Avert disaster with a home fire extinguisher

Avert disaster with a home fire extinguisher

More than 1,500 homes are destroyed by fire in the United States daily. You can keep your home and family safe by installing fire extinguishers in easy to reach locations on your property. These extinguishers are the best in their class and will stop flames from spreading and help you get fires under control in a hurry.

For any room in the house

First Alert Fire Extinguisher Large

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The First Alert Large is a 2.5-gallon fire extinguisher that's appropriate for homes of all sizes. With durable all-metal housing, a commercial-grade metal valve, and a trigger, this heavy-duty extinguisher uses monoammonium phosphate to extinguish wood, paper, trash, plastic, gasoline, oil, and electrical fires. This unit comes with a mounting bracket so that you can add this lifesaver to any room of your house.

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Equip the whole house

Kidde Pro 110 4-pack

Having more than one fire extinguisher on your property is crucial to helping you act as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency. This kit from Kidde includes four extinguishers to outfit your entire home. The lightweight cylinders are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, and each features an instruction label on the outside. Four wall mounts are included so you can hang these around the house wherever needed.

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Best for kitchens

First Alert Kitchen 5

The First Alert Kitchen 5 uses sodium bicarbonate to extinguish liquid and electrical kitchen fires fast. The metal pull pin on this extinguisher is easy to deploy, even for children, and is outfitted with a safety seal to prevent accidental discharges. The Fire Alert Kitchen 5 is small enough to store inside a cabinet, or it can be mounted to the wall with the included hardware.

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Heavy duty use

Amerex B500

This two-pack of commercial-sized fire extinguishers from Amerex puts out combustibles, flammable liquids and spills, and electrical fires. The casing and valve are all-metal, and each canister has a 14-second discharge time. This set of tough fire extinguishers come with a wall bracket for easy hanging and easy access.

$95 at Amazon

Chimney fire extinguisher

Chimfex by Orion

Chimney fires happen in an instant and are near impossible to extinguish with a run of the mill fire extinguisher. Chimfex by Orion stops flames in chimneys in less than 22 seconds. Simply unseal the stick, scratch the surface, and drop Chimfex directly on flames. That's it. If you have a fireplace, wood-burning stove, or pellet stove, this is a must-have piece of gear.

$25 at Amazon

Best portable

First Alert Tundra

It may be small, but this portable can of fire extinguishing spray from First Alert has four times greater discharge than traditional fire extinguishers. This aerosol can has a simple spray nozzle that's a breeze to aim at fabric, wood, grease, and electrical fires. It's perfect for home use or in the cabin or camper.

$12 at Amazon

When every second counts

The extinguisher that excels at handling any type of fire is the First Alert Large. The all-metal canister houses monoammonium phosphate, an agent proven to fight wood, paper, trash, plastic, oil, gas, and electrical fires. The 2.5-gallon size is ideal for any room of the house, your garage, or workshop.

Kitchen fires flare up fast. Keep things under control with the Fire Alert Kitchen 5; a fire extinguisher made just for kitchens. There's sodium carbonate in the canister, and it puts out grease fires, douses flammable liquids in seconds, and works well on electrical fires.

If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, Chimfex by Orion is a must-have piece of safety equipment. Simple to operate and inexpensive, Chimfex works by reducing the amount of oxygen in the flue, so flames never get the chance to spread.

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