76 People Who Have Doorbell Cameras Are Sharing The Worst Things They’ve Caught On Them

The doorbell surveillance business is booming. It’s now expected that their sales will reach $1.4 billion by 2023, up from $500 million last year.

Once the doorbell camera is installed, the homeowner has video access to their front porch from any location with Wi-Fi. If you believe the Ring ads on TV, you can also scare off unwanted strangers and burglars by yelling at them through your app. But they're a controversial product. Data privacy experts criticize the idea, and researchers are not convinced they’re really making us any safer. Or just feeding on people’s fears.

We may not have the answers to these questions just yet, but we can at least take a look at some of the weirdest and creepiest things caught by these cameras. From a sleepwalking baby to an orange glow after a chemical plant explosion, and a stranger who comes to pet plants once in a while, some sightings that people saw on their doorbell cameras and shared in this Reddit thread are indeed chilling.


My little brother is a sleepwalker, this one time he snuck out of the house (while still asleep).

My sister said she heard someone talking just outside the door, went to look and saw my brother sat on the porch couch apparently having a conversation with my grandpa. She says he was telling my grandpa “I love you” and “I’m going to miss you.”

My dad got him back inside the house without waking him up and nobody gave much thought into what just had happened until a couple hours later when my uncle called telling us my grandpa had passed away while asleep.

My little brother says he doesn’t remember anything but we got it on video, we can’t hear what he’s saying too clearly but he was definitely talking to someone and he sure as heck said “I’m going to miss you” at least twice.

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A chemical plant blew up a few miles from my house and you could hear the a distant explosion and see an orange glow on mine

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I have a camera doorbell. Not a ring. The creepiest thing I ever saw was the night I had two cops come to my door. They stood outside the door talking to eachother about if I was home or not and who would rape me first.

I was at home at the time.

My dog alerted me by whining at the door, and I checked the DB cam. I listened to them talking for about 10 seconds before I called 911. The operator told me they didn't have cops in my area and to stay away from the door, put at least one more locked door between me and them and to stay on the line and quiet until the real cops could get there.

I live around the block from the fire department so it was less than 2 minutes later when a fire tuck pulled up and the two fake cops ran off.

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Not super creepy, but there is a guy that pets my plants sometimes.

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Honda Civic riding back and forth slowly around our neighborhood playing ice cream truck music loudly. Hoping it was a stupid prank and not something more sinister.

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6 people standing about 10 feet from my door and just staring at my house this past September.

They were there muttering to each other for almost 20 minutes before going to the next house on the row and muttering there too.

My girlfriend thinks they were the HOA, but I don't totally believe that.

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At 5ish in the morning, sun was just starting to come up and it's the middle of winter. My husband half asleep answers the doorbell on his phone in bed next to me. It's a toddler wearing nothing but a pj top and underwear. Husband says "hello?" Toddler says "can (my son's name) come out to play?" Husband still half asleep says "not right now maybe later" About 3 mins later husband suddenly sits up as the reality of the situation dawn's on him and he rushes out of the house to track down a wandering toddler walking barefoot in the streets in freezing weather. Turns out my son's toddler friend from daycare who's been to our house once for a playdate just walked straight out his front door undetected and memorized the route to our house. For me it was the possibility of his little journey ending very differently than it did in a number of terrifying scenarios that still haunts me.

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I watched a delivery driver get knuckle-deep in their own nose and then plant a gangly looking booger on one of our columns. That was the funniest.

The creepiest? Our neighborhood is a common target for porch pirates. Our neighbors got a bunch stolen off their porch a few years ago and we all put up cameras after that. You'd think porch pirates would recognize that many houses have cameras now, but you don't get to porch pirate status by being an intelligent person. I moved some cardboard boxes outside, intending to load them in the truck and take them to the town dump. I got busy and forgot I set them out on the steps. It got late. A porch pirate came along and picked up the main box that the rest were crushed into, thinking it was some expensive package. We were unaware anything was going on until the dogs went nuts, meaning someone was at the front door. I went out, took a quick peek, nothing. The dogs went nuts again a few minutes later. This time I went back outside armed (wouldn't be the first time I needed it). As I approached the front door, something ran across our front yard and through both sets of gardens. I then heard some crapbox rev up and putter-fart away. I checked security cam footage and witnessed that lowlife cram himself into the largest cardboard box to hide when I approached the door the first time.

