31 Walk-In Closet Ideas That Will Make You Jealous

31 Walk-In Closet Ideas That Will Make You Jealous

If your clothes and accessories are important to you, you should take the opportunity to showcase them appropriately through walk in closet ideas. With some significant design decisions, you can have your walk-in closet in which you can appreciate them. A walk-in closet is perhaps one of the elements at home that anyone would want to have. On the off chance that you do not have it, chances are you wish you had one. If you are lucky to have one, you may need motivation on the most proficient method to overhaul it, sort it out, or redesign for a bigger one.

When designing a walk-in closet, you have to consider various things, such as its shape and storage space available. Your organizing skills will also be put to the test. You must also ensure that certain elements are present for your walk-in closet to be not only beautiful but also functional. Paint color, lighting, displays, and seating are some of the must-haves.

Walk-in closets have consistently been an image of extravagance. However, the days when they only had a place in big homes are finished. Whether you have a big space or a small space, we have probably the most useful and lovely walk in closet ideas to assist you with making a perfect sanctuary for your clothes and fashion accessories. Keep these in mind, and you will have a walk-in closet that will make other people jealous.


California Closets, Santa Barbara

This luxury women’s walk in closet remodel in Santa Barbara features light wood open cabinets and vanity.


Mandy Brown Architects, PC

This spacious transitional closet in Chicago has dark wood cabinets with plenty of storage.


Madeval USA

Beautiful sturdy closet made of metal and melamine for this contemporary closet in Houston.


Custom Closet Solutions, LLC

This walk in closet design in Tampa looks gorgeous and stunning with elegant chandelier, large mirrors, and white cabinets.


RD Homes

This modern closet in Seattle offers a lot of space and hangers for men’s suits, polo, and coats.


The Closets Company

This closet will give you an idea on how to work with closets with small spaces. The white center cabinet features an effective storage system.



Your designer bags, shoes, and clothes need proper care and storage. This walk in closet truly delivers.


Blanchard Design Studio

Keep it simple and neat by having an all-white ensemble. Minimalists will certainly love this walk in closet idea.


Closet Concepts

These built-in cabinets not only look great, but they are also functional. Keep your things organized with customized shelves and boxes.


California Closets – Northern & Central Florida

Men usually like to keep it plain and simple, but that doesn’t mean boring! This men’s contemporary walk in closet exudes charm and style.

Things To Consider When Designing Walk In Closet Ideas

You need to find the right shape for your closet. Walk-in closets usually come in three shapes: L-shaped, U-shaped, and straight. “L” closet designs utilize two of the walls leaving you space to move. A “U” closet uses three walls for the most storage capacity. The straight walk-in closet functions admirably if your area is not big enough. 

Proper storage is essential. You may have a bunch of accessories or seasonal clothes that should be put away during particular parts of the year. Having space specifically for these items makes it simpler to find them once you need to wear them. Also, having many drawers to your closet is an ideal approach to keep your items sorted out and free from dust. For closet shelving ideas, you need to consider cabinets, hanging space, and drawers to keep your space looking slick and uncluttered. 

Your walk-in closet is ideal for organizing your fashion items like a star. Some ways to stylishly sort out your wardrobe include grouping similar items like bags in one shelf, arranging clothes based on their colors, or using boxes and baskets to organize accessories. You can also utilize certain parts of your walk-in closets for particular items. For example, top shelves are great for storing large items. Also, shoes can be stored on large shelving.

Add art to your walk-in closet by creating vignettes of your favorite items, displaying framed images of the things you love, or placing your favorite books on your shelves or vanity section.

A contemporary walk-in closet design is the best for a spotless, uncluttered space to show your clothes flawlessly. Have an unmistakable style as a top priority to keep your closet looking strong and stick with it! 


California Closets, Santa Barbara

This sophisticated closet features Virtuoso Walk-In Closet with Celsius Bronze Sliding Door.


California Closets, Santa Barbara

This contemporary closet in Santa Barbara features closet shoe shelves and a slide-out mirror.


Tailored Living Featuring Premier Garage

Extravagant and spacious walk in closet design in Los Angeles. The room looks stunning with white storage and green walls.


GreenWood Design Build

Must-Haves For Walk-In Closets

When thinking of closet design ideas, here are some essentials you should consider. 

White makes an excellent paint color. No other shade in the palette creates a superior background in your closets for your garments to sparkle. White looks splendid in what is otherwise a dull room and consistently makes any space look fresh and new. 

Make a delightful and novel storage room space by utilizing creative accessory displays. Get cues from the most sizzling design boutiques to show your fashion items. You may use racks, bookcases, floating boxes, and ledges, or mannequins. 

Seats for your walk-in storage would be beneficial. For example, you can have an ottoman where you can spread out outfits, or sit on it as you try on your shoes. An ottoman that opens up is ideal if you need more extra space. As for the shape of your seat, choose a round one if you have an enormous closet or a narrow bench if you have a small, straight one.

One of the most up to date overhauls in the realm of walk-in closets is a vanity section. It usually has a countertop, drawers, mirrors, lights, and a stool or seat.

Lights in a walk-in closet serve many purposes. One, they can highlight an area in your closet as the focal point, add mood lighting, improve brightness, particularly when there are no windows, showcase beautiful displays, and highlight accessories.

