7 Best Portable Stackable Tool Boxes [2021 Reviews]


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A portable toolbox can be convenient for organizing screws and tools in boxes so you can take them wherever you want.

From experts to DIY’ers, it’s the must-have box for everybody. Nevertheless, with many options available, it’s pretty challenging to choose the right one.

To simplify the process, we’ve reviewed seven best portable stackable tool boxes. Check them out!

RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Cart And Organizer Stack, 3 Tool Box Combination
  • High impact resin and heavy duty construction
  • Features water and dust seal
  • All terrain wheels
  • Lockable system
  • Cleans Easily
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DEWALT Tool Box, Tough System, Large (DWST08203)
  • Durable structural foam box walls of the tool storage give robust structure to the stand alone units
  • The tool chest features an integrated water seal in every unit for protection of contents and long life for your equipment
  • IP65 rating - The portable tool chest is water and dust resistant
  • Durable 4mm thick structural foam box wall gives robust structure to the stand alone units
  • Integrated water seal in every unit for protection of contents and long life for your equipment
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Tool cart with plastic drawers, tool box and tool chest.
  • Two drawer unit with removable dividers
  • Heavy duty 7 inches wheels for easy on-site manoeuvrability
  • Aluminum telescopic back handle for easy elevation; handle can be lowered for storage
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BIG RED TRJF-C305ABD Torin Garage Workshop Organizer: Portable Steel and Plastic Stackable Rolling Upright Trolley Tool Box with 3 Drawers, Red
  • Garage workshop organizer is a portable, rolling upright trolley tool box with multiple storage compartment drawers and is composed of 3 separate parts
  • Top section is a tool box with an aluminum handle and a large, removable storage tray that provides an easy access to your tools and has a metal latch closure
  • Middle section has 2 slide out drawers that have ball bearings for smooth operation
  • Bottom section has a tilt drawer storage cabinet with the back housing the 2 wheels and the collapsible, telescopic handle with a comfort grip; Each section can be separated or connected depending on your tool storage needs
  • Overall dimensions measure 20.5" L x 12.6" W x 28.4" H; Ideal for both residential and industrial use and includes a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty
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3-in-1 Rolling Tool Box with Wheels, Foldable Comfort Handle, and Removable Sections – Toolbox Organizers and Storage by Stalwart
  • PORTABLE TOOL BOX – This rigid 3-in-1 toolbox has wheels and a fold-down handle with comfort grip, so you can take everything you need to off-site jobs
  • TOOL STORAGE – 3 separate compartments that can be easily pulled out and used independently ensure that you will have room for all your essential tools and supplies while on the go
  • RUGGED DESIGN – This tool chest with wheels is made of durable steel to keep your power and hand tools safe and secure during travel or moving around rough construction sites
  • LOCKABLE – each of the compartments has a spot to place a lock, so you can keep your tools and equipment safe and secure anywhere
  • PRODUCT DETAILS – Materials: Steel and Polymer; Overall Dimensions: L 20.5” x W 12” x H 28”; Top Compartment: L 19.5” x W 8” x D 10”; Middle Compartment: L 19.5” x W 7” x D 10”; Bottom Compartment: L 19” x W 9.5” x D 13”
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48-22-8426 Packout, 22", Rolling Tool Box
  • Made of a solid construction
  • Industrial grade extension handle
  • Does not include interior organizer tray. Interior trays are optional components
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DEWALT Tool Box with Wheels, TSTAK, Deep Box (DWST17820)
  • Maximum Storage Volume - thanks to metal-plastic telescopic handle leaning backwards feature of the tool storage
  • Push button of the rolling tool chest is made for handle opening and closing for easy storage
  • Bi-material top handle of the portable tool chest is designed for convenient carrying
  • Durable 7-inch wheels
  • Anti-rust metal latches
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  • Shockproof and weather proof
  • Several storage compartments
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • Quite expensive

Sebring Tip:

This is one excellent set of stackable tool boxes. Like any other systems, you can add or eliminate several of the parts to personalize your use and undertake the quantity of storage with you that you need. This is indeed convenient when you go to a bunch of job sites and do not usually require the same products every day.