It's cool though. I left some presents for the porch pirates last year and they haven't been back since. Package up about 10lbs of dog crap, old chicken broth (bonus if you let some chicken go rancid and toss that in too) and silver nitrate in a large ziplock bag. Glue it upside down in a cardboard box so that the flaps contact the bottom. Glue the bottom of the bag against the flaps of the box. When someone opens the box, it tears the seal open and makes one hell of a mess that they will never be able to clean up.

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My mom saw a guy wandering around her yard with a baseball bat in hand late at night. Her, my brother, and our Great Dane went out to ask him what the f*ck he thought he was doing. Guy immediately ran off.

Used to think security cameras at home were weird. Now I know they can give you a head start in case someone shady is about.

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Not a ring cam, just a porch cam. The creepiest thing I've seen? Racoons.... like 12 of them lined up on my porch staring at my front door for what seemed like a really long time...

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A full grown man had a gun and shot someone, dont know if he missed or not, all I knew was I was scared.

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My wife’s ex-husband in our backyard looking in the windows.

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Dude crouching behind my car while me and my mom got out, crept up right behind it and we didn't even notice, his face was covered, didn't see until a day or two later watching random clips.

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I live alone and my son recently installed a ring doorbell. About 5.30am I got a notification that a person was seen at my door. I watched the video and there was a really creepy person (was still dark) hanging around. I rang my son, he has the app to access the doorbell videos etc. Turns out it was me showing my dog there was no one outside.


I saw something that looked like my dog at dusk it definitely was not my dog only because I was sitting next to her on the couch. It was terrifying because I was home alone too.

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Not too creepy, but there was a man in my area for a time that would wear a jumpsuit and a TV on his head and he would randomly leave old TVs and monitors on people's porches. Dude hit up like 50 homes. Never caught.

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Last week, my wife and I checked a notification that there was movement at the front door, but we checked it about an hour after it happened.

There was what appeared to be a small child on our porch in a winter coat and standing motionless. With the way they were standing, we couldn’t see their face. They stood like this for minutes, not moving, then just left. So creepy.

My wife had recently put out a Christmas decoration that was a holiday dinosaur so we figure the kid was just looking at that. We moved in to this house just a couple of months ago so we don’t know the kid. I’m on the lookout in case we’re in a horror movie.

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Got an alert that someone was at the door and my dog barked, but no knock. I thought I heard something, so I checked the camera and a younger looking guy had walked up and tried to unlock my front door with what I guess was a key he found on the ground close to my house.

In broad daylight! With our cars in the driveway. What the actual f*ck.


Was working on and moving into a back house/apartment that wasn’t quite ready yet. The creepy fall-down drunk contractor who I had to let go from working on it pulled up at 5am and parked but didn’t get out of his van for several minutes. When he did finally get out, he was putting himself back into his pants and zipping up. Then he went through the gate and into the private patio (where the camera couldn’t see him anymore), and was gone for 5-10 more minutes.

After that 5-10 minutes he reappeared back at his car without having retraced his steps back through the gate. I think he was looking all around to see if I had moved in yet (I’m a youngish single woman) and trying to catch me before I woke up if so. After that I think he just walked through the private yard of the front house to get out. He cryptically texted me later that he “noticed someone moved into the front house” and I freaked out because that someone is a single mom with two young kids.

He came back a couple more times but the cops were always too slow, but it’s been a while since the last visit so I think he’s done now. Or dead, who knows

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The power line across the street burst into flames for a moment. Not a transformer, but the cable itself. Maybe it's not that unusual but I've never seen anything like it.

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Some dude came up to our door in the middle of the night, kept saying “Do y’all have gasoline?”, and then just walked off.

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I have security cameras if that counts. I saw a person running through my yard high as a kite in their underwear, screaming at police at the time stamp of 4 in the morning. I have no idea how I didn't wake up to this, as it ended in my front yard.

I checked the cameras that morning, because this person destroyed part of my fencing that they couldn't see while running around in the dark, and I woke up to that damage and god knows what smeared all over our hood of the car. The Police never notified us that this happened and I wouldn't have ever known if I didn't have the camera.

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The little red flag thing on our mailbox rising up and coming back down several times one night. There was no wind, no storms, no weather, a complete clear night. We decided to convince ourselves that it was the wind so we don't get freaked out by a paranormal event.

