clear. They are easy to use, space-efficient and also long-lasting. After reading the top 11 best 19 inch TVs in 2019 reviews, finding and owning a good unit shouldn’t be hard. Besides, you’ll save on time and effort, since the top units have been identified.

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