Apartment Living Room Inspiration

I shared the inspiration for my apartment bedroom a few weeks ago and I'm so excited to share the inspiration for our living room today! I feel these types of posts deserve a bit of background so for all of y'all who are new around here (hey!!), I'm Katie and I'm a rising junior at Clemson! At Clemson, it's pretty common to live on campus for your freshman year and to then live on your sorority hall for your sophomore year. My roommate from last year and I are living together again in a cute little 2 bedroom house off campus and I'm so excited to have a little house of my own!

For our living room, we decided to do pinks to keep it girly and fun as well as choosing pieces that will work for future apartments! I'm so excited to see it come to life in a few weeks and of course to have all of our friends over for movie nights!

Tassel Pillows- Last month, I was in Pottery Barn just walking around to get inspiration and found these pillows. They are outdoor pillows and are way less expensive than you expect for Pottery Barn plus they are on sale! And that tassel detail is too cute
Orange & Pink Pillows- I stumbled on these pillows while walking around in Anthro and they inspired our design for downstairs! I snagged them on sale (don't you love when that happens?) and you can too :)
Square Picture Frames- The way our living room is laid out has a wall with a window in the middle with space on the sides directly behind the couch. We'll have the table and extra chairs against the wall and then 3 of these picture frames filled with some of favorite pictures on each side using inspiration from Kate's living room!
TV Stand- When choosing a TV stand, I wanted something with storage, wasn't too small or too big, preferably white, and not too expensive! This Ikea one fits the bill and I think will be absolutely perfect!
Rug- We decided to hold off on purchasing a rug until we see the space in person as we don't have exact measurements for the space! I do love this one as it fits our aesthetic and I love the subtle design on it!
Extra Chairs- Our house comes furnished which is super nice as we don't have to purchase a ton of furniture. I have a console table that my mom and I repainted earlier this summer and purchased two similar chairs at Home Goods to both fill the space behind the couch and also have more seating for when we have friends over to watch football games or movies to have more seating!
What are you planning for your living space at college this year? Let me know in the comments! #College