Little after a year later, we caught on the inside kitchen camera, the roll of paper towels completely coming undone by itself. That one REALLY freaked us out since it took several seconds of continuous unrolling. Now we have a praying candle a Bible and a crucifix in the house.

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Where I live, our houses are surrounded by walls so no one can actually walk from the street to the front door as they would have to go through the gate first.

The people across the street from us came over to ask if we had camera footage from the night before as someone had broken into their house. When we reviewed the camera footage from the security camera, we saw that they had attempted to come into our house first by using an electricity box to try and climb over the wall. Fortunately, the wall and fence was still too high for them to get over but it was scary nonetheless.


A mama bear and her cubs getting into our trash cans and then getting a little too curious about our cars and coming down the driveway to investigate. Our dogs scared them off as soon as they got too close to the house, but getting that alert and watching the video made the door between us suddenly feel very flimsy.


Whats most scary is my ring doorbell went of several times in the middle of the night for no reason... I changed the setting to video only wake, instead of audio/video. It went on for about a month.

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A previous owner of my house had installed a mezuzah on the door. My wife and I aren’t Jewish but we left it because.

About once a year in the early spring, a car will pull up in front of our house. An older man will get out, walk to the door, then Touch the mezuzah then get back in his car and leave.

It’s not the previous owner, but it may be the person who put it there.


It’s not actually a Ring doorbell (just a security cam), but we caught this mountain lion casing my car late one night.

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Someone holding a clearly fake police badge up to the camera. I wasn't home at the time.


I brought my ring inside to see how sh*tty I’m sleeping. The creepiest thing I’ve recorded is me grabbing the ring at 3am, looking absolutely possessed and mumbling to myself about who knows. The video stops with the ring face down on my bed and the next video is it back in the spot it originally was. I have zero memory of any of it.


Not really creepy but there’s a serial gnomer in my neighborhood being caught on doorbell cameras. She’s dropping off gnomes on the unsuspected and walks away.


Not a ring doorbell, but a small camera in my bedroom window.

I caught a man watching me through the window in real time. My phone alerted me that there was movement outside my window, so I opened the live stream and watched the man watch me.

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Halloween. Kid trick or treating solo dressed as a creepy clown intentionally getting close to the camera and making faces. I'm terrified of clowns.


Have a security camera pointed at the back of the house toward my detached back garage....

The weirdest thing that still f*cks with me was late night on 4th of July. The noise of neighborhood fireworks kept the regular animals away, but my camera did pick up an individual hanging around the back of the house and neighbors back lawn. Definitely was a person....

....but they were walking on all fours like a goddamn spider. Not once did they go back to walking on their legs. They were gangly looking....lean and not pudgy. Also wearing a dark shirt and pants. Their face was always kept down.

This creeper was crawling all around the back and into the neighbor's lawns on all fours for like 10min before they f*cked off and left the area picked up by the security camera.

The next morning a pile of human sized sh*t plus a copious amount of vomit was found in the middle of my driveway at the back of the house.

There were whole un-chewed skittles in the vomit.

So yeah, creepiest thing my outdoor camera has picked up: gangly human crawling around the back driveway of my house on all fours while vomiting up skittles.


My daughter woke me up really early one day, so we were settling in the couch to watch some TV. I hear a rustling on the porch and figure it's wind, but then feel weird and look at the cam on my phone.

There a guy on the porch taking her special needs bicycle!! He lifted it over the baby's wagon, and that was the sound I heard.

I jumped up and opened the door (it was early, pre-coffee, wasn't thinking very clearly yet). He was gone. We called the police to make a report, and they came out to see the clip. Then they said "Is it that bike right there?" Apparently, he dropped it at the end of our street when he heard our door open.

We felt dumb for not checking, but we're glad we got the bike back.


A friend of mine had a woman come up to his home at 3 in the morning, drunk, and try to open the door with her set of keys. She then started banging, calling out some woman's name, which woke up my friend and one of his sisters. The woman then began to make threats. Cops came, turns out the woman walked for 3 hours from a nightclub in the next town over, and had gotten crazy drunk there. She was thrown out of the club because she was trying to start a fight with the other women because none of the guys were hitting on her or something. Her home was 3 miles from the club, in the other direction.


