81 Creepy Pictures Of Spiders Hiding In Unexpected Places

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), phobias are one of the most common mental disorders in the U.S. Roughly about 9% of people in the country have specific phobias but it's possible that in reality, this number is even higher because mental disorders are often under-reported in the States due to the stigma surrounding them.

Arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders and other arachnids, is one of the most prevalent phobias. Just the mere sight of a spider can trigger a fear response, and in some cases, even an image of an arachnid or the thought of a spider can lead to feelings of overwhelming fear and panic.

But spiders can creep out regular folks too. Especially when they are caught by surprise.

#1 Currently Renovating Our Floors. Seems Everyone Has Come Out Of Hiding

Image credits: fingerbus

#2 The Way This Spider Nested In A Beer Glass In My Garage

Image credits: _ogg

#3 Went To Brush My Teeth This Morning When...

Image credits: waxpatriot

#4 So I Found A Massive Rain Spider In My Bathroom

Image credits: abitofabuzzkill

#5 Heads Up

Image credits: imgflip

#6 Play It By Ear

Image credits: BranitFX

#7 Glove Full Of Spiders

Image credits: shepshep7

#8 Woman Finds Black Widow Spider In Bag Of Grapes From Troy Walmart

Image credits: WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7

#9 Sour Grapes

Image credits: n30m4u1

#10 They May Be Sans Pepins But They Ain't Sans Spider

Image credits: llamallamakoala

#11 Another Spider In The Car. Passenger Nearly Swung The Door Off

Image credits: henobee

#12 There’s A Spider In My AC

Image credits: Nowits3am

#13 My Biggest Fear When Sitting Down On The Toilet...

Image credits: DerpVaulter

#14 Have Some Extra Flavor

Image credits: SinisterCheese

#15 Went To Go Take A Sip Of My Tea...

Image credits: GucciCode

#16 Walked Into A Spider-Web The Other Night. This Was At The End Of It...

Image credits: castlej

#17 Spider In A Snow Globe At Target

Image credits: imgur.com

#18 Thanks I Hate This Cluster

Image credits: Acpyrus

#19 There's A Spider In My Tea

Image credits: TheDirtySherpa

#20 I Set Down My Drink And About Half An Hour Later A Spider Gave Birth On It

Image credits: yalliamsosad

#21 Cookie Monster

Image credits: ABC7Chicago

#22 Found A Dead Spider Inside My Orange

Image credits: RatedRGamer

#23 You Know The Type

Image credits: Memedroid

#24 Went To Take A Drink Of Water From My Cup And Saw This

Image credits: sadesp

#25 This Huntsman Spider Was Trying To Connect To The Web

Image credits: megustaajo

#26 A Spider Is Stuck In My Cars Speedo, And I Have No Idea How To Get It Out

Image credits: matthemod

#27 There Was No Other Way

Image credits: TheLoveWizard

#28 Got In My Car Last Night, Turned Around And Saw This. Australia’s "Huntsman" Spider. A Big One

Image credits: theblackbeltsurfer

#29 Web Of Lies

Image credits: DTNUK

#30 This Spider Hiding In My Garden

Image credits: summer_brz

#31 Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

#32 Absolute Best Way To Handle This

Image credits: skywalker2089

#33 Yikes

#34 In Case You Couldn't Tell How Big The Spider Is

Image credits: carlkr

#35 I’m Not Going Into The Kitchen Today! Ask Him To Make You Something

Image credits: chicknorris63

#36 Yep. That Is Your Drawer Now. Wolf Spider Is Harmless But He Mentally Kicking My Butt

Image credits: Nuclear_Sean

#37 This Spider Who Made A Web Bubble To Hide In Plain Sight In My Stairwell

Image credits: l0te

#38 This Spider On My Back Porch Disguises Itself As A Stick To Fool Prey

Image credits: jburna_dnm

#39 A Spider Spun It's Home Under A Bottle Top Left On My Table Outside

Image credits: SadCarbonara

#40 Took A Photo For Biology Class, Noticed The Spider Sitting On The Seed After School

Image credits: Nuclrz

#41 Found A Dead Little Spider Hanging Inside My Monocular Today. Bit Annoying

Image credits: lumination11

#42 Found A Spider Bro Next To My Bed. Sorry No Banana For Scale.

Image credits: DudeBroDawg

#43 I Found A Spider In A Tractor Pin At Work Today

Image credits: DayOfChange

#44 White Spider I Found Above A Ceiling In A School. He Blended In Perfectly With The White Wall.