  • Water-resistant
  • Stackable
  • Extremely sturdy


  • Include only one tray
  • No wheels

Sebring Tip:

Do you not need all that extra space and only want a little something to your core set of tools? The DEWALT Tough System DS 300 has got you covered. Like the old style of equipment boxes that give you a single compartment to work with, this tools box made it to the next level by offering additional protection. When you want something that will protect your tools no matter what’s happening outside, this is the tool box that is perfect for you.


  • You can customize storage options
  • Lightweight
  • Can hold longer items at the back


  • The plastic may wear out easily

Sebring Tip:

If you simply have a tool box to keep the necessities required for basic home repairs, hanging photographs, or tightening up loose chair legs, there is simply no reason to invest a ton of money. But this does not mean you’ve to go for a substandard product. While it is not created for complex usage on a worksite, the Stanley Modular Rolling Workshop Tool Box features heavy plastic, which keeps up very well in the typical house.


  • Aluminum handle
  • Many storage compartments
  • Large removable storage tray
  • Two wheels and a collapsible handle


  • The wheels are not sturdy enough to carry weight

Sebring Tip:

The Torin Big Red TRJF C305ABD garage workshop organizer is a portable, stackable rolling upright trolley tool box with many storage compartment drawers. It is built with polypropylene and steel, offering a stable and durable platform that can hold up in the toughest environments. Perfect for both industrial and residential use. It comes with a limited one year manufacturer warranty.


  • Really versatile
  • Telescoping handle
  • Plenty of room for bigger tools


  • No small parts organizer
  • Difficult to move up/down stairs

Sebring Tip:

Stackable tool boxes provide the very best of both worlds: Stack them up high just like a best tool chest for optimum storage with the smallest footprint, or separate them if needed to tote only the tools you need. And also, the Stalwart Oversized Portable Tool Chest functions in both scenarios like a champ.

The entire structure weighs 33 pounds and has a total weight capacity of 150 lbs.


  • Durable construction
  • Holds huge tools
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Telescoping handle


  • No small parts organizer

Sebring Tip:

If you have a huge collection of power and hand tools, and are searching for a large box to tote them inside, you have met your match with the Milwaukee Packout 22 Inch Rolling Tool Box. The package itself weighs 23 pounds when empty.

The Packout is essentially a huge box; there are no included organizers or trays, which means you can pack in even large and oddly shaped tools with ease. It is made of heavy-duty red impact-resistant plastic with metal reinforced corners and is weather-sealed to keep your tools protected from the elements.


  • Flexible storage options
  • Durable construction


  • Only comes with one tool box

Sebring Tip:

We really love DEWALT stuff, and the TSTAK product line creates wonderful stackable tool boxes. However, it may be tedious to build an excellent set of mobile tool boxes. Meanwhile, it does allow it to be easy to choose only the boxes you will really need and customize it for your needs, so that is great.

To help you a bit, you will have to head to the primary TSTAK product web page and add at least one to the cart, then return and choose the various other TSTAK options until you come across everything you need. The best part is that several of them are mentioned as choices on this primary product page. You can also find the options by searching for Dewalt TSTAK at Amazon.

Buying Guide For Stackable Tool Boxes

The portable toolbox will help you look for tools instantly if you want them to handle emergency repairs/simple maintenance or typical work at your worksite. We’ve provided all of the vital info about the portable toolbox to assist you in choosing your best choice, as per your necessity.

Let us check out what elements to consider while shopping for stackable tool boxes. 

Types Of Stackable Tool Boxes

You will find two basic kinds of portable tool boxes—rolling tool box and hand carry tool boxes. Check them out to have a detailed idea.

Hand-Carry Tool Boxes

This is created to build with either hard plastic or sheet metal. Here, the toolbox produced with metal is sturdy and longer-lasting, whereas the plastic-made toolbox is waterproof, compact, and lightweight. Thus, according to your personal preference and how you utilize the toolbox, you need to determine whether to buy a plastic or metal toolbox.

Also, keep in mind that your toolboxes need sufficient room for the standard hand tools like screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches (up to 27 mm), along with additional small hand tools. A couple of high-end models provide some extra space for tiny power tools, like an angle grinder or hand drill.

Rolling Toolbox

We usually see many large tool boxes piled on top of each other positioned on a rolling trolley with 2 wheels for easy movement. The best thing about this particular rolling type is that it can quickly hold more tools than the typical toolbox.