I think I found a guy trying to stake out my place. He came up to my door, knocked it, tried to ring the doorbell (the doorbell was broken), and finally rang the Ring doorbell. He looked shocked to see it working, and he quickly took off in his car. My place was kind of burglarized a year before; I caught the burglar outside and screamed at him.


I have a camera in the hallway inside the house facing the door. Some one with a motorcycle helmet opened the front door, pet my dog, and then left. Checking the front yard camera, there was no motorcycle or car in the driveway. We changed the locks and got a security system that night.


Earlier this week I caught video of a guy who walked up to my door and hung a cloth, reusable shopping bag from my mailbox. The bag contained one old work glove and a crumpled up, wet, partially frozen (It was cold that night) t-shirt. Basically decided to give me his trash. I promptly threw it in the garbage can with-out investigating anything closer. It was quite unnerving.


Some guy came sliding up against the side of my house towards my front door like butter drippin off a hot biscuit, until he saw the ring camera and then slowly backed away, still sliding against the wall. He didnt realize I also had a camera above my garage which watched him walk out back to the street and head for the neighbor's house. Scumbag. Also some piece of sh*t stole my boyfriend's package. Hope you enjoy your $20 wax burner you committed a federal crime for, d*ckweed.


My neighbors mom looking to come "kick my a*s" while i was home. I didn't realize she was there until later bc i had headphones on

At the time i was 24 and he was 37 i think. He was all pissy because i told him next time i hear him beat his gf I'm calling the cops no matter how much she begs everyone not to

So he sent his mom over

Rewatching that video just gives creepy vibes knowing that i was home but oblivious


Random guy comes to our door at 1 AM, looks into the Ring then puts something down on the door mat but doesn't ring the bell. About 15 minutes later, someone approaches the door quickly, takes it and runs off.

I saw two events in the morning and was like WTF. Seeemed super sketchy. Then my next door neighbor texted saying he got home super late, ordered food, and the delivery driver dropped it at our house instead of his.


A couple years ago, a 22ish year old door to door salesman came and knocked on the door like a Sheriff with a warrant. So that was already startling. I turned off the TV and ran upstairs to my dad. He asked who it was and they replied with “moxie” (Moxie is a extermination company) My dad told him he wasn’t interested but then dude started BANGING on the door. So my dad grabs his gun and tells him to leave immediately. He pretends like he can’t hear him and incessantly kept at it. My dad yelled that he was gonna call the cops and THATS when he “heard” and ran off calling my dad a bitch. When we looked at the footage he had the most sinister smile. Really eerie.


Don't have a ring doorbell do have a security cam by the front door. maybe a year or so ago i was home alone with my two dogs (this is relevant) we used to have Jehovahs witnesses come around a lot. We have a gate that blocks the house but since I was waiting for my mom to get home it was open. Anyways, i was in the other room and my mom texted me saying she got a notification that there was movement in front of the house and asks if it was me. I went to look out the window and saw one the guy with a bunch of pamphlets trying to look through the blinds to see if we were home. This is where the dogs come in, our dogs are big, really big. Our "little" dogs is 100 pound retriver and the other is a 150 pound dog the size of a small bear. They are both aboslute sweet hearts, but they can damn intimidating. They also go nuts when they hear someone knock on the door. So i went out of site of the guy on our porch and knock on a wood cabinet to wake up the dogs who promptly lost their minds. The guy didn't appreciate two huge dogs marking at his face through a window and left. We barely see Jehovahs witnesses anymore.


Used to teach online in the early hours of the morning and saw a man I was pretty sure I saw at an intersection a few days before with a cardboard sign approach the house. Once he got closer I switched to the Ring to observe. He crawled up the stairs on hands and knees then came to the door in a crouched position and scratched on the door. I was freaked out.

My Jack Russell is usually asleep when I teach, so he didn't immediately react. I was still teaching, so quickly put myself on mute and yelled "Who wants a treat?!" Doggo immediately awoke and heard the scratching and went bonkers. I saw the guy running down the drive and was creeped out for several days.


I once caught this man at my door step who repeatedly kept ringing the doorbell and calling out a name that was either Serena or Selena. He was there for like 30 minutes until he started to kick my door. I wasn’t home at the time but my girlfriend was and she called the police. Obviously he was on something.


Two guys checking porch/front door handle and car doors. My wife's car was unlocked but I don't think they took anything. There were a few cars stolen in our neighborhood around that time so my guess is they were looking for keys.