Image credits: EyeHog

#45 Found A Spider Inside The Rice Bag

Image credits: pyrofuthedude

#46 Anyone Know What Kind Of Spider This Is?

Image credits: julie.a.behling

#47 Not The Best Thing To See While Trying To Open My Front Door

Image credits: jennmac29

#48 In My Fridge (I Am Terribly Afraid Of Spiders)

Image credits: NotesForYou

#49 This Spider Hid In My Drink And Bit My Lip When I Went To Drink It

Image credits: Emo_Trash_

#50 [tw: Big Ass Spider] Found In A Spinach Meal At Chowking

Image credits: rxddit_

#51 I Put My Eye Up To This Eyehole Before Realizing A Spider Was Chilling In It

Image credits: LuckeeThirteen

#52 There Was A Spider Under The Display Cover Of The Microwave

Image credits: BlurryFuture

#53 Held Hostage By A Giant Spider...

Image credits: BumpNTheKnight

#54 A Spider Crawled Into Our Clock In The Middle Of The Night And Stopped Time!

Image credits: jaredneuman1

#55 Spotted A Spider On A Traffic Light The Other Day And Decided To Snap This Cool Pic

Image credits: silxvia

#56 She's A Model And A Survivor

Image credits: riibrego

#57 I Found A Black Widow Spider In My Shower Puff This Morning

Image credits: southbound2016

#58 Spider On The Inside Of My Blood Pressure Monitor Display

Image credits: Jpa333

#59 I Sucked Up A Spider A Week Ago And He's Been Living Inside My Vacuum Eating Other Bugs

Image credits: Masturbating_Rapper

#60 So, My Worst Nightmare Happened Today, A Spider Fell Into My Ear While I Was Sleeping

Image credits: Urekyt

#61 My Wife Found A Spider Inside Of Our Rice Cooker

Image credits: twolves96818

#62 My Cheese Has A Spider Smushed In It

Image credits: patiencesp

#63 Found A Spider At The Bottom Of My Coffee Pot After Drinking My Morning Brew

Image credits: theroob85

#64 Found This Inside My Coffee Machine. I’ve Been Drinking Spider Coffee

Image credits: Not_A_Wendigo

#65 Just Found A Big Wolf Spider In My Pillow - After I Woke Up. This Is How I Found It, It Was Still Alive - Just

Image credits: zahlee01

#66 A Spider Walked Along My Copy Of "This Book Is Full Of Spiders"

Image credits: RhysToot

#67 A Spider (Or Some Other Bug) Decided To Make A Web In My Shoe.

Image credits: heloitmeyurfren

#68 This House Is One With Nature

Image credits: kerryperrault

#69 I Looked Over And There Was A Spider In My Bed With Me

Image credits: bed_42

#70 Spider Destroyed Itself With Fire By Hiding In The Oven

Image credits: matt504hrs

#71 Big Spider Hiding

Image credits: lendib11

#72 There Is A Spider In My TV. It Crawled In Deeper Shortly After I Took This Pic

Image credits: virgowaters66

#73 Large UK House Spider Got Into My Toilet Light And Then Died. Not Looking Forward To Bulb-Changing Day.

Image credits: Mightysmurf1

#74 Perfectly Camouflaged Spider On My Cannabis Plant.

Image credits: girlyshroom

#75 A Spider Came Out Of My Kettle, That Was My Last Tea Bag.

Image credits: Snooklefloop

#76 Found The Spider That Was In My Room Again, Guess She Likes Bees.

Image credits: DerpyAngel

#77 Wolf Spider Moved Into My Closet. Guess I Need To Find A New Place To Live Now.

Image credits: danooli

#78 I Thought This Spider Was Catching Little Flies On My Bathroom Ceiling, Then I Took A Picture And Zoomed In. Made This Discovery At 3:30am.

Image credits: HerAsylum

#79 This Spider Was Somehow Dangling Outside Of A 70-Story Building

Image credits: PhillMik

#80 I Opened The Medicine Cabinet Last Night To Find This Spider In My Sealed Thermometer Case. I Couldn’t Figure Out How It Got In There Until It Squeezed Itself Out Of A Tiny Hole In The Tip...while I Was Holding It.

Image credits: SAINTnumberFIVE

#81 The Chocolate Covered Strawberries Were Fantastic. The Rose Petal Covered Bed Was Amazing. But, The Spider Covered Soap Might Have Been Going Too Far...

Image credits: Dr_David