A library ladder allows you to access things placed on high areas of your walk-in closet. You can also use it to display outfits or accessories that you use the following day. 



Rockport Doors & Closets Inc.

Dark wood walk in closet organizers, carpeted floor, and dim lights for a dramatic and classic feel on this transitional closet in Boston.


Organization & Relocation

Color code your children’s clothes and organize by season with Colorado’s professional organizers.


The Closets Company

This modern closet in Miami features a touch of classic pinewood, together with a white closet storage system.


Classy Closets

The custom closet and storage solution for this traditional closet in Phoenix is made by Classy Closets.


Toby Hartline Custom Homes & Remodeling

This transitional closet in Orange County features granite counter, dark wood cabinets, and frosted glass cabinet doors.


Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Get inspiration in Khloe Kardashian’s fitness closet. Organize your running shoes, athletic wear, and gym essentials in one place.

Big And Luxurious Walk In Closet Ideas

What makes luxurious walk-in closets so astounding are over the top design elements. They may not be a possibility for many. However, it is fun to dream of having a big, extravagant walk-in closet. If you are fortunate to have a huge space for your walk-in closet, you may be considering redesigning it. The following are some walk-in closet design ideas if you have a big space. 

Rich wood surfaces give a high-class look. Dark wood wardrobes in a walk-in closet look elegant. Meanwhile, one with salmon tones as the color scheme looks charming, especially when you have a chair with fur coating. A light blue walk-in carpet looks chic, especially when it has a labyrinthic carpet. Rugs can also make any walk-in closet luxurious, but ensure that you choose the right one that matches your overall theme.

A big walk-in closet will benefit from set-in lighting. Also, strip lighting can be used in a walk-in closet if it is too big that light may not penetrate some parts. If you want, you can install chandeliers in your walk-in closet for really eye-catching yet functional lighting.

A big walk-in closet can make more space for dressing islands. A dressing island is an ideal space to drop every one of your things until you use them once more. It comes in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Choose one with a lot of shelves drawers. Have boxes or cases on your island for little things like jewelry, coins, or keys. 



erik kitchen design

Keep everything classy and timeless with this traditional closet idea in New York.


Closets of Tulsa

Organize your things and keep them clean from dust all year round with full cabinets and doors.


314 Design Studio

Trendy contemporary closet in Baltimore offers plenty of storage options and a vanity.


Viking Custom Homes

This large traditional closet will take care of your clothes, shoes, and accessories and keep them in great condition.

Small Closet Ideas

A small walk-in closet might not have the same impact as a big one, but does that not mean that you cannot have fun designing one. Components that help sort out everything in the most useful of ways are essential if you have a small walk-in closet. For example, you will see a lot of shelving, racks, and drawers in a small closet. Also, do not go for a dark color scheme and instead go for light shades that can open up your walk-in closet. Having more mirrors is also recommended. Install mirrors on doors or have mirrored doors. Not only will they keep things sorted. The mirrors will also reflect light and make your closet feel bigger.

Think of ways to make your door be used to create more space in your closet. For example, you can hang organizers for your shoes or other accessories on your door. You can also remove the door and replace it with curtains or leave the door open for a bit of extra space. 

For small homes fitted out with standard storage space for clothes, space is rarely enough. The answer to this is getting modular closets. What precisely is a modular closet? It is a closet that is based on your needs and way of life. Awesome closets have standard-size parts, for example, racks, dress rails, and drawers, but most can be tweaked to suit shoe cupboards, extra drawers, belt rails, vanity section, and even dressing islands. If you think you do not have enough space in your walk-in closet, you can go to a designer planner or head to modular closets store to have your closet redone based on the area you have.



White and raised-panel cabinets, granite counter, and medium tone wood floor for this traditional closet in Orange County.


Michael Friedes Design Associates

This large walk in closet is formerly a sunroom. It was transformed with fixtures from California Closets to accommodate the owners’ extensive wardrobe.


Rockport Doors & Closets Inc.

This walk in closet is a bedroom extension. The blue walls and wood shelves make the area cool and refreshing.


Yellowstone Architects

The small rustic closet makes use of the available space for kid’s clothes and shoes.


California Closets – Northern & Central Florida

A contemporary angled closet with dainty green accents, white cabinets, and unique wood flooring.


Forst Construction, Inc.

A spacious master bedroom closet with built-in storage spaces for all your wardrobe needs.

Final Thoughts

Walk-in closets are no longer exclusive to wealthy people, as often portrayed in movies and television shows. Now, anyone can have a walk-in closet by merely organizing and designing an available area in their home.

A walk-in closet is more than space where you keep your clothes, shoes, bags, or other fashion items. It is a reflection of your style. Design your walk-in closet in a way that it will inspire you. After all, your walk-in closet is where you pick the clothes and accessories you wear before you go out of your home and meet people. Therefore take advantage of designing it to show your personality. 

The size of your closet should never hinder you from expressing your creativity. Though walk-in closets usually require huge space, you can still come up with a magnificent area for your fashion item, even with limited space. You have to ensure that it has the elements you truly need, not only visual-wise but also function-wise.

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