Had mine detect the sound of someone screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night. Was only like 2 seconds then stopped and didn't happen again.

Then there was the time there was a shootout across the street and it picked up the sounds of gunshots. I could hear the crack of the bullets on the opposite side of the house, but sadly not on camera.


A couple of guys attacked my bushes with a machete, and threw the branches in the driveway. My family thought I ran into the bushes and scolded me, before I showed them the footage.

Still don't know why this happened.


I bought my ring when they weren't available in the UK. I imported it from America. Next door got broken into and the guy doing it was clearly looking at my doorbell wondering if it was indeed a camera or just some fancy new doorbell. I recorded him using their doorbell with his t shirt over his finger (to stop his prints) and him breaking in by kicking through the bottom panels of the door. I showed the video to the police and they said aha yep we know him. I also caught him smoking a cigarette, throwing it on the ground and leaving that sweet DNA on the butt. police picked him up, used the cigarette and my videos as evidence and charged him. He got 3 years at her majesty's pleasure.


Around 6:00am an obviously homeless man rang our doorbell a few times. He began to reach his hands into his pants and talk to his penis.

After a few seconds he then tried to climb through a cracked window above the door. It was too tall and he gave up immediately. He then walked around the side porch, put all of his belongings nicely in a corner, and left. Never saw him again.


I have some flowerbeds out front and they've gotten vandalized, so I got camerasto cover them. I also live down the road from student housing so I get drunk kids stumbling through all the time.

Every semester around finals, various groups of kids come 'pay tribute to the fae for luck' by sitting around my jasmine bed that has a faerie house neighborhood in it. They praise the faeries, begging for luck, & leave tributes in the form of little snacks or small trinkets like bottle caps. It's hilarious & adorable.


I had an insane vagrant-looking person on my front porch for about 10 minutes at 3:00am. He was having a conversation with an imaginary person. I could make out him saying something like “I’ll get the shovel Tommy, just dont hit me anymore”


It's not creepy, but I was just astounded. My father in law is a wood carver. He had made us this really nice bear cub climbing up on some rocks carving. It's super heavy, like 150+ lbs, of solid wood. Woke up one morning with a Ring notification at like 4 AM the night before. I figured it was a car driving by or something and went to watch it.

Some dude just walked up to our front porch, picked this carving up, and started running down the street with it. I was pissed cause the carving was really nice, but completely amazed by the sheer strength to pick it up and run. Funny enough, our next door neighbor found it on FB Marketplace like 2 months later and was able to get it back for us. The bear now has a few 2" threaded rods bolted through the deck and some additional blocking I put in. You have to be the Mountain from GoT to pull this thing up now.


2AM, the dogs are going nuts. It is usually a cat but they are not calming down. Sleepy and just awakened it finally occurs to me to check the doorbell camera.

There is a guy just hanging out on the front porch. He alternately sits on a window sill or stands and leans against the wall. He gives the vibe that he is waiting in a way too long line but does not try to ring the doorbell or knock.

We call the police non-emergency line. He is not acting threatening in the slightest, just weird.

Police pull up and talk to him. My best guess is that this was some sort of Ambien sleepwalking or one of those cases where a UTI causes hallucinations. He does not have any idea that it is the middle of the night and thinks he is working and has to wait for the slacker in front of him to finish their job before he can get started.


A neighbor's cat went missing so we checked our Ring to see if they walked past our house. All we saw was a guy riding his bike down our street at 4 am.

After we found a cage trap in the woods behind our house, we took a closer look at the video and realized the guy was riding his bike one-handed with the cat slung over his other shoulder. The police confirmed it was someone with a history of fighting dogs and was likely trapping cats for bait. We moved shortly after.


Drunk guy dressed as Ronald McDonald throwing fries and swearing. Later that night he would be arrested at a Burger King for screaming anti Semitic slurs.


I heard the unmistakable sounds of gunshots in front of my house. My bulldog ran towards it and burst through our storm door like Macho Man Randy Savage. Our Ring camera caught that motion, me screaming and tackling her on our front porch while two cars full of idiots shot at each other passing by my house.


My neighbor has a ring and it caught someone checking car doors to see if they’d open. Her video wasn’t clear and she asked me to see if my dashcam got a better view. I wouldn’t have even known to look without her telling me. And as you’d expect, we turned the videos over the cops and they did nothing


Someone pounding on my door at 6am

I went to open the door with my gun in my hand (I lived very deep in the bush) but decided to check the ring first. It was the West Virginia State Police looking for the previous tennant to the rental I lived in.