They’re a few hand-carry tool boxes piled atop one another. Most rolling tool boxes allow you to remove the top box and utilize it as a hand carry compartment. When you would like to haul all of these tools to a remote worksite, then a rolling tool box is an ideal choice for your requirements. Additionally, a few models have big, solid rubber wheels which could be quickly carried over any sort of terrain. Others have casters that allow you to coast over hard or smooth surfaces.

Characteristics To Watch Out For When Buying Stackable Tool Boxes


When getting the best-sized toolbox, you’ve got to look at your tool collection size, box storage space location, and how often you will move it from a single spot to another. Remember that whenever the dimensions of the box increase, its weight also increases. For example, you need a hand-carry toolbox to take simple hand tools, whereas you need a rolling type toolbox when carrying plenty of power tools.


Steel and plastic are two standard materials utilized to build the portable toolbox. The steel box is good, long-lasting, expensive, and will last longer, but not waterproof and heavy. Plastic is lightweight, inexpensive, waterproof tool box but will not hold much weight. Based upon your work environment, you need to select the construction built of a toolbox.

Number of Compartments 

Most lightweight toolbox choices offer numerous boxes, including three boxes or four boxes, based on the specific design. A more significant number of compartments like four containers will let you store far more tools in a well-organized way. Apart from checking out the number of boxes/compartments, look at the compartment design to understand the boxes are detachable or not. 

Weight And Load Capacity Of A Toolbox

How much weight a toolbox can deal with will identify the load capacity of a specific toolbox. The producer provides a clear idea of this load capacity on the package or user manual. Basically, steel and composite toolboxes carry more weight than a plastic toolbox. Indeed, the weightier the toolbox, the harder it could be to carry and lug around to the worksite. Furthermore, the load capacity and weight are interconnected. A heavyweight toolbox could easily store plenty of tool weight but a little challenging to move around unless it has wheels to move easily.

Benefits of Portable Stackable Tool Boxes

Here’s the list of advantages you’ve to learn before looking for portable toolboxes. Check them out!


It’s helpful while performing your duties in remote areas, in which you’ve got to haul your equipment along with you. Thus, a lightweight toolbox will make it perfectly suitable and stop wasting time to make back and forth trips.


While working outdoors, you need to keep your equipment protected from the outside environment. For instance, you need to shut the lid of the toolbox and head for protection when raining abruptly on your worksite. Thus, a waterproof toolbox is going to keep your tools dry and allow you to stay safe. Besides, it shields you from any risk happening while running all around the worksite with a large bag of resources.

Secure Your Tools

One needs to stow their devices and some other belongings protected with a lock and key as you work on a site. This can restrict others not to use them unknowingly. Most portable toolboxes are available with padlocks to secure your tools and keep them from theft.

Permanent Storage

We generally separate certain tools into specific containers to manage them & save your valuable storage space. Many of these tools may be permanently kept in portable toolboxes and will require less space. 

Organize Your Stuff

With portable tool boxes, you can have your equipment well organized in one spot since a single box is focused on hand tools, while others are employed for power tools, measurement instruments, and so on. This particular way of organizing will allow you to work quickly and enhance a compelling work experience.

Act As Emergency Tool Kits In Vehicle 

An emergency tool kit is necessary to have in each automobile, even used only to keep jumper cables, road flares, and other emergency essentials. Next, in this situation, a portable toolbox will save the storage area of the kit inside the trunk of the vehicle. 

Drop-Resistant Up To A Certain Height

An excellent toolbox must sustain falling from a particular level (a few feet) without receiving much damage. For example, if it falls inadvertently from the bed of a truck as you move, the tools will not be spread on the street and thereby present a significant threat to various other automobile drivers.


Milwaukee has hit the spot with their Packout product. It’s so far the best stackable tool boxes available for sale. Moreover, this product is durable and heavy-duty. It can move a 250lb load, and it is metal reinforced for strength and rigidity. If you are looking for the best tool box, try Milwaukee Packout 22 Inch Rolling Tool Box. 

We like the single tool boxes may be removed, locked (rings also reinforced with metal), and stacked differently when preferred. It is also modular, which means you can include alternative Packout organizers and toolboxes. This is the perfect all-around portable, rolling tool box and deserves consideration in case you are in the market for one. This can be your perfect tool box on wheels!

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