23 Gems that People Found at Vintage Flea Markets

At flea markets, garage sales or stores with antiques can find real wonders. In such places are sold virtually everything. From furniture and lamps to figurines, artificial animals or paintings. See what some people have managed to find among the pile of junk.

#1 Flamingos That Have Been Transformed Into Demonic Steeds

Dorian Graycat/facebook

#2 A Charming Garden Bench

Melissa Payne/facebook

#3 Artificial Alligator to Deter Uninvited Guests

Carlie Tinsley/facebook

#4 When a Salesman Tells You That Cinderella Has No Head and You Already Have a Plan to Make a Gothic Decoration Out of a Lamp

Janelle Scheffelmaier/facebook

#5 Proof That Cats Can Smile

Ashley Nicole Williams/facebook

#6 A Lamp for Nature Lovers

Krista Smells/facebook

#7 Villeroy & Boch Acapulco Service

Laura Dixon Strickling/facebook

#8 A Cabinet Straight From Alice’s Enchanted World

Ashley Belland/facebook

#9 Phone Turned Into a Bedside Lamp

Joan Rogers/facebook

#10 Solid Wood Screen

Michal Elaine Johnston/facebook

#11 Cute, Puffy Snowman 😉

Janice Pawlowski Fox/facebook

#12 A Lamp for Dragon Fans

Alicia Donmoyer/facebook

#13 Snail Shaped Metric

Jenna Arcidiacono/facebook

#14 Budget Old-Fashioned Wedding Dress

Jane Vargas/facebook

#15 Unusual Octopus Chandelier

Jess Connolly MacLeod/facebook

#16 Captivating Stained Glass Window

Kristi Higgins/facebook

#17 A Combination of Gustav Klimt and Freddie Mercury

Dorothy Crawford/facebook

#18 Almost 3M Tall Garden Dinosaur

Amy Wade Ernst/facebook

#19 The Perfect Sofa for a Cat

Danielle Fisher/facebook

#20 Impressive Collection of Suitcases

Theresa Rose/facebook

#21 A Mask That Makes a Little Girl Happy

Catherine Menendez Prebble/facebook

#22 A Miniature Tent That’s Perfect for a Cat Bed

Laura Peterson/facebook

#23 Slightly Kitschy but Eye-Catching Image 😉

Andrea Weber Smith/facebook

What was your best buy ever from a garage sale or flea market ?

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