I now simply never answer the door when someone knocks and I hide in the bathroom while checking the ring camera lol


Not a doorbell but a ring camera on the garage caught someone pulling door handles to see if they were unlocked. There was a string of car break ins about a year ago in the neighbourhood so not too surprising. The scariest part about it was I had just gotten home 5 minutes ago. Just an un settling feeling knowing I was just out there and now someone with malicious intent in the spot I was standing.


My neighbor shooting something at his girlfriends window then leaving like nothing happened

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Not me but my aunt has one. It caught some guy walking up to her front door and walking away as soon as he noticed the doorbell. My gut tells me he was up to no good


Bunch of cops with guns storming the house next door due to q robbery. That lead to me finding out my neighbor who is so blind he has a seeing eye dog has an open carry permit and a big hand gun.


Mine - nothing exciting. But one morning my husband and I were out early for a run, and we saw a teenager walk up to a house, open the front door and walk in. Seconds later, screaming, yelling, teenager books it out there and takes off down the street. About 3 minutes later the neighbor posted in our Ring Neighborhood group about some random kid walking into their house and scaring the crap out of them.

Turns out that this kid was texted with a friend and his friend told him “doors open come on in” and he was at the wrong house. And also apparently wrong house keeps their front door unlocked. Ensue fierce neighborhood debate on “kids walking around on their phones” “not knocking” “why is your front door unlocked at 6 am”


Heard someone knocking at my door at 2 AM. Opened the app that streams my porch cam. Its facing towards my door. Its a small girl with extremely long black hair standing there not moving at all like the Grudge movie.


I was drunk as f*ck watching my parents house when they were on vacation, woke up the next morning to a video my mom sent me, I was taking out the trash and dropped my phone in with the trash... I'm in my boxers trying to get my phone out of the trash can... my drunk a*s falls into the garbage can and I had a hell of a time getting myself out. I remember none of it. My mom proceeds to send that video to the rest of my family... and extend family.. and some family friends. Scary, no... but pretty hilarious


just my neighbor's cat and her demon eyes staring at it.


I have a wooden plant stand on my front porch and while we were away on vacation a few months back, we caught a big, fat raccoon climbing up on the middle shelf and knocking my philodendron off, and now the shelf permanently leans forward because mr. big butt raccoon decided he wanted to be king kong


Not me but my relative said there was a guy roaming the street in front of his house carrying an assault rifle. He had just bought his house and had just installed a security system which includes the Ring doorbell.


Someone was trying my door, I obviously spoke through and said “what the actual f*ck you doing?” they bricked it and was saying “ooh, oh sorry mate, wrong house”


My ex roommate taking naked pictures of herself after a heavy snow fall. Creepy a) because the last thing I wanted to see was my roommate naked and b) because I know the pics were for her married boyfriend


Kind of related but about 2 days after I was hit by a truck (whole other thing) but my mother had noticed a man who she didnt know in our alley (we have one for the front and back of the house) peeking around our garage staring at our house abd my mother and had yelled for me. I ran upstairs and out the back door yelling at him until he had scurried off. Well after he was arrested we had found out he was previously convicted of murder. If I have the video I will link it.

Tldr: Murder staring out our house


Literally creepy: we have a gecko that hangs out on top of the camera. Apparently he figured out that moths and other critters are attracted to the infrared and he ambushes them. He looks like an alien when his head fills the whole camera shot.


My friend was awoken by his ring doorbell alert in the early hours. Coming up to his front door was an armed police raid. Fully dressed for a party… Helmets, ballistic shields the lot.

He had a polite chat with the police via ring, they broke the door down anyway.

Ex girlfriend had made an allegation of domestic violence so he had to surrender his licensed shotguns a week previously. She later had said he also had crime links & unlicensed weapons in his house… hence the raid.

He wasn’t actually in the house when they raided… but got to see it all play out via ring via his phone.

They searched the house and found nothing. The crime & gun allegation was a lie… and the domestic violence allegation was also dropped when she had lied about at least one incident, as it had all been recorded via ring.


The first week I had my doorbell cam put in, 2 people pulled up in front of my house and had a fight.