A garage is often one of the largest rooms in the house. It is also often where you work on the car or your special hobbies and projects. A functional well-designed garage has custom garage cabinets for storage and organization. Cabinets help keep the garage neat and clean so that you know where to find tools and special equipment.

Moduline Cabinets’ custom metal cabinets are made of military-grade aluminum and very durable construction. They hold up well and last for many years. We even guarantee them for a lifetime. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to match any decor.
Modular or Custom Cabinets?
We have two types of cabinet styles, modular and custom fit. Our modular cabinets are pre-built. With the correct measurements, we can order the right pre-configured cabinet layout for your garage. Modular garage cabinet systems are really made for those who want well designed cabinets, without spending time choosing a custom design. They are also an affordable option for anyone with a budget. Modular cabinets have special colors available and make organization and storage easy. Having modular cabinets makes working easier and more convenient for homeowners.

Custom cabinets will have our staff involved in custom designing the layout for your cabinets in the size, material, and color that you choose for your garage. We can add more drawers or special features, depending on the size of your garage, what you need them for, and any additional requests for storage. Custom cabinet layouts can be designed for a variety of purposes. The most frequent customers use them for storage in the garage, but we have also outfitted labs, yachts, offices, workshops, and many more places with our custom cabinet systems.
PROII™ Series and Select™ Series
The PROII™ Series has a lifetime warranty and a versatile military-grade aluminum construction. It is our main product line. It can be customized the way you choose it to be designed. We can design it the size of a large closet, add special drawers, racks, and options for the walls. These garage cabinet systems are assembled and ready to be installed.

Our Select™ Series is designed for the budget minded that want the quality without the cost. They have easy-to-close soft hinges, adjustable shelves, and a toe kick riser. They are easy to install and available in signature black, red, or Moduline blue, perfect for any home garage.

Whatever you choose, we guarantee that our custom designed cabinets will last a lifetime. Contact Moduline Cabinets today to learn more. Call us at 888-343-4463 to speak with one of our cabinet experts.

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